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Divine Path System Chapter 12 - Trade Union

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Chapter 12 - Trade Union

[That is correct. Not just two or three, you'll continue to awaken in more paths.]

Varian's breath stagnated for a moment.

Almost everyone awakened in one path. A rare few in two paths, called Dual Awakeners. Three paths are only in recorded histories, called Triple Awakeners. There exist no contemporary triple awakeners. However, regardless if they were normal Awakener, Dual Awakener or Triple Awakener, any Awakener only Awakened once.

But this system was telling him that he could awaken again and again. This went against the common sense he was instilled since childhood. But he didn't delve into it. Time would prove the validity of the system's claims.

However, there was one more thing bothering him.

'Why me' Varian didn't think he was special. There was the only thing he felt was unique — his training. But to a system that claimed to break the fundamental laws of the Divine Paths, it shouldn't matter.

[You are… suitable. You'll know if you understand the truth behind the system, if you ever will.]

Varian felt for a moment that there the mechanical tone turned more humane. He didn't continue. This System only told him what it wanted and he couldn't force any information.

'Forget about that, then what's the price I have to pay'

If there's one thing Varian believed without a shred of doubt, it was the maxim 'There is no free lunch'.

[Smart. You don't have to pay anything more. You already are paying since you possess the system. This system observes "Balance". Since you are given an opportunity most would never get, you would face danger most would never face.]

Varian felt a chill down his spine. Was this the classical "Courting Death"

'By any chance, did you induce the Dungeon's accident' Varian hoped it was false. The System, however broken, wasn't supposed to possess powers to influence such events.But the system's response shattered his hopes.

[You're correct. But it is not the System's active doing, it is due to system's very nature. Whatever you do, you're likely to face great opportunity but greater danger. There is no escaping it.]

'What if I never went out I'd never encounter danger…' Varian jested.

[You'd be safe. But not for long. The day this system activated, you're thrust into a river. You either reach the top, going against the stream or be carried by the stream. Only dead fish swim with the stream.]

Varian stayed silent for a few moments and smiled.

He'd keep moving forward. He surely didn't like to die, but the encounter with death made him realize he should live better. His death was beyond his control. He could only control what his life was going to be like. So, he'd live a life without regrets. He was still not able to forget that despairing night, but he found within himself the resolve to move forward.

He might not be suitable to be a Saviour, but he surely could save one person. Just one person his mother asked him to. Whatever the situation Sia was in, he'd save her. And he'd also find why he had that weird dream.

Varian exited the hospital and hopped his hover bike.

The hover cars flew in their designated air routes. The dazzling lights of the buildings reaching the clouds lit the night. Holographs of famous Awakeners promoted leading brands. Drunk men and women were carried home by their robot lovers.

It was literally a sci-fi of old Earth.

Varian set the destination to Trade Union building and let the driving AI fly him to the set of buildings floating in the air.

Trade Union was one of the "Small Two" along with Adventure Guild. It was the richest private organization with a near monopoly over Star Treasures.

Though general public didn't have any good opinion on these "blood suckers", they weren't able to resist the temptation of quality treasures.

But what really cemented Trade Union's position was that its head — Vianne. Vianne was a Sovereign. Without sufficient strength, Trade Union would have been gobbled up by the Big Two — Military and Prime Families.

Even if Vianne was a Level 9, she wouldn't be able to save Trade Union. However, being a Sovereign meant Trade Union would get a green signal across the Human Federation.

Varian cursed the Trade Union but refrained from cursing Vianne. All said and done, Sovereigns were the protectors of humanity. Vianne was no exception. She was the guardian of Venus and fought the Blue Abyss Queen of Sea Abyss countless times. If not for her, Venus would have fallen like Pluto.

Upon descent, he was greeted by a robot maid and guided to the Treasures building.

Varian decided to burn his wallet and picked the 2 Star Treasure Section. Since he would be participating in the Entrance 6 days from now, he'd need the best weapon he could afford.

All Star Treasures were marked from 1 to 9 corresponding to the nine levels. 1-3 were classified as low treasures, 4-6 as mid treasures and 7-9 as high treasures.

Varian's gauntlets were unusable after the last fight. The pair was only a 1 star treasure, the lowest.

"Good evening, Mr. Varian. What type of treasure do you wish to purchase" a young lady checked his ID from the AI report and greeted with a smile.

Varian thought for a moment before replying, "Show me a..."


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