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Chapter 2415 Realization

As a spirit, Jairen Darkflame could absorb more than humans could in a short amount of time, so it was essential that he obtain a spot for himself and his surviving spirits.

They came here knowing that they would only have little chance to obtain the fruit, so their main target was the inner zone.

To not even be able to acquire that was truly wasteful of this adventure.

Jairen Darkflame\'s shout left the others stunned.

Any more than five million, and they thought that the spot wasn\'t worth it.

Six million, going once...

Davis chuckled before he announced the second and third bells, ending the makeshift auction and awarded the fourth spot to Jairen Darkflame, who vowed that he would kill himself if his power and the Immortal King outside were to make a move.

It was only a vow, and they weren\'t immortals, but for Davis, this was enough.

Besides, Jairen Darkflame was a spirit, having more of a connection to the heavens.

A payment of five million was also made while the remaining was said to be given once outside, but Davis didn\'t depend on these reasons as he only wanted to profit while he could.

The Goldsun Family, Lumin Family, Blackryst Clan, and the two cultivators thanked Mo Tian for his grace.

After all, a spot was worth six million immortal crystals now.

They didn\'t dare to spend that much, nor did they have to spend as the spots were given for free.

They were grateful and assured him of their protection when they would leave, causing Davis to return a few words with a clasp of his hands.

As for Klein Zyrus, everyone now viewed him with hostility, disallowing him to even take a step into the outer zone, and neither did he dare to try taking a step on it, valuing his life over endangering it for selfish reasons.

In reality, Davis thought he would have some excitement in the battle over facing these top geniuses, especially Klein Zyrus, but he only felt some amusement.

The Ghastly Cloud Physique was nothing in front of his martial prowess nor his artificial physiques, and perhaps that had to do with his Physiques being one of Supreme Laws or comparable to Supreme Laws as heavenly lightning and heavenly flames were extremely powerful.

In fact, he felt that Haijin Minn\'s Pure Yang Physique with Darkness Variant was better than Klein Zyrus\'s Ghastly Cloud Physique.

However, Klein Zyrus also said that he needed the Void Dust Tree Fruit.

Perhaps, improving the Ghastly Cloud Physique relied on this fruit, not that it mattered since Davis was going to kill him anyway.

It was a waste of time for him to be checking the prowess of another physique when he could be improving his cultivation.

Nonetheless, as everyone appeared in their designated spots and began to cultivate, Davis stood on the void dust soil before the tree and began to eat the three-meter radius fruit like an ant as he stuck himself to it.


The appearance of it was comical, but no one dared to laugh, much less look his way.

Within a few minutes, the entire fruit was within his bloated stomach while its condensed energy gathered at the center burst forth like a tide.

It was like thunder went off on his head as a comprehension resonation quickly appeared around him, clearer than what would happen in Grand Beginnings Continent for a minor resonance.

*Rumble!~* *Rumble!~* *Rumble!~*

The heaven and earth kept resonating with his improvement every few minutes, causing many envious glances to fall on him.

Within an hour, he managed to experience the ninth minor resonance.

There were other minor resonances for his Essence Gathering Cultivation and Soul Forging Cultivation as well.


Before long, Davis became enveloped in a starry sky.

It was a true resonation, the result of the heavens acknowledging that he comprehended Level One Intent for Space Laws, specifically for his Body Tempering Cultivation.

From a distance, Klein Zyrus could only enviously look at this scene.

Although his Space Laws had already reached Level One Intent, Mo Tian was trying to go past it.

He couldn\'t digest this situation.

How could this happen

However, no matter how unwilling he was, he refused to get himself killed for a mortal realm fruit.

This Mo Tian seemed to be crazy, daring to attack him if the situation arose.


\'How many lives has he taken…\' Klein Zyrus thought back to the killing intent Mo Tian\'s gaze shrouded him with.

That wasn\'t something that could be gained from only cultivation alone.

Such a person had to be a slaughterer.

He had experienced slaughtering through his family\'s own livestock, but the killing aura Mo Tian radiated had shaken him to his core, disallowing him to form a counterattack.

Besides, he was constantly being attacked by Void Terror, giving him a massive headache.

With that, he couldn\'t even try to enter the inner zone of the Void Dust Tree, much less try to go disturb Mo Tian or the others.

Hours started passing by.

Klein Zyrus came back to the island to seek revenge, his figure bloodied and his look murderous.

However, it didn\'t attribute to his lack of energy at the moment.

Just as he tried his luck, he was attacked by the powers training here and forced to flee.

Davis, or rather, Mo Tian, didn\'t have to make a move.

His comprehension only kept increasing drastically, stepping into Level Two Intent.

Moreover, the heavenly resource held enough energy for him to peak his Peak-Level Martial Overlord Stage Cultivation, and the excess was stored, intending to be transferred to fill the last crevices of the Peak-Level Law Rune Stage so that it doesn\'t accidentally cause him to trigger his immortal tribulation.

Indeed, Davis had stepped into the Peak-Level of all cultivations even before he entered the First Haven World.

Right now, his cultivations have only become filling and complete.

Days started to pass by.

Although Klein Zyrus came back for revenge, it didn\'t amount to anything other than harassment for the powers in the outer zone.

The inner zone was relatively peaceful, while at the tree, it was extremely peaceful.

Whether Mo Tian gained an advantage or not, all the powers gathered were intent on not letting Klein Zyrus grow, further infuriating him.

To his anger, even the Bloodcloud Family that had offended the powers of the inner zone could train in the outer zone but not him.

That was what maddened him, making him look like a mad dog.

In the end, he could do nothing other than taking advantage of the moments when the three assassination powers took charge to kill him.

At that time, he would flee into the outer zone, dragging all of them into the fight.

Nonetheless, it was unknown how long Klein Zyrus could survive as his subordinates kept dying one by one.

After a long time, Davis\'s eyes suddenly shot wide open.

He looked into the distance and saw people calling out to him.

Mo Tian, it\'s been seven days.

Let\'s go as we\'re already late.

The secret realm would close on the ninth day, and if we don\'t make it out, we would be done for.

Erin Goldsun and the others called out to him, but Davis was at a loss for words, his lips quivering.

Looking at his reaction, their expressions couldn\'t help but turn awkward and panicked.

Did we interrupt your comprehension But Mo Tian, that was already your sixth major resonance.

If you didn\'t manage to comprehend some new insight of importance, we apologize.

Davis didn\'t instantly reply.

First, his soul sense slipped out of his soul sea and surveyed the area, finding out that almost everyone had left.

Moreover, the thick bed of void dust soil was empty, leaving behind almost nothing except in the central region, where there was still seventy percent of void dust soil left.

He pursed his lips as he raised his arm, waving his hand, No big deal.

I\'ll stay for a few more hours and return.

You guys can go ahead.


Shea Goldsun and the others became confused.

If Mo Tian refused to come with them, it was possible that he could get lost.

They went out of their way to offer the way back as it was slightly different than before.

Davis heeded their words before he sent them off.

His lips couldn\'t help but turn into a wide smile as he sensed a few individuals still playing around, one even targeting him.

\'Well, that\'s Klein Zyrus… looks like he wants to disturb my cultivation even at this moment.

Did I form a heart demon in his heart\'

Davis couldn\'t help but feel excited.

However, his smile of excitement came from another source; that is, he was able to find something atrocious, the fact that he touched the realm of Level Seven Intent of Space Laws that was impossible considering that it was suppressed by the heavens until he could enter the Immortal Stage!

But how!

Davis could only imagine that it was because of the Grand Chaos Body Art.

Not only did it increase his perception, but it also dispelled the restriction the heavens put on all or most forms of life, allowing him to comprehend Level Seven Intent of Greater Laws or a Law of similar level and, therefore, bestow him the ability to conjure a mutated Supreme Immortal Crest that was impossible according to Myria\'s words!

Nonetheless, before the people he sent off could leave, he went behind the tree as though he was taking a last look at it.

But in reality, the moment he was out of the hidden gazes, he used the Dark Depths Avatar Mirage and formed a realistic depiction of Mo Tian coming out of the obstruction, but his real body directly concealed itself, heading in a particular direction.

Beyond a rocky boulder that was dark violet in color, depicting its spatial undulations ever so lightly around the surroundings as it formed a resonance of spatial wall, it suddenly produced a ripple.


Something hidden within darted away in a hurry but suddenly stopped in mid-air as darkness flooded the space.

Bastard, who are you!

Klein Zyrus\'s voice echoed with rage as he sensed darkness energy overwhelm him, even trapping his slippery body from escaping.

It caused him to fall into the abyss, or so he felt like it as an invisible hand clenched his neck, making him tremble as though he was a rabbit caught under a wolf\'s claws.

So many chances, yet Void Terror failed to assassinate you.

What a farce...

A dreadful voice emerged from the shadows as Davis manifested in black robes and a terrifying mask.


His appearance instantly caused the three assassination powers who were out for Klein Zyrus\'s heads to step out of the void or darkness as they surrounded him!

As for the others who were almost about to leave the island, they were shocked beyond compare, looking at Klein Zyrus become caught.

The wind cultivator even took out an Imagery Stone and started recording this scene as he licked his lips in excitement.

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