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Alex wondered for a bit.

‘Well theres nothing to lose, he thought.

“Do you know anything about a man named Graham Benton” Alex asked.

“He should be… 70 years old or so.”

“Oh, a young man named Graham I will search,” the girl said.

“Ah, no hes not young,” Alex said.

“He didnt start cultivating until in his 50s if he even did.”

“Really Hmm, it might to hard to find information about people that arent really talented, but Ill try,” the girl said.

“Please do,” Alex said.

He waited for a bit but the girl couldnt find any information at all.

“Im afraid there is no information available regarding anyone named Graham,” she said.

“I see, thank you for your help,” Alex said.

“Please come again next time.”

Alex walked out of the Insight Pavilion and brought out the talisman he had just bought.

He read it while he walked towards the other side of the mountain.

As per his question, the answer had been tailored to his needs.

The best way to make some quick money with alchemy was actually to make pills and sell them in some auction in the Eastwatch city.

Since they were the first line of entry for foreigners to the continent, that was one of the places that were considered to be great city of the Southern Continent.

As such, they held auctions and similar events very frequently where he could sell pills to make some money.

Alex decided to fly over there immediately.

He left the city behind, not even bothering to visit any other cities that were close by.

There were other cities that were on the way, but Alex didnt land on any of them either, going straight to the Eastwatch city.

Alex arrived outside the city a little before it was evening.

Since it was getting close to nighttime, he decided to find himself a place to stay in the city.

The Eastwatch city was massive, almost as big as the Radiant city from the Western continent.

There was a giant wall surrounding the city, with people standing on top of the wall.

Alex saw some sort of purple robe on the people that were standing on top of the wall.

He paid a small fee at the gate to go into the city and found some sort of hotel to stay for the night in.

Once he got himself a room, he started cultivating for the rest of the night.

Early the next morning, Alex woke up and went towards the market.

He had two sets of things he needed to buy with what little money he had.

He hoped to get himself a small cauldron of some sort, and then he needed to buy some ingredients to make pills out of.

The shop he went to was specifically meant for Alchemy and it sold everything related to it from formation plates for fire or cauldrons.

Alex looked through the cauldron.

While he didnt need a good cauldron, it still had to be good enough.

He had no more than 80 True spirit stones, so he had to be frugal so that there was enough money at the end to buy the ingredients as well.

In the end, Alex bought a simple True Mortal ranked cauldron for 62 True Spirit stones and used the remaining money to buy enough ingredients for a single True rank pill.

He would have to start with this pill and hope to earn some money.

At the same time, he also learned about any auctions or sales that were happening in the city.

As it turned out, there was no auction happening for at least 10 more days.

However, in 2 days, there was an open market that was going to be set outside of the city in the east.

At that time, anyone with anything to sell could set up a shop and sell the things they wanted.

“That works I suppose,” Alex thought and went back to his room.

The ingredients he had acquired were for a pill that helped people break through from the True King realm to the True Emperor realm.

As far as Alex understood, pills that aided in breakthroughs were in high demand anywhere in the world, followed closely by a very good healing pill or an antidote pill that had high usage.

Alex went back to his room in the hotel and started making the pill.

Since he was lacking any sources of continuous fire, Alex decided to skip the fire aspect of the pill-making process.

Instead, he directly heated up the cauldron using his dao.

Heating up the cauldron required more mental focus than just using a flame, but with how easy this pill was going to be to make, Alex didnt have much to worry about.

It took him no more than 10 minutes to fully make the pill.

With ingredients that he improved using Supreme Elemental Accord and a recipe that was the best of the best, he easily made a pill that reached 96% harmony.

The only reason it didnt reach all the way to 100% was because of his lack of proper technique to form the pill.

If he had 2 sets of ingredients instead and used his pill-splitting Qi to make those pills at once, the people of this city wouldve seen some terrifying lightning certainly.

“I suppose I can make do with just these,” Alex thought.

Once done, he thought of how he would sell the pill.

He wasnt worried about the pill not getting sold, but rather the publicity that might come with something this good.

After all, he doubted there was anyone that could make such good pills as himself.

‘Well, I cant really think Im the best, can I he thought.

‘After all, I dont know much about the situation of alchemy outside of the Western continent.

The northern continent had suffered on the side of Alchemy due to Xue Kuangren, but the Southern Continents alchemy should have flourished.

Now that he was thinking about it, he couldnt wait to see just what he could learn from the Alchemy of this continent.

The next day, Alex roamed the city and learned about various new things.

He visited the site where the open market was going to be held and was more than surprised to see that a small market had already formed here from some early birds coming to set up shop.

They werent selling much however as most of the buyers wouldnt come until tomorrow which was the actual date of the open market.

‘Should I sell my Saint rank ingredient and get more True rank ingredients Alex thought.

That wasnt a bad idea, but in the end, he chose not to.

He wanted to keep some ingredients for himself in case he ever needed any.

The next day came and Alex went over to the market site.

It had been a little past sunrise and yet the entire site was filled to the brim with people selling things.

Alex not only sensed mortals here, but he also sensed the Self-tempering realm and True realm cultivators.

Not just that, after checking more closely, he also sensed Saint realm cultivators.

Most of them were selling pills, formations, talismans, and artifacts, but there were also people that were selling normal stuff like clothes and food.

Alex looked around to see if there was something that he wanted, but there were simply too many to go around looking for.

Before any of that, he needed a place to sell his pill after all.

He started looking around for a place where he could set up his shop.

Most of the important places were already reserved, and those that were still empty were hard to see due to the crowd around him.

He wanted to use his spiritual sense to check, but seeing as no one was using any spiritual sense, he felt reluctant to use it as well.

Finally, after some time, he found a simple place in the grass that was open enough for him to sit.

Alex sat down and placed a single piece of paper in front of him that told the people exactly what he was selling.

‘Selling 96% Harmony King Surpassing pill

A few of the vendors saw Alexs paper and showed a weird look.

They said nothing, but Alex could see in their eyes that they thought he was doing a very bad job of trying to scam people.

Alex showed no reaction to their looks and simply waited for someone to come and buy his item.

Eventually, a person saw his piece of paper and had to ask.

“Brother, are you really selling a 96% King Surpassing Pill” the man asked.

“Yes, I am,” Alex said.

“Where is it then” the man asked.

“In my storage bag,” Alex said.

“Can I see it” the man asked.

“Do you intend on buying it” Alex asked.

The man paused for a second.

“No,” he said.

“Then please leave,” Alex said and closed his eyes.

It was clear that the man had only stopped because he was curious about if there really was a pill, not because he had any intention of buying it.

The man grumbled, saying some things likebad vendor or some such, but he still walked away.

Just as he left, a few people walked past him, stopping before Alex for a few seconds with a curious expression before walking away.

Alex, however, couldnt stop looking at them even as they walked quite far away.  The men vanished into the crowd and only then did he finally look away.

“What the hell are these people doing here”

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