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When Liu Yan heard Luo Qingchengs words, he could not help but nod his head in agreement.

Luo Qingcheng was right.

If she wanted to find her sister, entering the Command School was undoubtedly the best way.

After all, Luo Qingcheng was not good at fighting and did not have much combat strength.

It was almost impossible for her to rely on herself to go to the higher levels of the tower to find her sister.

In addition, Luo Qingchengs talent was Deception.

She was also a Trickster.

Such skill and profession were undoubtedly very suitable for entering the Command School.

In the future, she would become an outstanding leader.

Hearing this, Chu Long was a little embarrassed as she said, “Then what should I do I cant enter the Combat Technique School without combat strength.

I cant enter the Command School without being smart.”

Liu Yan smiled and said, “There are still the Weapon School and the Logistics School.

Dont worry.

Although your combat ability isnt strong, your support ability is very strong.

There will definitely be a suitable school for you.”

Hearing this, Chu Long nodded and waited.

At this moment, the Command Schools vice principal Ye He finished speaking and received a satisfactory result, so he also left.

Another middle-aged man with a cold expression walked out, he said indifferently, “My name is Ling Feng, and Im the vice principal of the Weapon School.

The Weapon School mainly produces and strengthens equipment.

The effects of equipment are limitless.

Those who are passionate about weaponry can come to the Weapon School.”

After saying this, Ling Feng directly left.

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His speech was really short, and he wasnt willing to say a single word anymore.

When the freshmen saw this, they were all somewhat surprised.

“Vice Principal Lings personality is too cold, isnt it”

“I like such a cold personality!”

“Its said that the Weapon School is also very powerful.

To be able to produce powerful equipment, its an extremely popular existence.”

“The Combat Technique School isnt suitable for those who arent strong enough.

The Command School is too difficult to enter, and most people arent able to enter.

It seems that Weapon School would be a good choice.”


Liu Yan was also a little surprised.

The vice principal of the Weapon School was aloof and cold.

However, through his Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could sense the strength of Ling Feng.

Although he was not as strong as Shi Tian, he was not fallen much behind.

As the vice principal of the Weapon School, his strength was actually about the same as the vice principal of the Combat Technique School.

He was indeed powerful.

In addition, he had even stronger equipment.

In a real battle, his combat strength might not necessarily be weaker than Shi Tian.

At this moment, Liu Yan could not help but feel a little conflicted.

Currently, out of the three schools, the Combat Technique School did not have much attraction for Liu Yan.

Liu Yan did not like the leadership.

Instead, the Combat Technique School and the Weapon School were both very attractive to Liu Yan.

The Combat Technique School could learn many new skills.

Liu Yan could easily master the new skills through Divine Extraction.

It could help him increase his strength quickly

The same was true for the Weapon School.

If he could craft powerful equipment, Liu Yan could use Divine Extraction to increase the grade of the equipment.

This would also greatly increase his strength.

Liu Yan couldnt help but feel a little conflicted.

He could only think about it later.

In any case, he had to complete the tests before deciding which school he wanted.

The remaining vice principal walked up at this moment.

It was a beautiful young woman in her thirties or forties.

She was incomparably beautiful and was the only woman among the four vice principals.

“Hello, new students.

I am the vice principal of the Logistics School, Yu Zhitong.

Our Logistics School is mainly in charge of supplies and support.

It is suitable for all supporting occupations to come here.

Some of you may not have strong individual combat strength, but they can also support other awakened ones.

You can play a great role too.

Our Logistics School welcomes you to join us.” Yu Zhitongs voice sounded.

Her voice was gentle.

The group of new students felt extremely comfortable listening to her voice.

When the group of new students heard this, they started discussing it among themselves.

“I can finally find a suitable school.

The other three schools are not bad, but the Logistics School was the most suitable one for me.”

“Thats right.

The awakened ones who are mediocre like us can only go to the Logistics School.”

“The Logistics School isnt too bad either.

Well be in charge of supplies and support.

We can also play a big role.”

“Yeah, theres even such a good-looking vice principal.

Isnt that great”

“I feel that I can enter the Combat Technique School, but I plan to go to the Logistics School.”

“Ill go to the Logistics School as well.

Its said that there are the most beautiful girls there, while the other three schools are basically all men.

Its so boring!”

“Youre right, my fellow friend!”


At this time, Chu Long finally found a suitable school for her.

She immediately said happily, “Looks like Ill go to the Logistics School.

I can become more useful if I study in Logistics School.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan slightly nodded and said, “Chu Long, with your S-grade talent and rare class, you will be valued by the Logistics School.

Your future will also be very bright.”

Chu Long did not care much about this and asked worriedly, “Brother Liu Yan, after I enter the Logistics School, can we still move together”

Luo Qingcheng smiled and said, “Dont worry, different schools only learn new things separately.

When we climb the tower, we can still move together.”

Chu Long heard this and immediately felt relieved.

At this time, the new student director Lei Jianbo also walked forward once again.

He smiled and said, “Alright, I believe that all of you have already understood the four great schools.

I hope that all of you will become more serious and pass the remaining two tests.

First, you will successfully enter the school before you consider which one of the four great schools you want to enter.

Next, we will start the second test.

The results will be displayed.

All of you will line up and come forward to show your respective results!”

When the group of new students heard this, they all came back to their senses.

That was indeed the case.

They had to successfully enter Lighthouse Academy first before they could consider which of the four great schools they were going to enter.

Many people had heard that the freshmen test was relatively strict.

A lot of people would be eliminated during the test.

Lighthouse Academy had always only recruited elites.

Most people were able to pass the first test.

However, the second test and third test would be much stricter and would also eliminate quite many people.

Soon, the second test began.

One by one, the freshmen lined up and took turns going forward.

The smart wristband and the instrument were connected.

They would show their general results of the first three levels of the tower.

Then, the results would be evaluated based on the results.

Liu Yan and the others lined up.

The test had already begun at the front.

The results would be displayed on the big screen, and the freshmen at the back could see them.

At this moment, the general results of the first test had already been displayed on the big screen:

Fierce beast killed on the first level: 0.

Assist kill: 3.

Fierce beast killed on the second level: 0.

Assist kill: 0.

Fierce beast killed on the third level: 0.

Assist kill: 0.

Achievements in the first three levels: none.

Reputation points in the first three levels: 3,000.

The awakened killed on the first three levels: 3.

Evaluation result: Fishing in troubled waters, harming ones kind!

The official announced, “You only know how to fish in troubled waters.

You had harmed the other awakened ones.

Step on the corpses of the other awakened humans as you advance.

Lighthouse Academy does not welcome cowards like you.

Please leave!”


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