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The sailor shouted, “Return to me all the money you’ve stolen right now! Quickly, before I report you for fraud!”

A group of sailors surrounded the grandmother and created an ugly atmosphere but the Grandma was brazenly not behind in the fight.

“What am I What did you say I am” asked the grandma.

I watched the scene with my arms folded.

“You’re the unlucky one, why are you blaming me for it!”

“This dirty gypsy, you’re stubborn even until the end!”

When I didn’t leave, one of the escort knights who thought I was curious about the situation began to explain.

“Looking closely at the cards in front of that gypsy… It looks like she’s a fraud.”



She must be a swindler.

Even though she has to do it in moderation, it seems that she’s quite a greedy one.

And against a sailor at that.”

“Is she caught”

“They can keep arguing until the end because there’s no evidence, but she could get beaten to death.”

The escort knight shook his head.

“I don’t think she knows how tough the sailors are…”


The atmosphere was getting worse.

Now, besides me, many people were surrounding and watching the scuffle.

“Do you really want to die, old woman”

“Why are you taking it out on this innocent gypsy when you’re the unlucky one”

“You must’ve used some kind of bad magic because you’re a gypsy!”

“Didn’t you know I was a gypsy from the beginning And just because I’m one, doesn’t mean I use some kind of strange magic!”

‘I think she really uses some kind of strange magic though…’

I shook my head and thought.

Looking back, I think I knew now why she was sentenced to death and locked in the same room as me.

And last time, she was also taken by the guards…

She seems to be a grandmother who obviously does something bad.

“Wait a minute.”

I walked slowly, joining the mess.

The escort knights came rushing along with me in great difficulty.

My appearance also attracted the attention of many people.

It was because no one expected that a beautifully dressed young lady would intervene in the spectacle.

“Miss, this is a shameless old woman.”

The sailor spit in front of the grandmother and said threateningly.

“I don’t know from which noble family is the young lady, but don’t get involved.”

“You’re saying that this grandma cheated you, right”


The grandma shouted angrily.

“It’s just that these humans have wretched lucks!”

“How do we keep losing money if it’s not a scam, gypsy! Do you know how much money you’ve already stolen”

“Then file a complaint! What are you going to write on the complaint then That you lost a gamble Where’s the evidence that I cheated I won’t give you any penny!”

The atmosphere began to heat up again.

As the sailor huffed and tried to say something, I went one step further.


I looked at her quietly.

“You know me, right”

Her eyes shook.

Then she sharply turned her head.

“I don’t.”


I folded my arms and stepped back a couple of steps.

Then I talked to one of the sailors.

I asked, “What kind of game was it”

“It’s just a simple matching card game,” the sailor answered.

“How many games have you played”

“This grandmother won exactly 31 games in a row!”

“Things like that happen, too! Is that impossible Huh” asked the grandma.

My mouth opened wide.

Oh, my God.

Given that she’s greedy, this is…

‘She didn’t even do it modestly.’

The grandmother, who saw my expression, avoided my eyes.

“The probability of getting it correct on the first try is half, and the first one doesn’t impact the second one invariably.

Roughly calculating, the odds of winning ten consecutive times in a row are over one in a thousand.” I said coldly, “If calculated as such, the probability is less than 1 in a billion…”

Even the onlookers were quiet.

“There’s a poisonous plant called Chiria flower.

If you eat it, theoretically, one out of every 500 million people will live.”

Everyone was staring at me.

I continued talking like flowing water.

“Write it like that when you write a complaint.

Let’s get the results of the trial by eating Chiria flowers.”

“Wow, she’s smart.”

One of the sailors clapped with his mouth open.

I added, “You can file the charges now.

The results will be pretty clear with such methods.”

The grandmother pointed and shouted at me.

“One in 500 million people live, and you want me to eat that fruit Huh”

“There’s also a chance that you’ll live.

If you’re really lucky as you say, would that be impossible for you”

Quoting exactly what the grandmother said a while ago, I naturally shrugged my shoulders.

“It’s even less than half the odds of winning 31 consecutive rounds.

It’s already very merciful.” I turned my head and asked the sailor, “But how much did you lose in total”

“The total is 4360 gold for three people, young lady.”

“Wow.” I shook my head in pure admiration.

“You’ve really taken so much.”

The money I’m carrying at the moment was 5,000 gold.

I have saved a considerable amount of my salary for a year and it only amounted to 5000 gold.

This is because all kinds of high-grade necessities were already provided in the castle, so there’s no need for me to spend my salary.

“I heard that even the Crown Prince is here too,” said the sailor.

I smiled and said, “Good timing.

I happen to have Chiria flowers.

If you file out the complaint, I think I can hold a summary trial right here.”

“Hey!” Finally, the grandma furiously looked at me.

“Why are you doing this”


As I made a nonchalant expression, the old woman shouted in a high-pitched tone.

“It looks like you’re eating well and living a good life.

Why are you picking on me instead of thanking me”

“As expected, you really know me.” I shrugged my shoulders after confirming the truth.

“What do you want me to do”

If it was me, I didn’t really mean to drive her to the brink like this.

Even if she had denied that she knew me from the beginning.

“Would you like some Chiria flower, give them all their money back, or…”

If she were someone who would easily return the money, she wouldn’t have held out like this.

I added with a big smile.

“Would you like to talk to me”

Of course, it was already decided that the easiest of these options would be chosen.



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Grandmother Gypsy’s name is Kancia Melania.

Of course, I do not believe it but I had no choice anyway, so I decided to call her Kancia.

“So how did you do it”

“I already told you.

I turned back the time.”

Kancia grunted and ate the sandwich I had bought.

I think I had to order more sandwiches by the way she eats.

“My head hurts so much I thought it was going to break then.

You said it’s because I recklessly accepted mana, so I listened to your advice.”

Kancia was already mumbling through the fifth sandwich.

“You said I was uselessly overflowing with mana, that’s why I used that excess power with magic.

I turned back the time as the lady wished, and when the mana disappeared, I felt better.”


“Though since the overflowing magical power has already disappeared, it’s obvious that I won’t be able to turn back time again.”

“Was that forbidden magic”

“Well… It’s just called forbidden magic because people have different perceptions about things.”

Kancia avoided my eyes, blurring the end of her words.

I asked clearly with my arms crossed.

“I mean, magic with side effects.”

“Side effects are different in other people’s standards…”

“So you’re saying there is.”

I was already worried since I heard that information from Diel even though I’ve never felt any symptoms…

“The magic I used was to irrevocably turn back everyone’s time in the world.

Though only the lady and I who know and remember it.”

Kancia shrugged and said, “You asked me to save you! And if I recall it correctly, you were also sentenced to die like me, so I did you a favor.”

“That’s true but…”

“You’re a smart girl.

Your choice of wish was perfect and you’ve completely changed your fate.”

Kancia grinned as she looked at me.

I couldn’t refute her.

I gave the three sailors 4500 gold and asked them to cancel the accusation and release Kancia.

Saying that I had something urgent to do with her.

They had nothing to lose so they finally agreed and went away.

Dressed like a noble young lady, with escort knights, and giving up 4500 gold at once.

There was plenty of room for Kancia to think that way.

“Aren’t you supposed to thank me”

“My present is like this because I’m good and smart, I don’t think I have to thank you for that,” I answered coldly.

“You know the future, but you don’t seem to be doing very well.

You were about to be beaten to death by the sailor.

Why didn’t you just give the money back”

“I have a private loan to pay.”


“I’m going to die if I couldn’t repay the money anyway.

Moreover, sailors are stupid so I can scam them, but the loan sharks were very relentless.

Even if the lady didn’t intervene, it could only end with a few hits and that was it.”

“You could also die if you get a few hits with the sailors.

Don’t you know what kind of guard the Navy is” I snapped and asked her back.

“So what are the side effects”

“Rather than side effects… It should be called ‘extra ability’ You can also call it that way.

It’s not even that terrible.”

Kancia picked her ears and I made a different question.

“Then what’s that so-called ‘extra ability’”

“It is a phenomenon that occurs because the original future and the actual future are different.

You will keep seeing the future in your unconscious mind.”

I frowned.

“…I’ll see the future”


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