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His blood was boiling.

Huo Tinglan couldn’t wait at all for him to get used to it.

He only intensified and slightly bowed his shoulders, holding Ye Ci’s face to kiss him and crush those small lips out of shape.

As if he wasn’t embarrassed enough, he coaxed in a low voice: “Baby’s lips are so soft……”

Just five words, ordinary lovers’ talk, but they were like some kind of spell with the power to drive a person crazy.

His heart suddenly soared into the air and smashed down again, beating desperately at his ribs.

Ye Ci’s eardrums were roaring and his brain was empty, steamed dry.

The numbness that penetrated his chest rose and fell with his heartbeat, surging and ebbing like waves.

The kiss he imagined was like a dragonfly lightly brushing the water’s surface, similar to a kiss on the face.

This was simply not the same at all.

He couldn’t take it anymore, and was so alarmed that he ducked away, but Huo Tinglan held his face and chased after him.

Huo-shushu, who was usually so gentle and elegant, was at this moment so fervent that it was almost obscene, and firmly captured him!

“Huo-shushu,” Ye Ci’s head was about to explode, and he faintly begged for mercy, “Huo, Huo-shushu……is it enough”

His heart was beating to death, and his nose was obviously working, but he was holding his breath without realizing it.

His mouth was sore from being rubbed, and his lips were so hot that the skin seemed to be broken.

It didn’t seem like he should have confessed in that way……

He regretted it a little, but it was too late.

He twisted like a small silverfish with wet scales.

If Huo Tinglan didn’t let him go, he would slide away along the crack in the wall, slip back into the water, and never bite again.

Finally, Huo Tinglan straightened up a little.

Brushing the thin cartilage at the tip of his nose, he reminded in a low voice, “Breathe.”

Flustered, Ye Ci took a few big breaths.

Huo Tinglan waited for him to breathe, and then tilted his head again……

“You’re still, still kissing” Ye Ci shrank back, and rounded those watery apricot seed eyes.

“What” Huo Tinglan caught Ye Ci’s shock, suppressed the fire in his dark eyes, and brought out his innocent “good shushu” mode, smiling softly.

“Wasn’t it just one kiss”

Ye Ci couldn’t believe it, and repeated, “Just one……”

So, so many actions counted as just one!

He became increasingly bewildered, unable to speak.

After a long while, he licked his red lips, looking stunned and pitiful, as if he was being bullied by a trusted person, pierced by the hook hidden in the sweet bait.

“Can, can you not kiss……a second time, Huo-shushu.” The more he spoke, the quieter he got.

“My……my lips are broken.”

“Broken” Huo Tinglan didn’t believe it, and pushed away Ye Ci’s hand to check carefully.

Where were they broken, they weren’t broken at all, he knew what he was doing.

They were just red and hot, giving them the illusion of “broken skin.”

“Not broken.” He told the truth, not choosing what children would like to hear.

“……” Ye Ci drooped his head, not even letting him touch them.

“But you’re in pain, I’m sorry.” Huo Tinglan took a step back and let Ye Ci slip away.

When young teenagers fell in love, if they hadn’t encountered an Alpha who was particularly anxious and confused, they would probably go to school and leave together, accompany each other to do their homework, touch each others’ heads, hold hands, and kiss shallowly and carefully, even more hazy than the moonlight.

The issue was……

Huo Tinglan felt that he was also as hazy as moonlight.

He didn’t even stick his tongue in……

Was that not hazy

But Ye Ci had been rubbed so hard that his soul flew away, sitting on the small sofa and covering his mouth in a daze.

To Huo Tinglan, it was the touch of a dragonfly upon water, but for Ye Ci, it was a stormy sea.

Huo Tinglan walked over and knelt on one knee in front of the small sofa, tugged at the cuffs of Ye Ci’s pajamas, and coaxed gently: “Are you mad at me”

Ye Ci hurriedly shook his head: “No, I’m not mad at you.”

It was impossible for him to be angry with Huo Tinglan.

“What happened……can you describe it to me” Huo Tinglan set the tone for a serious discussion.

“Just,” Ye Ci pursed his lower lip and tried to describe, “My heart was, was beating like I was dying.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I……” He glanced at him timidly, and with a pure and innocent voice, spoke words that could kill a person: “I, I like you so much, I can’t stand the excitement.

You let me slow down and take it easy, okay”

Huo Tinglan took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and repeated, “Slow down……”

A lifetime of perseverance was consumed in this moment.

“Xiao Ci, I’m twelve years older than you, I’m a mature Alpha, and my thoughts and needs regarding these things might be different from yours.” His tone was sincere and apologetic, with a somewhat rare embarrassment.

“Maybe my needs will be more than yours.


Ye Ci licked his still aching lips, and with a red face, he unexpectedly gave Huo Tinglan a round of sex education in turn: “Don’t, don’t apologize.

What you said is, is actually normal……”

“En, you’re right.” Huo Tinglan smiled, and then, as if it was difficult to speak about, laughed softly at himself.

“So what should I do I have a lot of needs……otherwise,” he teased softly and mischievously, “Is there another method that you can accept”


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