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Divine Path System Chapter 7 - Life And Death On Line

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Chapter 7 - Life And Death On Line

There was no help in sight.

There were no other humans in the vicinity. The smoke in the air indicated that Arthur's team was still fighting. Help from their team was a luxury when they themselves had their hands full.

"There's no help coming. Our squad's Knight is keeping your captain occupied. We'll soon kill every one of you. You might have killed the injured fellow earlier, but now, it's time to give up. End yourself and you'll die without further pain." The Abyssal said as he looked down into Varian's eyes.

Varian knew something was wrong. Abyssals and Humans only had an enmity towards one another. There was no such thing as a "good" death. Only endless torture, followed by dismemberment.

Without skipping a beat, Varian ran for it.

"Dammit!" The Abyssal cursed and followed.

The distance was closed in the blink of an eye, and Varian rolled to the right to escape the Abyssal's punch.


The ground crackled, and Varian was already on his feet, running in the opposite direction.

Now he couldn't pick where he was going. His opponent's attacks did.




Varian continued to dodge and knew he bet right. The Abyssal slowed down and started coughing blood. He was internally injured.

That was the reason he pretended to be generous and gave Varian the chance to kill himself.

Varian should be happy, but he wasn't. He was getting tired.

The continuous fights earlier in the day were one thing, the fight with the one armed Abyssal already took a toll on him and in this chase, he was only surviving on his gut.

He wouldn't be able to dodge once his endurance slips a certain point and then, he'd have to bear attacks from the back. He'd die for sure.

His opponent was a Level 1 by the single tattoo on his chin, was also tired, but he would hold on for at least half an hour.

'I can't tire him out. He has higher innate stamina and even with injuries, he'd still out match me. If I get tired out first, I'll die for sure. So there's only one way now.' Varian dodged another attack and slid on the red soil.


Maintaining the perfect timing, Varian punched at the Abyssal's eyes, with the spikes of his gauntlets pointing at his opponent's eyes. The Abyssal dodged it with difficulty and returned a punch with his left hand.

Varian's left fist connected with the Abyssal's neck and his right with the Abyssal left fist.


Varian slid back with a bloodied right hand. His bones cracked, and he was losing sensation. The pain was terrible, and Varian felt his body shake in response.

The Abyssal held his neck to stop the bleeding and looked at Varian with a gaze of fear and rage. Even though the cut didn't touch the larynx deep due to his muscles, the very cut was a humiliation.

Varian felt his attempts would also be futile. He'd die if he got tired and he'd die in a frontal fight.

'I don't want to die. No.' Varian told himself and dodged another punch of the Abyssal.

His right hand was crippled for the battle and he'd have to make do with the left if he were to survive.

'But how It'd take at least a dozen minutes for help to arrive and I… don't think I can survive for another minute.' Varian side stepped and barely dodged a kick. The debris hit his leg and injured him.

Now, even his agility was affected.

At that moment, a blue screen appeared on his retina, giving him hope.

[Body Path: Level 0 (Xp): 15/30]

[Come on!]

Varian gritted his teeth and swung his left arm. The Abyssal made sure to return the punch and Varian, knowing there was no way of dodging it, blocked it with his right shoulder.


His shoulder joint felt a crack and Varian's right half was completely bloodied. He lost all sensation right in his right shoulder.

But the spikes on his left fist managed to pierce the same spot as last time and dug deeper.

This time, he pierced his larynx.

[Body Path: Level 0 (Xp): 20/30]

The Abyssal couldn't stop the bleeding and his breath turned ragged. Due to being an Awakener, he'd be able to survive longer and even heal faster, but he would still be dying and he knew it.

"You! I'll tear you apart!" Enraged, he dashed in front of Varian at a great speed and swung his fists at his chest.

Varian had no time to block and could only use his left hand to block the Abyssal's strike from attacking his heart region.


Varian was blown away as he crashed to the ground. Now his left hand was also broken and useless for battle.

But the block wasn't able to save him completely. His ribcage was smashed and his lungs were damaged. In a few minutes, he'd die without treatment.

Despite the broken bones, torn muscles, and dripping blood, Varian still stood up. He didn't want to die. He had to fulfill his mother's last wish. Until then, he had to stay alive.

The Abyssal arrived in front of Varian and kneed his chest.

Varian pulled the last of his strength and dodged. He jumped high and kicked the Abyssal in the neck, on the same spot as his injury.

Upon impact, his leg bone was also broken.

The Abyssal collapsed on the ground and blood fountained out of his neck. He tried to stall it but it was of no avail.

Varian's first attack severed the muscles protecting his larynx. His second attack damaged it and his final kick broke it apart.

The Abyssal might have had more experience, but Varian was more daring and put everything on the line.

The Abyssal couldn't believe it would tie like this but after glancing at Varian who also collapsed to his side, a tinge of pride appeared in his eyes.

At least, he managed to take down a dangerous human who, despite being an unawakened, could kill a Level 1 Abyssal. If such a human ever awakened and grew stronger, he would bring endless troubles to the Abyssals.

Varian didn't know what the Abyssal was thinking. At death's door, his hope of survival was neither on Arthur's team nor on Kyle's rescue.

His final hope was on the blue screen.

[Body Path: Level 0 (Xp): 30/30]

[You have advanced]


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