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Chapter 30: Fight Again! The Ancient Immortal Eyes Are Fierce!

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“Has it already been claimed Looks like this matter concerning the opportunity of the peerless sword technique,Heaven Splitting Technique, is not fated with me.”

Chen Beixuan was not too disappointed to learn that the mission had been accepted.

After all, this opportunity did not belong to him in his previous life.

And after 10,000 years, he would not remember exactly when this mission had been accepted.

Since the mission is gone, lets go and collect the True Dragon Blood Spring in the Hidden Dragon Mountain first. I remember that this opportunity was discovered in 3075, which is tomorrow.

Im going there now. I shouldnt miss it.

As he thought about it, Chen Beixuan accepted a mission that he had accepted in his previous life to kill a traitor of the sect.

This mission was actually a small opportunity.

The traitor of the sect had a cultivation technique, Breath Control Technique, that could hide his aura.

In his previous life, Chen Beixuan had relied on this Breath Control Technique to sneak into the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains and obtain the “Chaos Divine Fruit” that only ripened once every five thousand years.

Thereafter, he began his path of cultivation.

Chen Beixuan walked towards the mountain gate unhurriedly, preparing to make a trip to Hidden Dragon Mountain.


“Hurry, hurry, hurry!”

Shen Ran was excited and sped up.

His figure even turned into an afterimage that ordinary people could not see clearly.

The advancing body broke the sound barrier.

There was a sharp tearing sound.


When Shen Ran was 500 miles away from the Empyrean Sword Sect, his expression suddenly turned cold.

The advancing body suddenly stopped.

Looking around, he could clearly feel at least 30 sharp murderous spirits targeting him.

“As expected of the chief disciple of the Eighth Summit. His senses are sharp!”

“Tap tap tap tap!”

A hoarse, unpleasant male voice spoke.

At the same time, more than 30 figures appeared and surrounded Shen Ran.

Killing intent erupted from these 30-odd people at the same time, targeting Shen Ran.

“Wang Qingxuans lackeys You finally found me”

Shen Rans expression was calm.

He looked around and saw that everyone was wearing green clothes that represented the ordinary disciples of the Empyrean Sword Sect.


A man with a face covered in vicious scars stepped forward.

It was the owner of the hoarse voice. “Youre not surprised by our appearance… It seems that youre the one who stole His Highnesss Blood Cloud Powder.”

As he spoke, the man opened his mouth, revealing dense, cold, and sharp black teeth.

He forced a savage smile.

“Do you know how much impact you have on His Highness Dao Seeds cause Although I dont know what trump card you used to instantly kill Hong Jing, who was at the sixth level of the Divine Sea Realm, you wont be able to escape today no matter what!”

“Clang, clang, clang!”

The mans voice trailed off.

He took out his weapon, the Resentful Bone Whip, a black, spiked whip.

This long whip was forged from the spines of 99 living people and their vengeful spirits.

As soon as he took it out, one could hear countless desperate cries coming from the whip.

The baleful aura lingered.

Behind him, more than 30 people also drew their weapons.

The momentum soared.

None of these people were below the fourth level of the Divine Sea Realm!

The man who spoke had reached the eighth level of the Divine Sea Realm!

These people could handle any other seventh level Divine Sea Realm cultivator standing here.

And they were enough to kill him a hundred times over.

However, the person standing here was Shen Ran.

“Are you all spies sent by the Demon Cult Are all the spies from the Demon Cult planted in the Empyrean Sword Sect all here”

Under the pressure of more than 30 Divine Sea experts, Shen Rans expression remained calm.

He seemed unaffected.

He asked them a question instead.

“Hmph, the power of our Divine Sect is not something you can imagine! Be it core disciples or ordinary disciples, at least a fifth of them are members of the Divine Sect whose purpose is to achieve His Highness Dao Seeds great cause!”

In the eyes of the hoarse-voiced man, Shen Ran was already a dead man.

So he answered carelessly.

“One-fifth I didnt expect the Empyrean Sword Sect to be infiltrated by the Demon Cult to such an extent… Looks like I have to find time to deal with Wang Qingxuan after obtaining the opportunity.”

Shen Ran frowned and muttered to himself.

Then he continued walking in the direction of Hidden Dragon Mountain.

“How dare you insult His Highness Dao Seed Die!”

Hearing Shen Rans words, the expressions of all the Demon Cult spies, including the hoarse-voiced man, changed.

Everyone erupted with spiritual energy and wanted to kill Shen Ran.

And then…




Everyone stood where they were. They did not even take a step forward.

Before they could do anything, they felt an extremely domineering force rapidly expanding from the depths of their bodies, causing their bodies to expand, distort, and transform.

A moment later.

They exploded with a loud bang.

And turned into more than 30 blood-colored fireworks made of human bodies.

A large amount of blood, as well as countless pieces of flesh, bones, and internal organs, splattered everywhere.

The ground and trees within a 10-mile radius were stained red and smelled of blood.

Not only did the Ancient Immortal Eyes have the power to see through all illusions and supreme techniques in the world, but they also had an extremely terrifying Killing Eye Technique that could destroy the world!

With Shen Rans current realm, he still could not achieve the effect of annihilating the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.

However, it was easy to kill dozens of cultivators who were only at the Divine Sea Realm.

These 30-odd spies were already dead when Shen Ran scanned their bodies.


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