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Chapter 15: Salted Fish

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Xue Yan was a little embarrassed by the shock, he coughed and said, “A few days ago, a few students from the towns schools went on a walk together. At that time, the teacher encouraged everyone to compose a poem. The winner would get an inkstone. I won. Before I came back yesterday, I sold the inkstone for six silver coins. It should be enough.”

Here, one silver coin was equivalent to one thousand dollars in the apocalypse. So, six silver coins were equivalent to six thousand dollars!

Jiang Yue knew that the ink stone was rare, so she was not surprised by the amount he gained.

“After building the workshop... What happens after that” Jiang Yue asked. Even though she asked this, she still wanted to prepare for other mishaps.

He knew that he could rely on this workshop to make some money by peeling the rice while planting crops. This was the mentality of being content with a little wealth. He wanted to stay in Locust Village and didnt intend to push further in life.

As expected, Xue Yan said, “Theres nothing else.”

“I see.” Jiang Yue nodded indifferently. “You want to be a salted fish.”

A salted fish

At first, Xue Yan didnt quite understand the meaning of these two words, but after thinking about the context, he got a general idea. He smiled and said, “You can say that.”

Since she already knew his plan, there was nothing more to say. Jiang Yue stretched out her hand and said, “I hope we can get along well in the future.”

To be honest, she had a good impression of him.

He was steady, smart, opinionated, and would not make people uncomfortable.

Xue Yan slightly lowered his eyes and looked at her little hand. He didnt understand why she was extending her hand, but she said that they would have a good time together in the future, so this gesture should be some kind of formality or an olive branch...


With this in mind, Xue Yan returned the respectfulness. Like Jiang Yue, he also extended his hand to complete the ceremony.

Jiang Yue smiled when she saw Xue Yan reach out his hand without shaking it. Then, she held his hand and shook it.

Then, he let go.

Xue Yan understood that the ceremony was to shake hands. Although he didnt know where she learned this ceremony, he had never seen such a ceremony before, but he didnt ask.

Everyone had their secrets, just like how he had his own.

He would not ask her anything he shouldnt know.

After chatting for a while, Jiang Yue returned to her room and sat on the bed, thinking about something.

She did not want to be a freeloader. So she thought of ways how she could help to improve this familys lifestyle. As for Xue Yans plan, she felt that it was too slow to make money. It would take at least one month for him to start making money after his workshop is built. She wanted to let the family live a good life as soon as possible.

She didnt know why Xue Yan wanted to be a salted fish, but she could see that Xue Yan also wanted to have his family live a good life, otherwise, he wouldnt have come up with the rice hulling workshop.

Therefore, Jiang Yue closed the door and locked it from the inside. Then, she entered the space.

The space was shapeless and invisible as if it existed in her consciousness. However, she could enter it as long as she needed to. In the space, there was a tangible, boundless black wasteland. She didnt know what kind of wasteland this was, but nothing could be grown from it. She had tried it before.

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On top of this vast wasteland, there was a rather large high-tech room…


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