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I am not an alpha or a betas daughter.

I am not an abused omega with a sad history of abuse and neglect.

I have two doting parents that have trained me to be the best wolf that I can be. My mother is a warrior for our pack, my father is a healer. Mom likes to joke about her status is to bring in the patients for my dad. He just rolls his eyes at her antics.

Perhaps it is due to my parents gifts that the Moon goddess has blessed me with sight. The power to interpret dreams and to speak with her.

I am a normal wolf, without rank, that has been blessed over and over again.

But so far, I have not been allowed to tell even my parents of the blessings that I have recieved.

Each of the gifts I recieve come with a backlash.

Every blessing from the goddess comes with a backlash. You can call it karma or balance. I like to think of the yinyang, equal balance between good and evil. That is our moon goddess. She is an equal balance, therefore her blessings are also equal.

But, when our human sides begin to offset her balance, she talks to us seers, commanding us to pursue justice in her name.

My generation it is the abundant amount of rejections that those in power have taken in vain, causing their fated mates to either wither and die, or become rogues. If a wolf of higher rank rejects their mate, then the weaker of the two suffer.

I know, its not fair...right?

Anyways, since I was sixteen me and the other seers have been working together worldwide to create a solution to this problem. The Kings have finally put a ban on rejections. If a wolf wants to reject their mate, he or she must first take it to their local council to recieve permission.

The catch is that a seer must be put on the council. That was another set of problems. One, out of all the godesses blessings, seers are the least abundant and the most sought after. Two, the seers are already set against rejections because of the goddesses visions. Three, those in power know that we are set against rejections and did not want us on the council, but want us in their packs.

So, the seers that are older have been chosen to serve on the councils, but only for rejection disputes. That puts another set of problems, since they can show themselves and must keep their scent hidden. In fact, most families were completely unaware that their child was a seer, instead they would smell like healers and even the markings are hidden between our thighs.

Other wolves have their markings on their chest or arms, some on their backs. Healers are one of the few that have their marks put on their mid back. So, as seers, we can pass off the lack of visible marks with the healer excuse.

Each blessing from the Moon goddess is shown as a mark or tattoo. Alphas have their blessings on their arms, betas too. Warriors have their markings on their chest. My moms chest has an intricate design that looks like a fang or sword dripping with blood, flowers encase it adding a feminine touch. My dads back has a a ray of light that soothes one as they look upon it. Its as if the moon is rising, giving one hope.

I have my seer marking on my right inner thigh, high up that sits on my panty line. Like all seers, it is an eye, but inside the eye each person has a different reflection. For me, my eye is reflecting a broken world, buildings that look as if a bomb has damaged it. In turn, most of my dreams are death related. Big battles, sabotage, destruction. I get them every night since I turned sixteen. I then call the correlating packs the next day to give them a warning. They choose to believe or not.

Lucky for me that the seer council has mad connections and I have a "work" phone that is untraceable. So, I can call each pack, change my voice, and give them the details without a lot of stress and hassle.

My second blessing I recieved eight months after my sweet sixteenth birthday. The healer mark. My mid back has a hand with water or sand flowing through the cracks. I can heal others, but at the cost of my own lifespan. Its not by years or decades, but seconds. I can heal sixty people and lose one minute of my lifespan. A blessing and a curse.

My third and hopefully final blessing will occur on my eighteenth birthday, just two days away. I will finally meet my wolf, and with it her lineage as my last mark.

This is the typical time that a person will gain their wolf and mark at the same time, but since I was an early bloomer with my gifts, I think my shift will come much easier than other wolves.

I couldn imagine the pain of shifting for the first time and receiving the goddesses gift in one go. Most wolves don have a lasting backlash because they already suffered with the shift. I have all the backlash from the gifts I have recieved, and I do put my parents as my biggest gift from the goddess, the only one that I have not found a backlash from.

In any case, I am looking forward to my wolf but not necessarily all the traveling I will be doing as I go from pack to pack until I can find my mate.

Each month a group begins the tour, so all year long each pack is hosting a group of newly turned werewolves.

So far, the last three months that the pact has been in place, every one of our packs sisters have found their fated mates. We seers have heard similar reports from other packs. So far, not one rejection request has been put forth to the council.

At this thought a nasty premonition hits me in the gut. I can feel nausea radiating out of me, but its not from me. Maybe its my wolf I am feeling?

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