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There was a knock on the bedroom door.

The two reserved sounds were like knocks on his heart.

Knowing that Ye Ci would not respond, Huo Tinglan opened the bedroom door on his own after a moment.

Immediately afterwards, a hazy shadow floated behind the frosted glass door of the bathroom.

“Open the door,” Huo Tinglan stood still and coaxed him out like a patient hunter, his voice low and magnetic, “Baby.”

At this change of address, Ye Ci’s face went red and he was so embarrassed that he almost knocked the doorknob off.

“I really miss you.” Huo Tinglan seemed to understand that he had come back very unexpectedly, so he didn’t force him, and just negotiated softly, “Let me see you I worked all night yesterday and took a 12-hour flight.

My head hurts, I just took painkillers……after I see you, I’m going to go rest.”

He was bewitching him.

But Ye Ci’s heart softened quickly, and in a daze, he pulled the door open a crack.

The slit was so narrow that it was only about the width of a raised finger, which was enough to reveal a dark eye peeking at Huo Tinglan.


It didn’t matter how narrow the crack was.

Once it was opened, it meant “permission.”

Huo Tinglan grabbed the edge of the door abruptly, relying on Ye Ci’s reluctance to close the door and hurt him, and brazenly pulled it open like breaking apart a weakened clam shell.

The back of Ye Ci’s neck was hot when Huo Tinglan’s hand grabbed it with gentle but irresistible strength.

Grasping him like a cat, he took him out of the bathroom and blocked him into a corner.

“You dare to hide……what did you say on the video call” After catching the cat, Huo Tinglan gently retracted his hand and put it in his trouser pocket.

He lowered his smiling black eyes and looked at Ye Ci, and said in a leisurely manner, “Say it again.”

“Didn’t, didn’t you just say…..” Ye Ci, in the wrong, was honestly crowded into the corner.

Not daring to resist, he could only open his mouth and mumble with insufficient confidence, “you just, just wanted a look.”

From such a short distance away, he could see Huo Tinglan’s clean as new shirt, straight and tidy.

A navy blue silk tie hung down the middle, faintly emphasizing the contours of the full and seductive pectoral muscles on both sides.

The cuffs were dazzlingly white, and two expensive canary diamond cufflinks shone brightly.

The scent of vetiver aftershave was still fresh – – His Huo-shushu was well-dressed.

Perhaps on the plane on his way to see him, like a male beast in courtship boastingly displaying his gorgeous fur and lean body, he did his best to seduce and tantalize him.

Obviously, Huo Tinglan achieved the expected effect.

Ye Ci’s eyes darted to the side first to avoid suspicion, but he couldn’t stop looking back in distress.

At the distinct outline of the chest under that shirt, at the extravagant and flashy accessories, at the sharp contours of that handsome face.

He couldn’t refuse to admit it.

He was a young visual animal, an adolescent boy.

Huo Tinglan was trying to please him, and he was so fascinated by it that he couldn’t help but look again and again.

“……The first words spoken don’t count, right” Huo Tinglan teased him with a smile, tit for tat.

One’s own promise must be kept.

Ye Ci could only stammer and repeat the words he confessed the night before – – but it wasn’t a perfect repetition.

Due to nerves and forgetfulness, the wording wasn’t entirely the same, only a rough imitation.

But Huo Tinglan seemed to have memorized the full text of what he said that day.

Whenever there was a subtle discrepancy in Ye Ci’s retelling, he would speak up and force Ye Ci to repeat it.

Extremely evil.

After reiterating the set of confessions, Ye Ci had sweat on the tip of his nose and his face was flushed.

Finally, the last word was repeated.

The room was silent.

Ye Ci glanced sideways at Huo Tinglan.

His eyes were bright and dark, a collection of contradictions.

Innocent hunger and thirst.

Ye Ci still retained the instinct of an Alpha to conquer and possess, but it was also softened by the new Omega instincts.

He stood precariously on a balancing rope, waiting for someone to push him, to catch him.

Huo Tinglan lowered his gaze and traced Ye Ci’s lips with his eyes.

Thin, but plump in the middle, there was no lack of sensuality, and the cool scent of spearmint lingered on his breath.

“You brushed your teeth” Huo Tinglan chuckled.

“En, I was, was afraid I would be sleepy after the video call, so I, I brushed them first.” Ye Ci made it more conspicuous by trying to hide it, and his inquisitive eyes were also fixed on Huo Tinglan’s mouth.

He was curious about the feeling of “kissing on the lips.”

After giving it some thought, he was a little eager to try……

The two looked at each other’s lips, breathing together.

The atmosphere maintained a delicate and ambiguous balance.

All of a sudden, Huo Tinglan broke the balance, gently squeezing Ye Ci’s small jaw and tilting his head up to meet his touch.

Tender and greedy, like a bee stealing honey.

He was extremely hungry, and the buds were about to bloom.

He cautiously arched open the half-closed petals, burrowed in shamelessly, and brushed the fine, exquisite pollen in the core.

At first, it was just a touch.

Then, he rubbed a little.

Ye Ci was so sensitive that he leaned against the corner made by the two walls and trembled.

His spine was so soft that he couldn’t even hold his back straight.

So comfortable.

Formidably comfortable.

Low on oxygen and short of breath, he turned his face away in embarrassment and had difficulty looking directly at his own response.

This was what it felt like to be an Omega.

A small kiss transformed into deep spring waters, and his bones went weak and soft.

So unfamiliar.

“What is it” Huo Tinglan pressed his body against him so that he could use his strength to support him.

Then he used his fingertips to turn back Ye Ci’s averted face.

His jet-black pupils were keen as measuring instruments, detecting every wisp of Ye Ci’s emotions: embarrassment, confusion, joy……

“Wait, Huo-shushu.” Ye Ci slid down like mud, his sweaty palms clinging to the wall as he tried to stand firm on his own strength.

“I can’t, can’t stand up straight anymore……”

Something was beginning to sprout, and its shy appearance was fresh and full of life, like a flower bud showing its slender stamen or a freshly harvested water chestnut peeled of its raw white flesh.


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