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Yun Fengs black eyes glittered and she didnt ask again.

What kind of book could record things about the Dead Fire What kind of family would keep such a book

“Now that youre the disciple of the Fifth Elder, does that old man mean he wants the two of us too” Qu Lanyi changed the topic.

Yun Feng nodded, and Qu Lanyi immediately snorted.

“I dont know about You Yue.

Its impossible for me.”

“I know your personality, so I didnt agree with the Fifth Elder.”

“My wife knows me best.” Qu Lanyi smiled gently and put his hand on Yun Fengs face again.

When he touched it, he only had a slippery feeling under his finger, which made him want to keep touching it.

He quickly put away his thoughts.

Qu Lanyi retracted his hand.

“However, with You Yues current strength, the Fifth Elder probably wont be interested.”

You Yue was constantly hovering at the peak of the Lord Level right now.

He couldnt cross the threshold of the King Level, so he had been cultivating.

He wanted to break through in one go, but there was no way.


Second Brother is at the peak of the Lord Level right now.

He seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough, and then he seems to be a bit at a loss.”

“How can it be so easy to break through to the King Level Its already amazing that he can reach the peak of the Lord Level in a short period of time.”

Yun Feng frowned.

If her brother couldnt cross the threshold of the peak of the Lord Level, he might be tied down for the rest of his life! Besides, the Fifth Elder wouldnt take a fancy to him.

The lowest level in the inner campus was at least Grade 4 of the King Level! The peak of the Lord Level couldnt be ranked even in the outer campus.

“Fengfeng, if you want the Fifth Elder to take You Yue in as his disciple, youre thinking too much for him.”

“I know.

Even though itll be better if Second Brother walks this path on his own, I cant wait anymore.

I wont stay in the Juxing School for long.

I wont take him with me to the place Im going to in the future.

If I leave him here, Ill certainly have to find a supporter so that I can be at ease.”

Qu Lanyi sighed helplessly.

“You can increase his strength by force.

The Golden Cauldron Fluid is the best choice.

However, his body might not be able to withstand it.

He might explode because of the sudden increase in strength.”

Yun Feng frowned even more tightly.

“I certainly know that.

The Golden Cauldron Fluid can only be put to use if Second Brother can successfully break through to the King Level!”

Qu Lanyi shrugged.

“He can only rely on himself.

Its better not to do anything else at this critical moment.

Right, do you want You Yue to participate in the inner campus ranking contest you mentioned”

Yun Feng chuckled.

“That genius of the You family, You Bai, is just so-so.

Hes headstrong, arrogant and condescending.

Hes just a bit stronger than my brother.”

“Why Do you want You Yue to suppress him in the ranking contest”

“Its difficult.

You Bai is currently at Grade 6 of the King Level.

Even if Second Brother exert his full strength, and with the help of the Golden Cauldron Fluid, its impossible for him to reach Grade 6 of the King Level in such a short period of time.

However, its possible for him to tie with that guy or even have a slight advantage.”

Qu Lanyi raised her brows.

Yun Feng chuckled.

“As long as Second Brother reaches Grade 4 of the King Level before the ranking contest, You Bai wont be a problem.”

“Fengfeng, the difference between the two grades is like two steps.

How can a Grade-4 warrior win against a Grade-6 warrior”

Yun Feng smiled mysteriously.

“Well, I certainly have a way.”

After saying everything to Qu Lanyi, Yun Feng left the Dragon Palace.

Qu Lanyi didnt come out with her, but planned to appear together after You Yue broke through.

Yun Feng was much more relieved in her mind.

She could only wait patiently during this period of time.

Once You Yue broke through to the King Level, the absorption risk of the Golden Cauldron Fluid wouldnt be too high.

Not everyone could absorb the Golden Cauldron Fluid easily.

If she wasnt careful, she might explode from the fierce energy that surged out! Yun Feng survived that time safely because her body had been modified to be extraordinary.

Even though the modification of the Array of Life had already stopped after Yun Feng broke through to the King Level, her innate foundation had already been formed.

Yun Fengs body also had a higher resistance to pressure than anyone else, especially when she withstood the mutation.

She had an outstanding advantage.

During this period of time, Yun Feng didnt have a rest.

Rong Xin was like sticky candy and he reported every day.

“Junior Sister, whats the matter today If you dont have anything to do, fight with me!”

Yun Feng could only shake her head and sigh.

She hadnt made a move yet.

Rong Xin had the impulse to test Yun Feng a few times, but Yun Feng dodged him agilely.

This made the weeds in the bottom of Rong Xins heart start growing crazily again.

He hoped that he could fight with Yun Feng, but Yun Feng never fought back.

It wasnt impossible to avoid this sticky candy.

The pharmaceutical branch was a good place.

Gong Tianqing lived there right now.

Yun Feng went back to report every two to three days, which made the potion elder smile delightedly.

He praised himself for being right to keep Gong Tianqing back then.

Otherwise, this little girl might have forgotten about him!

Gong Tianqing was doing well with the potion elder.

Nobody dared to provoke her anymore.

Now, not only was Yun Feng protecting her, but the potion elder was also protecting her a bit.

She was completely free from her previous life.

After knowing that her fire elements were so special, the drive in Gong Tianqings bones appeared.

She had been urging herself to improve her strength.

She had to help Feng Yun as soon as possible! Help her only friend!

“Feng Yun, youre here!” Gong Tianqing lived in the yard next to the potion elder.

She greeted Yun Feng happily before Yun Feng came over.

Yun Feng nodded.

“How are you”

Gong Tianqing chuckled and pulled Yun Feng to her yard.

She looked around and whispered, “Let me tell you.

The potion elder has been talking about it every day these few days.

He keeps murmuring, why is it still not out, from morning to night.

I guess hes been making potions.”

Unable to come out Yun Feng raised her brows.

What was not out when he was making potions Gong Tianqing continued in a low voice, “Also, I occasionally see the potion elder pacing around a short and small tree with a miserable look…”

Yun Fengs eyes brightened.

The Golden Cauldron Tree! It turned out that the potion elder also had a Golden Cauldron Tree.

It seemed that the Third Elder gave him one.

The Golden Cauldron Fluid was something that pharmacists dreamed of.

One drop could increase the effect by several times and increase the value of the potion itself! If something couldnt come out, it would certainly mean that the Golden Cauldron Tree couldnt produce the Golden Cauldron Fluid.

It seemed that the potion elder loved and hated the Golden Cauldron Tree.

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