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Chapter 101, The Start of The Real Battle

The Awakened ones in the distance of Yang Lake looked at the scene in front of them in astonishment.

Compared to the Ancient Draconic Croc, Liu Yan, who appeared to be so small, directly went and faced the Ancient Draconic Croc head-on.

That fist full of flames looked even more terrifying.

The Awakened ones couldnt help but discuss in astonishment.

“Who is this person Why does it feel like hes so powerful”

“Why does it feel like hes not a cultivator that belongs to level three of the Tower Hes not on the same level as us at all.”

“This is too cool.”

“He cant beat the Ancient Draconic Croc, right”

“I remember him.

Isnt he Liu Yan At that time, he had the same Tower number as me and directly broke the historical record of the reputation list!”

“Damn, I actually wanted to attack him just now.

I wont dare to do it again!”

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While everyone was discussing, Liu Yans punch had already struck the Ancient Draconic Crocs body.

Even though the Ancient Draconic Crocs skin was rough and thick, and Liu Yans punch could not penetrate it, it still left quite a heavy wound.

The soft blade went deep, and the damage was extremely great.

Fire elements raged and exploded, and a large area of burns appeared.

The Ancient Draconic Croc felt the pain and roared.

It turned around and smacked Liu Yan.

Its speed was breakneck.

Even though it was huge, the Ancient Draconic Crocs speed was not slow at all.

Its angle was even more exquisite, sealing off Liu Yans escape route.

When Liu Yan saw this, he was slightly surprised.

There was no way for him to dodge.

Even though Flicker was more flexible, it was only for a small range.

And with the current Ancient Draconic Crocs speed, large size, and the close distance between them, Liu Yan had no time to dodge.

Either he used his S-grade skill, Sonic Speed, to evade easily, or Liu Yan couldnt dodge.

In a flash, Liu Yan did not have much time to think.

He might as well not dodge and take the Ancient Draconic Crocs attack head-on on the spot.

Seeing that the Ancient Draconic Croc was about to touch him, Liu Yan activated his A-grade skill, Counterattack Storm, in time.

Liu Yan instantly entered into an absolute defense state.

After taking the Ancient Draconic Crocs attack head-on, Liu Yans body was instantly sent flying dozens of meters away, sinking into the soil beside the shore.

“Liu Yan!”

Chu Long and Murong Xue cried out in surprise.

The Awakened in the distance, although some of them had some conflicts with Liu Yan before, their hearts tightened too when they saw that Liu Yan seemed to have lost.

After all, Liu Yan was also an Awakened human like them.

Although they envied Liu Yans strength, they also hoped that Liu Yan could defeat the fierce beast, the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Chu Long and Murong Xue hurriedly rushed to Liu Yans side, but Liu Yans voice came out from the sunken soil.

“Its dangerous.

Dont come over.

Im fine!”

Chu Long and Murong Xue were stunned.

They were both surprised.

Although Liu Yans voice was not loud, it was clear and calm.

Seeing that the Ancient Draconic Croc had already rushed over, Chu Long and Murong Xue chose to trust Liu Yan.

They quickly retreated to the side, not affecting the battle between Liu Yan and the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Just as the Ancient Draconic Croc reached the shore, a shadow instantly charged out from the sunken soil, heading towards the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Although Liu Yan was in a sorry state from that attack just now, Liu Yan was evident that under the effect of his A-grade skill, Counterattack Storm, he had already entered a defensive stance, barely blocking the attack from the Ancient Draconic Croc.

So he did not receive any damage.

Instead, he had accumulated a lot of strength through Counterattack Storm!

Liu Yan relied on his C-grade skill, Wind Control, to increase his speed quite a bit.

At the same time, he was able to fly for a short period.

In an instant, Liu Yan arrived before the Ancient Draconic Croc and unleashed the strength accumulated from Counterattack Storm.

He used the strength of the Ancient Draconic Croc to deal with the Ancient Draconic Croc.

The Ancient Draconic Crocs huge body partially sank into the soil with a single strike.

Following that, Liu Yan continued to launch his attacks.

Liu Yan did not use his full strength in his last attack.

He was testing the Ancient Draconic Crocs strength and the effects of his various skills.

After a series of tests, Liu Yan understood the Ancient Draconic Croc and his strength in all aspects.

Since he was done testing, then the real battle had begun.

Liu Yan took out his S-grade weapon, Blade of The Night, from his spatial ring.

Everyone present, including the Ancient Draconic Croc, did not pay much attention to the seemingly plain and unadorned dagger.

However, only Liu Yan was clear that the seemingly ordinary Blade of The Night was an S-grade weapon, and its power was incomparably terrifying.

Without stopping, Liu Yan used Flicker and arrived beside the Ancient Draconic Croc.

He executed his B-grade skill, Power of Desolation, and his strength increased terrifyingly.

Following that, he executed his A-grade skill, Poison Control, and imbued the Blade of The Night with all sorts of poisons before stabbing the Ancient Draconic Croc.

The Ancient Draconic Crocs incomparably and seemingly indestructible thick armor was like paper in front of the Blade of The Night.

The Blade of The Night easily pierced through it.

The Ancient Draconic Croc immediately cried out in pain.

It had never thought that Liu Yan would be able to break through its defense in an instant.

The Ancient Draconic Croc quickly reacted and attacked Liu Yan.

However, Liu Yan was already prepared this time and reacted in advance.

Relying on the nimbleness of Flicker, his high agility attribute, and the high speed brought about by his Wind Control, he easily dodged the Ancient Draconic Crocs attack and arrived at the other side of the Ancient Draconic Croc.

He stabbed the Ancient Draconic Croc using the same attack.

Although there wasnt any elemental power, and it looked normal, it was still mighty.

This time, it triggered a Critical Strike.

With a flash of light, it tore the Ancient Draconic Crocs body and left a massive wound.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was secretly surprised.

He didnt expect the second attack to trigger a Critical Strike, dealing five times the damage!

There was a 30% chance that the second attack would trigger.

He was considered lucky.

Liu Yan was initially able to easily injure the Ancient Draconic Croc by relying on the increased and huge amount of attacks brought by the Blade of The Night.

That Critical Strike dealt five times the damage, seriously injuring the Ancient Draconic Croc.

The Ancient Draconic Croc roared in anger and pain.

It wanted to counterattack, but Liu Yan was highly agile and did not let it touch him.

In fact, Liu Yan could also completely deal with the Ancient Draconic Croc head-on.

He could also rely on Counterattack Storm to deal with it head-on.

But that was too slow and a waste of time.

There was really no need for that.

After that, Liu Yan continued to fight with the Ancient Draconic Croc.

Although those two blows had injured the Ancient Draconic Croc quite a bit, it was still a powerful SS-grade fierce beast after all.

Its body was incomparably powerful.

Though it had clearly lost quite a bit of blood, it could continue to fight.

Liu Yan was not in a hurry either, so he began to fight patiently.

Relying on his nimble bodily movements, he continuously dodged the Ancient Draconic Crocs attacks, preventing the Ancient Draconic Croc from touching him.

Then, relying on the power of the Blade of The Night and the terrifying explosive damage brought by the Dark Ranger, he continued to leave numerous wounds on the Ancient Draconic Crocs body.

It was still fine when it did not trigger the Critical Strike.

Although the Blade of The Night was sharp, it was only a dagger after all.

It could only leave a small wound on the Ancient Draconic Crocs body.

However, once it triggered the Critical Strike, it would be a large wound that could cause the Ancient Draconic Croc to bleed non-stop.


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