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Huo Tinglan hugged Ye Ci and stroked his head.

He didn’t know when it had started, but Ye Ci was more and more different from the brittle and fragile person in his memory.

The scarred sapling had sprouted new shoots from the wounds, fresh and high-spirited.

All the humiliation and suffering endured in the past had been peeled away like an inconspicuous plaster, unable to hurt him anymore.

Warmth surged quietly between the two as they embraced each other.

It was a pity that Huo Tinglan here had lost both his gentleman’s mask and demeanor, and the warmth lasted no more than three seconds.

“Baby,” Huo Tinglan backed away a little and lightly ran his fingertips over Ye Ci’s lips, smiling and humbly asking for advice: “Isn’t the usual way to correct this through mouth-to-mouth I say something and you say something back”

He was playing a scoundrel.

Ye Ci glanced at him hesitantly, and honestly said: “We may have to find a specialized agency, or a psychiatrist……”

Huo Tinglan said, “Okay, I’ll help you find the best one.”

Ye Ci was silent for a moment.

His eyelashes fluttered, and his voice became smaller and smaller: “Just now, you really, really made an innuendo……”

Huo Tinglan said courteously, “Yes.”

Not with shame, but with pride!

Ye Ci: “……….”

There was silence.

Ye Ci was not reconciled to being harassed by his older lover all day long.

He was so embarrassed that his earlobes were about to drip blood, and he didn’t dare look at anyone, but stood up straight and said: “Then, then you try and treat me mouth-to-mouth……”

He was like a young animal trying to hunt with his tiny claws.

Before he finished speaking, Huo Tinglan pushed him against the corridor wall.

“I’ll give you mouth-to-mouth, and stroke your tongue again……can I, baby What do you say”

Lips rubbed against lips.

Not knowing who made the first move, the two were inseparably entangled.

Those pink lips were sucked bright red and slightly swollen, and it would be impossible to face anyone for half an hour. 

That little tongue was also firmly “stroked’ a dozen times back and forth, and became not nimble, but doubly clumsy.

After the kiss was over, Ye Ci covered his mouth and hurried back to the room, unable to utter a single sentence.

He really shouldn’t have flirted with Huo-shushu indiscriminately!

Originally, he wanted Huo Tinglan to take him out to have fun.

Now he had to wait in his room for his mouth to calm down before he dared go out.

Fortunately, he happened to have something to do when he came back – – those clothes and sheets hanging on the terrace should be collected.

Apart from the big items such as the quilt cover, there were also Ye Ci’s pajamas and a pair of white cotton underwear……

Huo Tinglan had washed them all by hand.

Yesterday, Ye Ci had to deal with Huo Tinglan’s teasing interrogation with a head full of steam.

He was dazed from embarrassment, and when he came back to his senses, he was already in the bathroom.

Huo Tinglan pushed him to sit on the changing stool.

The so-called spilled juice was all sticky and wet.

“Take off your pajamas for me.” Huo Tinglan knelt down on one knee in front of him.

Putting aside the teasing look, he said softly, “I’ll go wash them.”

An Alpha’s desire to possess was illogical.

Even if Ye Ci didn’t care about these items soaked in the scent of vanilla, he couldn’t let others wash them.

“I, I can do it myself……” Ye Ci muttered.

Huo Tinglan tugged at his trouser legs and thoughtfully said: “Juice is not easy to wash out.

Let me do it, I have strong hands and can rub it clean.”

“It’s, it’s not……” Ye Ci got stuck in the middle of his retort.

His face flushed red, his mouth pursed in shame, anger and pitifulness, and he was clutching his trousers as if they were his last hope.

“Be obedient,” Huo Tinglan said gently, with ulterior motives.

“Go take a hot shower and I’ll clean up the rest.”

“Baby.” Seeing Ye Ci’s refusal, he tossed a sentence out in a lukewarm manner: “Are you so polite with your husband”

He said this as if complaining about Ye Ci’s estrangement from him.

Ye Ci’s hands shook as he tentatively let go.

His legs felt cold when he loosened his grip.

The pajama pants were taken off by Huo Tinglan.

That hand speed belonged to a thief, and made one feel ashamed to see it.

Two white, slender, and straight gazelle-like legs were desperately pressed together.

Almost out of breath, Ye Ci pulled the hem of his pajamas to cover himself.

“Give it all to me,” Huo Tinglan said with a gentle look and a smile.

“I just want to help you wash your clothes, why are you making it look like I’m a scoundrel……be good, baby, stand up and be obedient……”

Like this, he half-coaxed, half-spurred him to undress.

Ye Ci was as embarrassed as a steamed shrimp, curled up red and hot on the changing stool.

The hem of his pajamas was long enough that nothing could be seen.

He pulled it down with one hand and grabbed Huo Tinglan’s wrist with the other to prevent him from leaving, pleading in a trembling voice: “Huo-shushu, throw it away instead, don’t, don’t wash it……”

“Is it a good thing to just throw it away after spilling some juice” Huo Tinglan smiled.

Kneading the ball of cotton and white cloth into the palm of his hand, he set up a provisional rule for the Huo family, earnestly instructing the little gentleman who was extravagant and wasteful: “‘Tranquility cultivates morality, and frugality fosters character.’ This is the Huo family’s motto.”

“Then I’ll do it my, myself, the Huo family’s motto should also include……taking care of, of your own problems, right” Ye Ci pulled at Huo Tinglan’s fingers, wanting him to open his hand flat.

Huo Tinglan moved his hands away with a smile, and Ye Ci leaned forward to chase after them, resulting in his hands wrapping around him.

The visual effect was as if he had taken the initiative to hug Huo Tinglan.

As a result, that mischievous man took the opportunity to kiss his face twice.

This didn’t look like he was trying to grab something at all, it was basically flirting.

“Huo-shushu!” Ye Ci’s eyes widened in disbelief.

It seemed that he wanted to stare at Huo Tinglan’s face, to test how thick it was.

It was just a little unfathomable!

“Be good, take a shower.” Huo Tinglan pulled out a bath towel for Ye Ci to wrap himself in, and drove him to take a shower.

Ye Ci took one step and turned his head back three times, deeply reluctant to go.

He was itching to take those wet things out of Huo Tinglan’s hands and stuff them into a rocket to launch into outer space.

The bathroom was designed to keep the wet areas separate from the dry, and the shower room had a frosted glass door.

Nothing could be seen clearly, and the water vapor hung in the air, making it more hazy.

Huo Tinglan brought a new pair of pajamas and put them on the wash stand, then went back to the room and removed the dirty quilt cover and other large items, and even dug out the spare ones to replace them.

Although he hired someone to take care of these things when he was abroad, it was not as convenient as at home, so he was not bad at taking care of himself and could even change the quilt and wash the clothes.

Ye Ci cleaned up in a hurry and didn’t wash his hair, so he came out and changed in less than two minutes.

Huo Tinglan walked into the bathroom with a pile of wet linens.

Pushing Ye Ci out the door, it was as if he doted on the little gentleman and wouldn’t let him do the work.

Ye Ci stood at the door and heated the room temperature several degrees with his face.

Heaven and man fought for 300 rounds,[1] and there was really no way to go back to sleep like this, so he mustered up the courage to push open the door: “Huo-shushu, let me wash it……Huo, Huo-shushu! ! !”

“En” Huo Tinglan unhurriedly removed the pile from near his nose and pushed it back into the sink with an elegant gesture, as if he had just wiped his mouth with a napkin.

Ye Ci’s pupils shook like an earthquake.

“What, what are you……!”

“What did you say You spilled some juice” 

Huo Tinglan laughed lightly and simply shook off the drops of water on his hands.

Strutting out of the bathroom, he bundled Ye Ci into the corner, leaned close to his ear, and said in a hoarse voice: “That’s called……something a mature or near-mature Omega has in some specific circumstances.” Huo Tinglan lowered his eyes, stared at him darkly, and said softly, “Xiao Ci has grown up.”

After a moment, he turned Ye Ci’s embarrassed face back with his fingertips and asked in a low voice, “Did you dream of me”

Ye Ci turned his face away, not daring to recall.

But Huo Tinglan didn’t let him go.

He grabbed his hands in one of his own and tortured him slowly: “What did you dream about”

Ye Ci couldn’t bear the torture, and truthfully said, “I just, just dreamed of you holding me……”

Huo Tinglan didn’t believe it, and forced a confession: “What else”

Ye Ci swallowed his saliva and lowered his head.

Wiping the seams of the floor with the soles of his feet, he confessed in a voice softer than a mosquito: “There was a kiss……”

“Anything else”

“That’s all there was.” Ye Ci shook his head rapidly, honestly assuring, “Really, that’s it.”

Huo Tinglan knew he wasn’t lying, so he laughed in surprise: “You dreamed of me……so innocently”

Whether he had been teased into insanity or to add credibility to the confession, somehow Ye Ci came up with a sentence: “I don’t, don’t know……what else can be done, ah.”

As a result……

He bit the bullet and agreed to go back to study the Omega biology book.

How could he take this lesson, ah!

Ye Ci stood on the balcony in a daze.

After a while, he didn’t know what to think and suddenly raised his hand and punched the balcony railing.

Huo-shushu took care of him well.

But he was also too……too unscrupulous!

[1] When a party refuses to accept and wants to challenge an opponent, the catchphrase, “Who will fight with me for 300 rounds!” is sometimes used. ⮐


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