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Fouls Prohibited (禁止犯規) by 呂天逸 – Chapter Forty

Half of the precious twenty-day summer vacation had passed in the blink of an eye.

As for the “health education class,” with emphasis on the quotes, Ye Ci took it once and refused to honestly take it again.

Their relationship had only been confirmed for so long – how could he be subject to such stimulation As a result, Huo Tinglan, who had taken off his disguise, captured him and brought him to the study every time.

As soon as it was time for class, the dignified head of the Huo family relied on his terrifyingly keen five senses to catch the little cat all over the house, using his high-quality top Alpha genes in crooked places.

He himself was a person with heavy desire, and had endured for too long to match Ye Ci’s pace, so it was understandable for him to do so.

The next round of susceptibility was coming soon, and he could finally ask his Omega for comfort.

Huo Tinglan didn’t deliberately suppress it, and the medicine for susceptibility syndrome was stopped early.

He just let nature take its course and waited for the susceptibility period to come, stroking and sniffing Ye Ci every day to relieve the discomfort caused by the pre-susceptible stage.

In the past few days, taking advantage of the Omega knowledge class, Huo Tinglan gave Ye Ci several informal “physical examinations.”

It could be seen that Ye Ci’s current development was good, and he would be able to withstand the intensity of a permanent mark without being harmed.

However, health was the top priority.

Huo Tinglan didn’t intend to take any risks, so he still took time to take Ye Ci to the hospital for a comprehensive and detailed examination.

……The meticulousness was a bit much.

Ye Ci sat on a bench in the hospital corridor, his knuckles turning blue as he clutched the medical report that Huo Tinglan handed to him.

Due to excessive shame and indignation, the paper crumpled.

……The lining is smooth and soft, good dilation, complete development, no abnormalities……

He wanted to die.

Didn’t they use that unknown instrument to take a few laps up and down his belly and have that Omega doctor press a few times……

How did they come to such a series of conclusions

It was already so advanced!

“Have you read all, all of the report” Ye Ci asked in a quivering voice, propping up his forehead with one hand.

Huo Tinglan said tactfully: “I read a bit.”

Ye Ci: “……….”

“Baby, these exams are a must.” Huo Tinglan looked at him tenderly, half comforting and half suggesting, “My susceptible period is in two days, and if I don’t hold back, I’ll mark you permanently……I don’t want to hurt you.”

Moreover, he also couldn’t bear it.

The matter of a permanent mark had finally come to the table.

Ye Ci’s pupils trembled, and he lowered his head in alarm.

Susceptibility syndrome was devastating to an Alpha both mentally and physically.

Since its influence could be permanently eliminated with a lifetime mark, there was no excuse for Huo Tinglan to continue torturing himself.

It was also good for an Omega to have a permanent mark.

It meant a stabler mood and hormones, and regular, manageable periods of fever.

Huo Tinglan sat down next to Ye Ci, held his long, thin white hands in his palms, and asked in a gentle voice: “Would you blame me if I didn’t hold back”

Ye Ci licked his dry lips and murmured: “You don’t, don’t need……to endure it at all.”

Huo Tinglan gave a soft sigh and brazenly said: “Baby, how can you think of Huo-shushu so much”

Ye Ci tried his best to fight against his soft heart.

His lips were tightly pursed, for fear that more honeyed words would follow as soon as he opened his mouth.

“Say it just in case.” Huo Tinglan smiled, teasing him with words, “Baby, can you accept it”

He was so shameless that Ye Ci didn’t know how to answer.

Thus,Huo Tinglan changed the question: “So it’s not acceptable, is that it”

Ye Ci’s chest rose and fell quickly, and he shook his head: “……That’s not it.”

“It’s not unacceptable.” Huo Tinglan smiled and said unhurriedly, “Double negation means affirmation.”

“ ! ” Ye Ci’s face went red.

He jumped up and slipped away without a trace along with the full set of medical reports.

He couldn’t be around Huo-shushu for one second!







It was two o’clock in the morning.

A groan suddenly sounded in the quiet bedroom.

The tone was hoarse and pained, as if someone had just woken up from a nightmare.

Huo Tinglan stared at the ceiling.

His forehead was covered in sweat, and his ink-black pupils trembled neurotically.

His heart was beating like it was about to burst.

Fortunately, the warm temperature by his side quickly brought him back to reality.

There was a heavy feeling of pressure on his upper arm.

Ye Ci was resting on it, sound asleep.

……It was a dream.

He slowly tightened the arm holding Ye Ci and rubbed the back of his neck with the other hand.

The Alpha glands were already boiling hot with excitement, accompanied by the beating of his heart.

This round of susceptibility had already begun.

No wonder.

The excessive secretion of glandular hormones during the susceptible period would increase an Alpha’s sensitivity and alertness, thereby amplifying negative emotions and the dark side of their personality.

Moreover, yesterday was the anniversary of Ye Ci’s death in his previous life……

He knew that that “future” would never happen again in this one, and had long been obliterated, but his mood was unavoidably low.

He concealed it impeccably during the day, but after nightfall, he failed to escape the intrusion of nightmares.

He dreamed of that temple.

Bright yellow walls, green-gray tiles, magnificent snowy mountains, so white that they shaded to blue.

It was late summer, but the altitude where the temple was located was very high.

He wore a windbreaker and could still feel the chill.

He was an atheist, but Lin Yao held the belief that “if you believe in it, it exists, and if you don’t believe in it, it doesn’t exist.” She didn’t usually mention these things, but she had also made offerings to temples.

Therefore, after Ye Ci passed away unexpectedly, she advocated praying for him – – they prayed for blessings for the dead, but it was actually the living who were comforted.

Huo Tinglan didn’t care about anything at that time.

Lin Yao made up her own mind and took care of all the big and small matters by herself.

The only thing she asked him to do was to sign the donation agreement for the temple, and dragged him by force on the day of the ceremony.

He was in disbelief, his face frozen along the way like an empty shell, until Lin Yao personally offered Ye Ci the ever-burning lamp.[1]

According to her, the ever-burning lamp could be provided to the living to seek a safe and long life, and it could also be offered to the dead to illuminate the soul’s way to the next life and accumulate blessings. 

“……Xiao Ci had a hard time in this life, and his good fortune was small, his predestined fate with us was too shallow.” Lin Yao hugged her son’s shoulders with difficulty, rubbing them in distress.

The Alpha’s frame was tall and broad, but he hardly ate or drank these days, and was worn down to a skeleton.

“Let’s offer a lamp to Xiao Ci, perform a good ceremony, and accumulate merit for him.

In this way, if there is an afterlife, he will surely live in peace and joy.

Perhaps you will meet again in the next life, and your fate will be deeper, unable to be broken apart.

Maybe you can meet him earlier, protect him earlier, and prevent him from suffering.

It’s all arranged by the heavens, who can say for sure.

I believe that sincerity leads to success.

If me, you, and your father all believe in this matter wholeheartedly, then we will definitely be able to……Tinglan……”

“……I want this life.” Huo Tinglan shook his head.

He hadn’t spoken for a few days, and when he did speak, his voice was rough and unfamiliar.

– – I want this life.

Approximately this sentence.

He couldn’t remember clearly.

He was numb during that time, his mind in a daze, and his memory was not solid.

What previous life, afterlife……they were too illusory, too ethereal.

He only wanted this life.

In this life, he wanted him to have peace and joy.

In this life, he wanted to have a deep fate with him, which could not be broken apart.

In this life, he wanted to protect him as soon as possible, so as not to let him suffer so much……

He knelt down before the Buddha statue.

It was said that sincerity leads to success.

As Lin Yao asked, he had donated the Buddha statue, and the red sandalwood and silver tiles.

The temple hall was rebuilt, along with the glazed tile pagoda.

He did everything, kowtowed, and shed tears.

Was it sincere enough Would it work

Tears wet the corners of his eyes, dampening the blue bricks in front of the Buddha statue.

His mother said that the ever-burning lamp could illuminate Ye Ci’s path to the afterlife, so that he would not be frightened, miserable, or scared of the dark.

Could it then give him light to find his way






After that, he lived like the walking dead for a while.

And then, a few months later, he woke up that morning and time had gone backwards.

He had no way of knowing whether it was true that sincerity leads to success, or if it was just a coincidence.

But in any case, he had miraculously returned to the year after he turned thirty.

The first thing he did was to go to the Chu family and commit robbery.

The second thing was to go to the temple that Lin Yao took him to in order to fulfill his vows, and donate a sum of money far more generous than in the past for various repairs in the ancient temple.

Whether it was true or not, he wanted peace of mind.

Then, another few months passed.

The grief that once pierced his heart and bones had long since disappeared.

However, the psychological shadow had not been completely removed.

Especially when he was affected by the susceptible period, the heartache and despair of that time would come to haunt him and make him wake up in the middle of the night when he dreamt of the past.

Huo Tinglan’s breathing gradually became heavy, and he hugged Ye Ci in his arms tighter and tighter.

Alphas who lacked a sense of security would tend to “mark” their Omega……

The rich fragrance of tequila madly invaded every inch of Ye Ci’s skin.

The nearly suffocating tightness all over his body and the slight tingling of his skin woke Ye Ci up.

“Huo-shushu, what……what’s the matter” He rubbed his bleary, sleepy eyes.

The steel-like arms around him hurt, but he didn’t struggle to get free, and stroked Huo Tinglan’s back with difficulty using his moveable forearm.

“Baby……” This sort of comfort made Huo Tinglan relax a little, and the pain from being constricted was no longer so painful.

He lowered his head like a wounded beast, silently buried his face in the socket of Ye Ci’s shoulder, and sniffed the sweet vanilla pheromones hungrily.

Ye Ci’s neck was pressed against Huo Tinglan’s cheek.

Smooth, damp, and slightly cool.

“Are, are you……” Ye Ci was slightly startled, and was forced to move back.

It was like pushing away a giant, clingy dog.

Reluctantly fighting for a little space within Huo Tinglan’s arms, he twisted his neck desperately to check Huo Tinglan’s face.

The moist touch and luster……was like tears.

Would A grade Alphas be sentimental during the susceptible period

Ye Ci was anxious and sat up suddenly, hugging Huo Tinglan back with all his strength.

“If, if something is the matter, you can tell me anything.” He was so anxious that he couldn’t care about anything, and his speech was much more agile than usual.

“Don’t keep it all inside, I’m worried to see you like this.

Is, is it not going well at work”

“No……it’s nothing.” Huo Tinglan suppressed his emotions, let out a sigh of relief, and comforted him, “Let me hold you for a while, baby.”

Ye Ci paused for a moment, then lowered his voice: “Is that an emotional matter……”

Huo Tinglan benefited from Ye Ci’s anxious concern, and the aftermath of the nightmare disappeared without a trace.

He smiled and said truthfully, “It is, ba.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the room fell into silence.

Maybe half a minute later, Ye Ci very slowly withdrew from Huo Tinglan’s arms and eased into bed.

After a while, his muffled voice, softer than the sound of a mosquito, came from the bed.

“I didn’t, didn’t say……that I, I wouldn’t let you permanently mark me.”



[1] A light that would be left lit in a tomb until the flame went out by itself. ⮐


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