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Dormant but not Broken 2a

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Dawn is physically stronger than any of my other human counterparts.

Perhaps it is due to the strong bond with her parents. Our parents.

My other incarnations had parents, but not really good ones. Just there. Trying to survive the best they could in environments that were not made for weaker wolves. So, my impression of them were not strong.

Mostly I viewed them as a minor character in the life of my human halves. I could feel that Dawns parents, my parents were different in this life.

Dad was a strong healer. His aura was stronger than his warrior mates, which is...well, unheard of.

Warriors have always been second to the beta in aura. Which means this family is truly powerful.

The goddess kept her word to me. I am with a strong human. Her aura is so much stronger than our parents, but she is muting them. A command from the goddess herself.

I wonder if she will be able to contain her powers after tonight, or will her aura bleed through the self imposed block.

So far she only has two of my five blessings. I guess tonight she will get all I have to offer, including a dormant gift.

I sent a silent prayer to the goddess herself, please keep this human safe during the transition for tonights blessings.

I look around at my new space. I am inside Dawn, but I also have my own space within her conscience. This room is warm, with the goddesses light shining on me. I feel as if I am back in her embrace, fully immersed in her healing touch.

Dawn is very strong in her healing abilities. I will need to see the mark myself to fully understand what her powers entail because they are not just my blessing as is typical, but some bestowed upon her human half alone.

When we combine fully tonight, our blessings will fully merge.

I feel hope for the first time in centuries at this thought.

With Dawn as my human, I will not suffer through another imprisonment and torture, her powers alone will stop an alpha from harming us.

Yes, the goddess, my natural mother has truly made me a vessel that will allow my full power to merge. Hope feels amazing.

I let sleep take me, I will need to lend my full powers to Dawn for tonight, especially for her to survive.

My fifth blessing will do the most harm tonight, but will protect her the most as well. I gather my power and let it surround me, nourishing my body and in turn Dawns body. I wish I could warn her that tonight would be difficult, even without the pain of transformation.

Butd, she seems more intuitive than most humans, she probably already knows.

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