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"My lady, if you are not comfortable with the dress, it can be changed to which ever suits you" Lily asked.

Lily and Eita, her handmaids have veen taking care of her since she was a child, except from her family, they are the only ones that are permitted to see her with no veil on. The only time she spent with no veil on is whenever she went to the bar and call herself Sara. Since no one knows how Sin looks like, there is no way they will doubt her identity.

"No love, its beautiful" She tried to smile but failed.

The fear on her face was obvious that her handmaids could feel it

"Don worry, everything will be alright. Don listen to rumours, they are nothing but just that. I know people say that the Daybreaker is ruthless but he might be a nice man really " Lyly tried to give me hopes but it was clear in her tone that there is no way the Daybreaker is a nice man.

She wasn afraid of him being ruthless, those were just words from the mouths of the common humans, they couldn be speaking literally. They were probably referring to his personalities; he might be cunning, a lair, wicked or just evil, that doesn scare me either.

What really scared her was the fact that she is leaving a life of seclusion to another life of seclusion.

She is Sin, the Night Vanisher but nobody has ever seen her really, she is forced to live her life in the castle, training to become stronger and away from the real world. She was hoping someday, she will get married to someone she loves , someone that makes me live an open life but that doesn seem to come through.

Now she will have to live the rest of her life in seclusion with a rumored ruthless prince, without being able to live with the public, that is what scared her.

Her thought was interrupted by a knock on the door and shortly after, a court lady came in.

"My lady, its time," she informed Sin.

Sin followed right behind her as she led the way. She went down the long stairs which she found difficult to climb down because of her long dress and heavy jewelry and her high heel shoes. She could say she had never worn a high heeled shoe before and that is why when she was a few steps away from getting down the stairs, she twisted her leg and stumbled forward, almost falling on the ground and making the veil leave her face.

While expecting herself to land on the ground, she felt a sturdy arm around her waist which helped her from falling and embarrassing herself on her wedding day.

She stood up and straightened her neck, she casted her gaze on the owner of that arm. A mix of feelings flashed through her mind; anger, gratitude and one that she couldn explain.

Though she still has a veil on, everyone in the room knows she is the Night Vanisher, who dares touch her like that? Although she can save herself from falling, she doesn want to, she never wanted the wedding in the first place but she was still grateful her face was saved.

As for the third feeling, she only wish that hand never left her

"Are you alright, My lady?" The man asked and furrowed his brows

All previous feelings left Sins mind instantly and were replaced with curiosity.

Who was this man? How come he looks familiar

He was tall, broad shoulder and his thick raven black hair fell over his shoulder down to his waist. One could tell from his dress code that he is a Royalty.

Could he be one of the royal family that attended my wedding? Sin thought.

"Yes Im fine, thanks" she answered in a domineering manner.

"My lady" the man bowed elegantly and left her

"What a nice young man," Eita commented.

Sin kept looking at the man as he was leaving, he looked very familiar to her but she couldn remember where she met him. When her stare was getting too much and people were being suspicious, she blinked her eyes to bring myself back to reality. She was getting married, she doesn have the luxury to stare at other men.

"Shall we?" Sin asked but even Lyly and Eita were absent minded, they were looking at the man until he was out of sight.

She snapped my hand before their eyes and they were awoken.

"Yes, yes, lets go my lady"

They said hurriedly

The wedding will start with a greeting between the bride and the groom family. She gave a nod to a guard and he informed her presence then motioned for her to enter.

"Lady Vogel and her accompany lady Tatiana"

"Lorg Argus and his two wives"

"Prince Ethan and his wife Lady Love"

"Prince Arthur and his accompany, young Gian"

"Lady Sin and her handmaids; Lady Lily and Lady Eita.

A masculine voice was announcing the names of everyone entering onto the hall, she was still addressed as lady not princess because her father is yet to be announced King.

The moment her presence was announced, everyone in the hall shifted their gaze to her, trying to see her face but to their utmost disappointment, she was veiled. Taking a deep breath, she strode into the hall carefully, she walked with her head high and her gaze low, only looking at the floor until she reached where her family was seated.

Sin bowed to her father and sat beside him. She saw him smile, that smile, it wasn the first hed put it on his face. The smile meant

o matter how strong you are, Im your father and you will do my what I wish for you"

Sins heart was weakened, she felt her eyes itched and she felt like crying.

She held back her tears and smiled back at her father.

She could feel all eyes on her, some stared at her with pity, some stared at her with hatred and others stared at her with curiosity, wanting to know who the Night Vanisher is.

"Prince Richard and his accompanies"

The man announcing the arrival of people didn stop calling names but the moment he called Richards name, everyone shifted their gaze from Sin to Richard. Richard, the Daybreaker, unlike Sin, has no veil on his face. The room went quiet as the guests were staring at the doorpost wanting to see how the Daybreaker looks but unfortunately, Richard and his companions dressed the same way and it was difficult to know who among them was the Daybreaker.

As for Sin, she put down her head, rubbed her hands together nervously, she wanted to look you but was afraid

What if she doesn like what she saw?What if the rumours were true? What if he had red eyes and long teeths even when in his human form?

"Dont be ridiculous, that can be true, you are a vampire yourself "

She muttered to herself and decided to take a look.

Slowly, she glanced at the door as her heart pounded inside her chest, and almost gasped out when she saw the groom an his accompanies.

She could make out the face of the man from earlier among them.

The man with the sturdy arm and saved her from falling, he couldn be the groom, could he?

There is no way for her to know, not until they are seated and addressed.

The guests all stare at the groom and his accompanies and begin to whisper hysterically into each others ear.

The rumours weren true!

Even though they couldn make out who the Daybreaker was, there is no one among the groom and his accompanies that has red eyes and long teeth.

For more disappointment, the groom and his accompanies flashed their teeth, smiled and waved at the guests before taking their seat.

The guest waited in anticipation fir the groom and his accompanies to taje theur seat cause that is the only way they can know who the Daybreaker is.

Not minding the whisoers from the guest, the groom walked out from among his accompanies, towards my father and bowed lowly before him.

"Lord Damien" he said bowing slightly.

Of course the man that Sin met earlier is also the groom, the Daybreaker

Sin widened his eyes, no one has ever bowed lowly before her father; Damien god, this Daybreaker is truly fearless, disrespected and arrogant. Even the guest were shocked, they were expecting an unpleasant scene.

Afterall, her father is a King to be and even a powerful vampire lord; even Lord. Alpha Wayne won be able to save him if he got on the bad side of Damien god.

He must have noticed peoples reaction but he didn seem to care. Damien god on the the other hand didn react, he knky gestured towards Sin.

As Sin saw Richard shifted his gaze towards her, she quickly put down her head, she might be strong, she is naive and innocent too. She heard the clicking sound of Richards footsteps as he neared her but Richard didn go to her, rather, he went to sit on the seat opposite Sin, facing her.

He didn utter a word. Even if Sin know who he is, courtesy demands him to re introduce himself to his future wife.

"Today, I gather us all to celebrate my daughters wedding to Prince Richard, the Daybreaker, Prince of Kinland. Let the ceremony begin and enjoy yourselves"

Everyone seated and was quite the moment Damien god spoke

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