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Liu Yans face was full of joy, and he quickly went forward.

He didnt care what exactly these precious spirit fruits were, he just picked them first.

He would have time to study them later.

Fortunately, Liu Yan had a storage ring, which made it very convenient for him to keep a lot of the spirit fruits.

Otherwise, if he had used an ordinary backpack, he wouldnt have been able to take many with him.

During the process of picking the fruits, Liu Yan didnt let his guard down.

Sometimes, the safer a place seemed, the more dangerous it was.

This was especially so since this was the central nest of the beasts.

There was a chance that a beast might suddenly come.

Fortunately, Liu Yan had the Beasts Sense of Smell and Spirit Vision, which allowed him to detect the situation in a relatively large area around him.

Even if danger came, he would have enough time to react.

After ten minutes or so, with Liu Yans swift actions, all of the spirit fruits had been picked.

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With that, many precious spirit fruits were now in Liu Yans storage ring.

Just his harvest of these spirit fruits was worth the trip.

Then, Liu Yan continued to travel deeper into the nest.

Not long after, he saw a few corpses of the Awakened that had been casually thrown here.

Liu Yan used the Beasts Sense of Smell and Spirit Vision to observe that there were no beasts in the vicinity, for the time being, then he immediately went up to the corpses with no worry and used Divine Extraction on them.

[Divine Extraction on the Awakened corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Taste Enhancement (F-grade)!]

[Divine Extraction on the Awakened corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Poison Immunity (D-grade)!]


[Divine Extraction on the Awakened corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Speed Enhancement (C-grade)!]

Soon, he had finished using Divine Extraction on the small pile of Awakened corpses.

With that, Liu Yan had obtained several skills, so he quickly checked the rewards.

[Taste Enhancement]

[Grade: F]

[Effect: A passive skill that can enhance smell and observation abilities.

It has automatically fused with Beasts Sense of Smell, enhancing Beasts Sense of Smell by 10%!]


[Poison Immunity]

[Grade: D]

[Effect: A passive skill that will allow you to resist most poisons and reduce the damage of some poisons!]


[Speed enhancement]

[Grade: C]

[Effect: Upon usage, it will grant a huge increase in speed.

It has been merged with Ghoststeps to form Swiftsteps (B-grade) that has been automatically upgraded to second gear!]


[Vision Enhancement ]

[Grade: C]

[Effect: A passive skill that grants a huge increase in vision and observation abilities.

It has been automatically merged with Spirit Vision and upgraded to second gear!]


[Animal Affinity]

[Grade: B]


[Effect: A passive skill that will grant you a strong affinity with most animals, beasts, and fierce beasts!]

Reading through all the skills, he had gained a lot.

Although some of the skills were not of a high grade, they could be merged with the skills that Liu Yan already had, so his improvement in that sense was not small either.

After many of the skills had been merged, their grades had increased, and their power had also received a qualitative increase.

With that, Liu Yans strength had once again increased greatly.

Among them, the last skill that he had obtained made Liu Yans eyes light up.

This was the first time he had heard of the skill Animal Affinity.

It was a B-grade skill, but its actual effects were still to be tested.

Following that, Liu Yan continued to head deeper in.

In just a few steps, he met another corpse.

However, this Awakened was somewhat different from the previous ones.

The ones he had found previously were all black-haired and yellow-skinned, clearly Awakened from the Dragon Federation.

On the other hand, the one in front of him now was an Awakened that had blonde hair and blue eyes, clearly from another area.


Liu Yan used Spirit Vision to carefully explore and found that Tower no.1003 and Tower No.

004 were connected together.

Towers were everywhere in the world, from 0000 to 9999.

He didnt expect them to be connected from the inside.

At the same time, outside the central nest, compared to the quietness that Liu Yan was in, it was extremely noisy outside.

The air was filled with the roars of all kinds of fierce beasts as well as the battle cries and screams of pain of the Awakened.

After this period of struggle, the weak were almost all dead.

The ones who were still alive were the strong who had their rankings.

At this moment, the experts who had survived were finally able to catch their breath and rest in the beginners camp.

Looking at the ranking list, they also noticed that Liu Yans ranking was rapidly falling.

His ranking was now extremely far away from them.

Seeing this, the few experts were immediately puzzled and began to discuss.

“Whats the situation with this person Why did his ranking fall so quickly To have been surpassed by us by so much, is he already dead”

“I dont think so.

If hes dead, his profile should have turned gray instead of just dropping down the rankings with a bright profile.”

“I dont understand.

Hes the only one with such a situation.”

“Hahaha, what else could it be Hes probably hiding somewhere.

Although hell be able to survive, he cant kill monsters, so his ranking is continuously dropping!”

“Thats probably the case, but its useless, no If he cant kill at least two Tower defense beasts, he cant advance to level two of the Tower, and he cant improve his strength.

Hell be destined to be a weakling.”

“Thats right.

Only the strong can survive in the Tower.

Even if the weak can survive now, what about the future They wont be able to escape death!”

The few of them discussed the matter for a while, but they didnt think much of Liu Yan.

They then continued to hunt fierce beasts as a team to increase their strength.

At this moment, Liu Yan, who was in the central nest, was still not clear about the situation outside.

He continued to explore deeper inside.

When he arrived in a deeper part, Liu Yan found a bronze coffin in front of him.

Through Spirit Vision and Beasts Sense of Smell, Liu Yan found that this bronze coffin was continuously absorbing the final life force of the corpses of the Awakened.

No wonder those fierce beasts brought the Awakened corpses back to their nest.

It turned out that the corpses were the supply of life force for the bronze coffin and were its nutrients.

After figuring out the reason, Liu Yan knew that the bronze coffin must be something great.

It was just that he didnt know what was inside it.


Having confidence in his abilities, Liu Yan was extremely bold.

He went forward, unafraid, and used his bow to open the coffin.

In any case, he had Swiftsteps and Helter-skleter.

If he used both skills at once, his speed would be off the charts.

As such, even if he encountered any danger, he was confident that he could escape and save his own life.

When the coffin was opened, a blue light immediately flashed.

Following this, a skeleton wolf with blue flames as eyes appeared in front of Liu Yan.

It was a skeleton with no flesh as if it had been demonized.

Liu Yan quickly used his smart wristband to check its stats.

[Blue-flame Skeleton Wolf (demonized)]

[Level: 5]

Liu Yan was shocked when he saw the stats.

To think it was a level 5 ferocious beast!

He immediately understood that this was probably the real boss of the Towers level one.

Not only was it at level 5 and extremely powerful, but it had even been demonized, which had given its strength a terrifying boost.

As soon as the blue-flame skeleton wolf came out of the coffin and saw Liu Yan, it immediately rushed over and launched an attack.

Although Liu Yans close combat strength was quite good, he did not dare to take the risk easily.

After all, the opponent was a level 5 boss.

As such, Liu Yan hurriedly activated Swiftsteps, and his speed instantly received a terrifying increase.

The Blue-flame skeleton wolf was very fast, but Liu Yan was even faster, and he pulled away at once.

Immediately after, Liu Yan used Fog!


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