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Dormant but not Broken 2

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It is finally the day! Instead of sights of destruction in my dreams, the goddess herself came to me.


My wolf is named Jewel, and she is a jewel. The goddess allowed me to experience a part of her pain. My poor wolf has been tormented during each incarnation.

Im hoping that my healer powers will help her.

I know that I will not shift tonight. The goddess explained that her soul is still healing and she is dormant, but she will emerge when it is her time. Im not sure what that all entails, but I trust the goddess and accept her blessing me with Jewel.

Its due to Jewel that I am a seer and healer. In fact, the first seer to ever have this blessing, that is my Jewel.

I feel immense pride knowing that Jewel has been next to the goddess for so long, her blessing in sight is so much stronger than me without her.

In fact, my healing should be stronger as well. I am anxious for night to come so that I can finally talk with Jewel and learn more about her, more about me and our blessings.

I stretch as I get up from my cozy bed. I can hear my parents in the kitchen, banging the pots and talking together. I am an only child and they do their best to dote on me. I can hear my father telling my mother to put such and such herbs in the breakfast casserole as they will help me with my transformation tonight.

He is all business while my mom is playfully teasing him. The contrast makes me smile. I smell in deeply, seeing if the fated mate that the goddess has granted me is in my pack.

I don feel anything, which means that he is not in my pack, so I will be packing my essentials and leave this week with the other new eighteen year old females. If I remember correctly, there should only be five of us that turned this month. Last month we had three, but two found their mates in our pack, and one found hers as soon as she got out of the car.

As I get dressed, I think about everything the moon goddess showed me last night. So many of our taboos came from Jewel herself, the suffering she had. With each reincarnation being longer and longer apart, the goddess created more seers to pass on her bidding and expectations.

Now we have our own little seer coven (if we were witches) to help govern our people. After finding the Nikes to match my hoodie, I closed my door and headed to the kitchen. The smell of the bacon, sausage, egg and cheese casserole made my mouth water. At the table was my dad with my mom sitting on his lap. Their faces mushed together.

"If your trying to make me a little brother or sister, can you do that in your room?" I giggled as I walked over to the stove and the casserole dish that was cooling.

My moms red, but smiling face looked over at me, "Happy Birthday Dawn! Are you getting butterflies in your belly when you think of tonight?"

I see how happy my parents are as they ask me this.

I have to let them know about Jewel, without letting the cat out of the bag about my seer status.

As I am thinking of this, I get a text from a fellow seer, telling me exactly what I already know. My wolf is dormant for now, that I won get my wolf. The seer even used my personal cell phone and not my seer cell phone.

I read the text and made myself cry as I pass the phone to my parents.

I let them form their own opinion as I run outside, as any female would that was told her wolf would not emerge, that the wolf is dormant from her previous human hosts. "Jewel, please know that I am not upset. The goddess showed me all of your previous humans and the pain that you have suffered. Im not really sad for myself, but these tears are truly falling too easily. I empathize with the pain that you have felt. I promise you, I will gut our mate and make him mute before he can reject us, reject you in this life. I promise."

I could feel her joy in my words. Perhaps I am the first human that thought of her first.

These two years as a seer has helped me hone in on my blessings, making me stronger, but more aloof and stand-offish. The friendships that I once had are more like acquaintances now. The seer blessing is suited more for loners, the powers are too strong and affects our daily lives.

I guess that is why we rely so heavily on each other. The normal jealousy or pettiness that we can feel towards others in power is not found in seers. We are too close to the goddess to feel the negative attributes of most wolves. Instead we feel too much love towards our people, so much so that their acts of betrayals physically and emotionally cause us pain.

So, while other girls my age were plotting on how to win the boy, I was escaping into my dreams and learning as much as I could to help the wolven society. I am the only seer that dreams nightly, and of upcoming calamities. Now that I know that Jewel was the first seer, this makes more sense.

I send a text to Abby, the seer that sent me the text, to thank her.

No problem bosslady she replied.

Since my gift is the most powerful, and I have two blessings...the seers have chosen me to be this generations representative.

My head pounds as I think of this years monthly pack moves in combination with my seer duty. I lay down on the grass and wait for my father to find me. He will do his healing powers, in turn I will reciprocate without him realizing it.

I refuse to have my father suffer any backlash for healing me.

I hear his footsteps and create more tears to gather at my eyes. "Dawn." I hear the relief in his voice as he walks towards me. Behind him is my mom. I can feel Jewel waking up a bit as she looks more at my parents through me. Not fully emerged, so my eyes do not change, but I can feel her interest in my parents.

In my dreams last night, I never once saw her familial bonds.

A crushing thought penetrates my mind. Is this her first experience with parents? I want to ask, but before I can broach the subject, my father has me in his arms, and my mom wraps hers around the both of us. I feel myself begin to purr.

Like a cat.

Both my mom and dad step back and look at me. A big smile plastered on their faces. "What is her name?" my mom asks.

"Jewel, and she is so strong mom. Shes tired though. Like soul tired, but I can feel her happiness inside me when she looks at you two." I smiled up at my mom, then dad.

The ground was still wet with dew, but I knew that I needed to play my part. I had to first convince my parents that I would be fine on pack tour to find my fated partner, and that I would be strong enough to handle anything that comes my way even without my wolven half in form.

We got up as a family, and I told them everything that I could.

I even stressed that tonight that I needed to be with family and not the entire pack.

I would need to keep my dormant wolf a secret for now, especially from the alpha and beta.

As I talked, my stomach rumbled.

I was ready to eat the breakfast casserole and enjoy a full day with my parents.

Especially for Jewel to experience this day with our parents.

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