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Chapter 16: Change

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In the room, there was a smart control desk and a big screen. On the right side of the control desk, there was a crafted nursery room of about 25 square meters.

This nursery could only allow the seedlings to germinate in a day for them to become strong seedlings. After the seeds grow into a strong seedling, they would stop growing and remain in the shape of a strong seedling. The strong seedlings will only continue to grow if it was artificially transplanted elsewhere.

The control panel was on and could be manually operated. After Jiang Yue selected a seed, the planting method of the corresponding seed appeared on the big screen, as well as a selection box that asked if she wanted the seed or to make a stronger version of the planted seed.

When she chose the latter option, it immediately appeared out of thin air in the nursery and automatically began to plant itself.

Now, she just needed to wait for a day before coming back to get the seedlings.

As for where the seeds were stored in this space, she had no idea. She only knew that there were endless seeds in this space, and she could take them as she pleased.

Jiang Yue walked in front of the console and looked at the main interface. There were various types of seeds on it, big and small, and there were even niche categories, but she did not know what to choose.

Finally, she decided on the soybean seeds.

She recalled that Yu Hongyan was plucking beans just now for the rest to plant the next day.

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No matter what crops were grown in ancient times, the yield would not be as high compared to a few thousand years later. The seeds she had with her right now were all high-quality species with a high yield. These high-quality species also had various resistances, such as insect resistance and drought resistance. Later on, she would replace the seed when Yu Hongyan was not paying attention.

As for the other seeds, she would think about them later. After all, she didnt have a field, so she couldnt grow anything. She didnt have any land either. Her mother had taken a lot of medicine and spent a lot of money before she died. She had sold all the valuable things in the family, including the land. She didnt want to ask for land from the family that had just taken her in, not to mention that they didnt have much land themselves either.

In addition, this space could only cultivate strong seedlings at most, so they had to be planted somewhere else. From transplanting to harvesting and selling for money, it would definitely take a certain amount of time, which might be longer than Xue Yans workshop.

In short, it was impossible to live a good life quickly by planting anything right now. Planting was a long-term goal.


They needed to hunt to get short-term money. They could sell their prey for money, and if everything went well, this could help Xue Dafus family live a better life than they were now.

They might even have spare money to buy fields and plant more things.

With that thought in mind, Jiang Yue came out of the space.

Just then, Yu Hongyans voice came from outside, “Jiang Yue, Xue Yan, you two stay at home and look after the house. I wont lock the doors. I need to go to the vegetable garden by the river and check on something”

“Okay.” Xue Yan responded in the room.

“Alright,” the little girl replied. Jiang Yue responded in her own room, but she quickly opened the door and walked out right after. “Are you done picking the beans”

Yu Hongyan was carrying a vegetable basket and was almost at the entrance of the courtyard. When she heard her, she turned around and smiled. “Im done. ”

Seeing that Yu Hongyan had left and Xue Yan was sitting at the desk writing something, Jiang Yue did not care much for being suspicious. She walked straight to the bottom of the shed and stood in front of the beans that Yu Hongyan had picked.

Jiang Yue threw all the beans that Yu Hongyan had picked into the space. Then, she took out some beans from the space and placed them inside.

The beans looked similar, round, and small. Even if she changed them, it would not be obvious enough for the rest to figure it out.


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