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Divine Path System Chapter 8 - Awakening

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Chapter 8 - Awakening

[You have advanced]

Varian heaved a sigh of relief. He battled death and prepared for what he had always dreamed of. Advancing to Level 1 and becoming an Awakener.

He hoped that becoming an Awakener could somehow save his life. But now, he could only hope it would delay his death until help found him.

[No Aura Source in Host found.]

'What! System There is Aura in the air. Aura in the soil. Aura in my body. Aura everywhere.' Varian almost went crazy.

[Taking Aura from Host's Body]

"Wait, no!" Varian yelled weakly as he felt the little strands of Aura in his blood, organs, bones pulled and redistributed .

The dying Abyssal was perplexed at Varian's behavior, but soon its eyes widened.

Varian felt some shackle break and the next moment, Aura in the air and soil flooded his body.

Seeping through his skin, flowing in his blood, transversing his bones and mixing with his organs, Varian felt the Aura change something fundamental in him.

Despite still being severely injured, he felt reborn.

His eyesight was sharper and he could see smaller things clearly and could view things at a larger distance. His taste, smell, touch and hearing all improved to an irreversible degree.

He took the first step on the Divine Path.

Varian didn't know how his strength and speed changed, but he could feel his body regenerating at a faster speed, and his ability to bear wounds and pain in general increased by a significant amount.

But… All that did was delay his death by a few more minutes.

'I've done my best. Killing an Abyssal as an unawakened and delaying my death by awakening… ' Varian smiled with pride and looked at the Abyssal next to him.

He wasn't dead yet. His body was trying to heal, but it was beyond its scope. Seeing the Abyssal still struggling, Varian crawled to his side with a broken leg and broken arms.

The Abyssal widened his eyes, looking at the bloodied Varian who approached him. In his eyes, Varian was akin to a bloodied Zion, their nemesis, hunting him.

Varian grinned at the dying Abyssal whose eyes fumed with rage and whispered, "Thanks to you, I was able to awaken. Also, thanks to you, I might die."

Before the Abyssal could comprehend his intention, Varian slammed his head to the Abyssal's neck, breaking it completely. Thanks to his Level 1 Body physique, he didn't break his head.

[Awakening completed] The System prompted and Varian fought hard to keep his eyes from closing.

He didn't know how long passed, but he forced himself to stay awake. His heart still had that hole and it wasn't closing anytime soon.

He tried to keep thinking, but his mind felt heavy and he felt sleepy.

'Sia… why did she ask me to save you Are you in danger'

'What if I really die here If I had not given up being an awakener and entered Dungeon a year ago, none of this would've happened. So is it my own doing'

'I hoped no one would lose a father like me, so I wanted to be the hero who would gain the title "Saviour" and end the war with Abyssals. But …'

'Sia… who are you'

He jumped from one thought to another and finally he couldn't stay sober. As he closed his eyes, he felt like he heard something.

Varian couldn't open his eyes, no matter how hard he tried. It was as if he was trapped in the deepest corner. Sealed, never to be retrieved.

'Is this Hell' He thought.

'Did I die before help arrived' For a moment, Varian felt melancholic and somehow felt that he didn't live his life that well.

"Varian" a familiar voice struck him as he tremblingly turned back. He saw her.

Blue hair like the sky, and red eyes that shone with kindness. Amanda stood in front of him and stretched her hands. "Give mom a hug."

Varian lost himself, and before he knew it, his cheeks were wet. Through his wet eyes, he looked at her and stepped forward. But ...

"I'm grown up now, mom. No hugs." a young voice sounded, startling Varian.

As he turned to the side, Varian's eyes widened. He saw a younger version of himself, the 11-year-old Varian.


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