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Liu Yan played with the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow in his hand and was instantly satisfied.

The Flying Cloud Mystic Bow did not look big.

It was only the size of a normal bow.

But in his hand, it was extremely heavy.

Liu Yan roughly estimated that it weighed over a thousand pounds.

A bow weighing over a thousand pounds was really over the top.

For others, it might be too heavy.

Even if they could carry it, they would not be able to use it flexibly.

It would affect the battle.

But for Liu Yan, it was just right.

This weight did not affect Liu Yans movement at all.

On the contrary, it was just right.

If it was too light, it would not feel right in his hand.

Following that, Liu Yan put away the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow and looked at the remaining piece of equipment in the black treasure chest.

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It was a pair of gloves that was completely red in color.

It was different from the soft blade boxing gloves that Liu Yan currently had.

It was thinner and more convenient.

When he was not fighting, he could even put away the soft blade boxing gloves without affecting his daily activities.

However, the gloves in front of him were extremely thick and heavy.

Liu Yan picked up the gloves and felt them.

It was a pair of gloves weighed more than a hundred pounds.

It seemed to be an extremely special material.

Then, Liu Yan used the smart wristband to check the information.

[ Diamond Gloves ]

Grade: A-grade

Effects: Attack 3,000.

Ignores normal attribute attacks

It was also a very good A-grade gloves.

It increased a lot of attack power.

In addition, it could ignore attribute attacks.

When using this pair of gloves, one could attack more flexibly and could easily deal with all kinds of attacks.

Immediately after, Liu Yan also used Divine Extraction on the Diamond Gloves.

White light enveloped the Diamond Gloves, and it suddenly became crystal clear.

Its appearance had changed a lot.

Liu Yan checked the information again.

[ Crystal Gloves ]

Grade: S-grade

Effect: attack 8,000, ignores normal attribute attacks

Divine effect: Absolute Barrier (active skill, forms a barrier around the user after activation.

It can block an attack with ten times the users strength.

Number of times: 3/3 (recharge once every eight hours) !)

Seeing the new information, Liu Yans eyes lit up.

After going through the Divine Extraction, the gloves had reached S-grade and its various attributes had increased by a lot.

Other than that, just as Liu Yan had guessed, there was an additional Gods Effect.

It was an active skill.

Defense with 10 times the users strength That was not bad.

An S-grade weapon providing an almost A-grade active skill was considered pretty good.

However, this Absolute Barrier was somewhat insignificant to Liu Yan.

After all, Liu Yan already had Counterattack Storm.

When he activated this skill, he could also enter an absolute defense state.

His defensive ability would become similar to this Absolute Barrier.

However, Liu Yans Counterattack Storm was clearly much stronger.

Other than his defense, he could also gather the other partys attacks to counterattack.

With his defense and attack integrated into one, he was much stronger.

Other than that, Liu Yans Counterattack Storm did not have the limited times of usage.

As long as Liu Yan had MP, he could use it all the time.

It was definitely much stronger than this Absolute Barrier, which could only be used three times at most.

Liu Yan thought for a moment.

It was a pair of boxing gloves.

It was also an S-grade weapon, and it also had the god effect.

It was indeed very powerful.

However, in reality, it was not much of an improvement for Liu Yan himself.

Liu Yan already had two S-grade weapons, Blade of The Night and Flying Feather Mystic Bow.

Both of them werent any weaker than the Crystal Gloves.

Moreover, Blade of The Night was compatible with Liu Yans Dark Ranger class.

It could trigger a critical hit, so it was naturally much more powerful with the combination.

Flying Feather Mystic Bow was even more so.

Not only could it unleash Liu Yans terrifying strength, but it could also fuse multiple elements into an attack, making it even more powerful.

On the other hand, the Crystal Gloves were of little value to Liu Yan, because it could not provide a significant upgrade.

The most crucial Gods Effect of the Crystal Gloves was dispensable to Liu Yan.

Moreover, although the Crystal Gloves were much more powerful than the soft blade gloves, they were also much more cumbersome.

This thick and heavy gloves was not convenient for Liu Yan to use the Flying Feather Mystic Bow to carry out long-range attacks and sneak attack of Blade of The Night.

It would undoubtedly be very inconvenient to switch weapons in battle.

Liu Yan looked at Murong Xue, who was sitting not far away, and his eyes lit up.

The Crystal Gloves had no use to Liu Yan, but they were much more useful to Murong Xue.

According to Liu Yans knowledge, the gloves that Murong Xue was currently using were very ordinary.

They were only D-grade.

It just so happened that the Gods Effect of the Crystal Gloves was also very useful to Murong Xue.

After all, she was a tank.

Sometimes, she would face a powerful fierce beast directly, and she might encounter danger.

She could use the Absolute Barrier as a life-saving.

It suited her really well.

It would also be more convenient for Liu Yan to fight.

He didnt need to pay attention to protecting them at all times.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan stood up and sat down beside Murong Xue.

“What” Murong Xue subconsciously sat away from Liu Yan.

Murong Xue still bore a grudge for what happened underwater just now.

At this moment, Murong Xue was extremely embarrassed and angry.

On one hand, she felt like she was at a disadvantage, but on the other hand, it was not easy to say it out loud.

If Chu Long were to hear it, it would be too embarrassing.

And the most important thing was that she could not beat Liu Yan.

If it was in the past, other people would not have had the chance to take advantage of her.

If they dared to approach her, they would have been beaten half to death by her.

However, Liu Yan was very powerful.

She could do nothing to Liu Yan.

Liu Yan directly threw the Crystal Gloves in front of Murong Xue and said indifferently, “Do you want it”

Murong Xue didnt care at first, but after glancing at it, her eyes were immediately attracted by the Crystal Gloves.

The Crystal Gloves were extremely beautiful and fit the taste of a girl.

Murong Xue curiously picked them up and looked at them.

But when she picked them up, she was shocked.

“Why are these gloves so heavy!”

Murong Xue picked them up with some difficulty and continued to look at them.

They were obviously very beautiful, and they were just a pair of gloves.

However, they weighed a thousand pounds.

It was really amazing.

Out of curiosity, Murong Xue looked at the information on the gloves.

When she saw the introduction of the Crystal Gloves, she was immediately shocked.

Murong Xue had never thought that this was an S-grade weapon!

The awakened weapons and equipment on the third floor of the Tower were generally around E-grade.

Murong Xue was considered quite powerful.

She was fully equipped with D-grade equipment and weapons.

However, there was a huge gap between D-grade weapon and an S-grade weapon.

Through her family connections, Murong Xue had some understanding.

She knew that an equipment that had reached S-grade was significantly different from the lower grades.

Although weapons below S-grade were powerful, there were still ways to obtain them after reaching the upper levels in the Tower.

However, S-grade weapons were extremely rare, incomparably rare, and extremely precious.

Especially this S-grade Crystal Gloves before her, it actually had the Gods Effect, causing Murong Xue to be extremely shocked.

Its various attributes were extremely strong, and it even had such a powerful Gods Effect skill.

Murong Xue felt that if she were to equip this Crystal Gloves, her overall strength would probably increase tenfold!

An S-grade weapon could increase Murong Xues combat strength tenfold.

It was too powerful!

After playing with it for a while, Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan with a face full of flattered surprise, asking carefully, “Liu Yan, this Crystal Gloves, is it really for me”


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