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Chapter 5: Reincarnated

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“When did your uncle become so nice Didnt he want to sell you off”

“Father,” Xue Yan finally looked away and interrupted his fathers words, “Lets go back quickly. Wasnt it time to eat”

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Hearing this, Jiang Yue came to a realization. She didnt want her father to find out that something was wrong with her.

The two of them looked at each other and saw a tacit understanding in each others eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Xue Dafus attention was successfully diverted.

“Its time for lunch, time for lunch. Jiang Yue, you must be hungry, right

“This disownment contract... he can keep it for you. Ive never been good at keeping things, but youre already half an adult. Youre that calm and smart one, so youll definitely be able to keep it for your sister. ”

Xue Dafu passed the contract to Xue Yan.

When his father wasnt paying attention, Xue Yan went to pick up the heavy firewood again and handed the contract to Jiang Yue. He said in a low voice, “Keep it well.”

Jiang Yue nodded in reply.

Xue Yan stretched out his hand. The hand of a seven-year-old child was not big, but it was bigger than Jiang Yues. He wanted to help Jiang Yue carry the bag.

“This is not heavy,” Jiang Yue replied.

Xue Yan took back her hand and asked Jiang Yue to walk in front.


“You should walk in front, Ill help you hold the firewood from behind,” Jiang Yue said. She saw that he was struggling to carry it, but he refused to put it down.

She wanted to help him. Hearing this, Xue Yan looked at her hands and knew that she couldnt help him since her hands and body were smaller than his.

Jiang Yue didnt say anything further, but she placed her free hand on the firewood on Xue Yans back and lifted it up.

Xue Yan felt the weight on his back was lifted.

The weight of the small bundle of firewood seemed to have been reduced by half.

Xue Yan fell silent.

Since they were the same, why was she so strong ...

Xue Dafu, who was walking in front with a load on his shoulder, turned around and saw that Xue Yan wasnt holding Jiang Yues hand. The two children were still in the same place. He immediately shouted, “What are you doing Quickly take your sister home for dinner. How many times have I told you not to take the firewood with you”

Xue Yan was helpless.

“Ill hold your hand.” Xue Yan still didnt put down the firewood, but pulled her hand from the firewood and held it.

“I can walk on my own.” Jiang Yue reminded him.

“I know,” Xue Yan was even more helpless. “Lets just give that old man what he wants.” He gestured for her to look at Xue Dafu.

As expected, Xue Dafu turned around again with a worried look.

Jiang Yue was also helpless. Then, her head drooped down and she said weakly, “Lets go I guess…”

This plot of land led to the mountain. It was a difficult path, but it was slightly wider than other plots of land. The two children walked side by side.

Xue Yan was holding her hand with one hand, so it was more difficult to carry the firewood.

“You really dont want me to help you” Jiang Yue couldnt help but ask once more. She could tell that there was another reason why he was holding her hand. He didnt want her to really hold him from behind.

Xue Yan shook his head. He didnt look at Jiang Yue again. He held Jiang Yues small and soft hand and strenuously carried the overly packed old firewood on his back. He looked at his father, who was carrying a load in front of him. He wasnt very old, but he had a hunchback. Then, an unreal feeling welled up in him and he was in a daze. When his vision cleared up again, he sighed.

He had really been reborn.


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