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Chapter 160, As Long As You Can Surpass Yourself

Following the announcement by Cao Dong, the Eastern Medicine Gardens annual harvest competition officially began.

Hundreds of medicine farmers carried wicker baskets on their backs and went forward to pull the radishes with their bare hands, kicking start the competition.

Liu Yan also walked forward.

He lowered his head and began to pull the white radishes one by one.

In the past month, Liu Yans physical strength improved significantly.

Besides that, Liu Yan had also improved greatly in how he used his strength.

If Liu Yan could only mobilize 30% of his bodys strength to pull up the radishes previously, he could now at least gather 90% of his bodys strength to pull up the radishes.

Naturally, the efficiency was different.

Because he had gathered most of his bodys strength at one point, Liu Yan easily pulled up the first white radish and continued.

Liu Yan had yet to pull up a lot when he heard a wave of ridicule from those in his surrounding.

“This is a once-in-a-century genius Thats it.”

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“Thats right, Ive already pulled up ten white radishes in this short time.

He only has five, which is only half of my speed, hahaha!”

“Thats normal.

After all, his strength has been sealed.

He only has the strength of an ordinary person.”

“For an ordinary person to be able to pull out so quickly, thats already pretty good.

Hes a genius after all.”

“So what His speed is still not as fast as ours.

He still cant get in top three!”

“I really dont understand Liu Yan.

His strength has been sealed, yet he dares to come to the medicine garden to be a medicine farmer and participate in the harvest competition.”

“Thats right.

If his strength hadnt been sealed, I definitely wouldnt be his match.

But now that his strength has been sealed, how can my speed be slower than his”


Hearing the discussions around him, Liu Yan also raised his head to look at the speed of the surrounding medicine farmers.

The speed of the other medicine farmers wasnt slow.

After all, the majority of them were students of Lighthouse Academy.

There were even quite a few students from the previous batch who were quite strong.

Just then, more than half of the surrounding medicine farmers were ahead of Liu Yan.

However, Liu Yan looked at Wu Hua.

His speed was the same as his.

He had just started to pull the sixth white radish.

Liu Yan was a little puzzled.

Why were those medicine farmers faster than him and Wu Hua, but Wu Hua and he were consistently ranked first and second

Could it be that those medicine farmers didnt use their full strength when pulling the radishes Liu Yan did not understand.

Wu Hua, who was plucking the radishes, looked at Liu Yan and said indifferently, “Follow your own rhythm and do your own thing.

Dont care about others!”

Then, Wu Hua continued to pluck the radishes, not caring about anything else.

Liu Yan also returned to his senses when he heard that and immediately understood Wu Huas meaning.

Thats right.

Liu Yan did not need to care about what the others were like.

It had nothing to do with Liu Yan.

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Liu Yan only needed to focus on his own things and move forward step by step.

He didnt need to pay attention to others at all.

He just needed to try his best.

As for the final result, it wasnt that important.

Even if he couldnt get first place to obtain the divine medicine this time, Liu Yan didnt feel that he had failed.

He could find another opportunity to obtain the ten-thousand-year-old ginseng in the future.

He just needed to continue on his own path of cultivation.

It wouldnt affect him if he was slightly slower.

as long as he moved forward step by step.

And the past months time wasnt wasted.

In the past month, Liu Yan had already improved a lot after learning from the old man, Wu Hua, whether in terms of strength, strength-exerting techniques, or temperament.

Just those gains were utterly worthy of Liu Yans one month of hard work.

As for the harvest competition, the results werent that important.

Liu Yan just needed to do his best.

Then, Liu Yan lowered his head and continued.

In the following time, although the other students also discussed Liu Yan, Liu Yan did not pay attention to them.

Liu Yan only had his own path in his eyes, constantly pulling out white radishes.

Occasionally, Liu Yan would look up to see Wu Huas progress.

After all, Liu Yan had always wanted to surpass Wu Hua.

By yesterday, the distance between him and Wu Hua was already very small.

In this competition, Liu Yan no longer cared about the final ranking.

He cared about whether he could surpass Wu Hua and surpass himself!

However, due to the delay at the beginning and the fact that Liu Yans speed was initially a little slower than Wu Huas, Liu Yan had always been some distance away from the old man, Wu Hua.

However, Liu Yan was not in a hurry.

He continued to seek speed while maintaining stability, chasing after Wu Hua.

The discussions of the other students gradually disappeared.

Midway through the competition, they could rest and eat.

However, for the sake of this competition, Liu Yan and Wu Hua did not stop to rest once, nor did they eat lunch.

Usually, Liu Yan and Wu Hua were about the same.

Other than going back for lunch and taking a short break, the rest of the time was spent pulling radishes.

There were even a few times when Liu Yan suspected Wu Hua for not being tired at all at such an old age.

However, seeing that Wu Hua could persevere, Liu Yan persevered too.

At first, Liu Yan would be so tired that he could not persevere and would rest for a while.

Later on, Liu Yans physical strength and perseverance increased.

And he no longer need to rest at all and could continue to pull the radishes.

Right then, Liu Yan was wholly focused on pulling the radishes.

Time passed extremely quickly.

Not long after, it was dusk.

The sun had already reached the west and was about to set.

There was only the last bit of time left until the end of the competition.

Liu Yan raised his head to take a look, but he did not see Wu Hua.

He looked around confusedly.

Only then did Liu Yan see Wu Hua not far behind.

Unknowingly, Liu Yan had already surpassed Wu Hua.

At the same time, what puzzled Liu Yan was that he did not see any other medicine farmers.

Only in the distance behind could he vaguely see some medicine farmers.

Liu Yan did not understand but was too lazy to think about it.

After all, Wu Hua was not far behind him and could surpass him at any time.

Liu Yan immediately lowered his head and continued to pull up the radishes.

Not long after, the sun had set entirely, and gongs and drums could be heard.

The medicine garden manager, Cao Dongs voice, could also be heard, “Time is up.

Everyone stop what you are doing and end the competition.

If anyone is found to have violated the rules, the result will be invalidated immediately!”

Hearing that, Liu Yan immediately stopped what he was doing.

Liu Yan looked at Wu Hua, who was left behind by him and he immediately looked satisfied.

Even now, Liu Yan still didnt know how his results were in the harvest competition.

Even Liu Yan felt that he had no hope of getting first place.

After all, the moment the competition started, Liu Yan was already left behind by most of the medicine farmers.

However, Liu Yan was very satisfied that he could surpass himself and Wu Hua this time.

It could also be considered as bringing the one months experience as a medicine farmer to a satisfactory conclusion.

It started with him not being able to catch up with Wu Hua and being left far behind.

Then it moved on to him barely catching up, to now when he surpassed him.

Coming thus far, Liu Yan could clearly see the improvement in his body!


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