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Liu Yan used his Fog.

With that, white fog filled the entire inside of the cave, shrouding Liu Yans body and completely blocking his vision.


Within the range of the skill, all vision was obstructed.

However, Liu Yan could still clearly sense the blue-flame skeleton wolfs specific position and its movements through the white fog.

At the same time, he also had the skill Aura Concealment, making it even harder for the blue-flame skeleton wolf to sense his position.

For a time, Liu Yan was in the dark, while the blue-flame skeleton wolf was in the open.

On top of that, there were many debuffs that came with the white fog, which greatly affected the blue-flame skeleton wolfs combat strength.


Facing a powerful level 5 boss, Liu Yan did not dare to hold back.

He immediately activated Strength Enhancement, increasing his strength by three times.

Then, he drew his bow and activated Poison Control, adding poison effects to the arrow.

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He drew the bull into a full moon shape and shot the arrow.


With the support of Ultimate Aim, it accurately hit the target.

The blue-flame skeleton wolf was in pain, but it immediately rushed over in the direction that the arrow had come.

Liu Yan quickly used Swiftsteps and Helter-skelter to easily dodge it.

As expected of a powerful level 5 boss.

His powerful arrow had not caused much damage.

However, the situation was extremely advantageous for Liu Yan.

Relying on all sorts of powerful skills like Fog and the sort, no matter how strong the blue-flame skeleton wolf was, it couldnt even touch Liu Yan.

As such, the battle turned into a one-sided fight.

The blue-flame skeleton wolf attacked in all sorts of ways, however, not only Liu Yan was extremely agile, but there was also the added effect of the white fog, so the blue-flame skeleton wolf couldnt even get close to him.

As for Liu Yan, he continued to shoot arrows after arrows.

Not long after, after he had successfully released seven or eight arrows that hit his target, coupled with the spread of the poison on the arrows, the blue-flame skeleton wolf let out a roar and fell to the ground dead.


Its last roar seemed to be extremely sullen as it couldnt even scrape Liu Yan before death.

[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtained: 300 EXP!]


Liu Yan stopped the skill Fog, and the white fog disappeared.

He carefully came to the front, and only after confirming that the blue flame skeleton wolf was dead did he relax.

Then, he looked in a direction deeper into the nest.

Through the white fog, he had noticed just now that the blue flame skeleton wolf seemed to have looked in that direction before it died.

Perhaps there was something valuable there.

Liu Yan came to the front of the blue flame skeleton wolfs corpse and used Divine Extraction.

Green light enveloped the corpse.

[Divine Extraction of the blue-flame Skelton wolfs corpse has been successful.

Obtained: strength 28, vitality 22, agility 31!]

He hadnt obtained any skills this time but had been rewarded with a lot of attribute points.

Following that, Liu Yan glanced at the coffin.

There was a golden book floating in the air above it, and the whole scene looked was extremely magical.

Having some guesses in his heart, Liu Yan was instantly overjoyed.

He quickly took the golden book and the notification sounded.

[Obtained: Class Certificate!]

[Congratulations on obtaining the hidden class “unaffiliated”.]

Liu Yan quickly checked the specific stats.

According to the explanation shown, as long as Liu Yan met the requirements of the class certificate, he could choose to transition to any class.

Currently, there was only one class template that could be saved at a time.

Liu Yan was instantly overjoyed.

All the powerful Awakened had a class.


Only by having a class could one move in one specific direction and obtain even more powerful combat power.

For Awakened at the same level, having a class and not having a class was like Heaven and Earth, and they were worlds apart.

Liu Yan hurriedly opened the class certificate and looked at all the classes above that were available.

It was packed with classes that were further classified into the first transition, second transition, third transition, and so on.

There were also single and composite classes.

Liu Yan was immediately dazzled.

He asked helplessly, “Just tell me please, what class am I closest to in meeting the class transition requirements”

With that, two classes appeared on the panel in front of him: archers and beastmasters!


Liu Yan looked at the introductions of both classes and hesitated.

With his high agility, high perception, and high lethality, he was quite compatible with the archer class.

On the other hand, because he had the skill Animal Affinity, he was also quite suited to be a beastmaster.

Beastmasters would also become extremely powerful in the later stages since they could make all kinds of beasts fight for them.

Both had their own advantages, and it was difficult to choose.

Liu Yan slapped his thigh.

Only a child would have to make a choice.

Since he was an adult, why not just choose both


“I want both.

Change my class to hunter!”


With that, the golden class certificate immediately turned into a ray of light and entered the space between Liu Yans eyebrows.

Liu Yans body suddenly underwent some changes.

After a long time, everything calmed down.

Liu Yan had successfully transitioned, and had become a hunter that matched his attributes!

He then looked at his stats panel.

[Liu Yan]

[Level: 3(476/500)]

[Class: Hunter (first transition)]

[HP: 800/800]

[MP: 380/420]

[Strength (attack): 108]

[Vitality (defense): 101]

[Agility (speed): 123]

[Spirit (mana): 41]

[Adaptability (magic resistance): 39]

[Luck (probability): 43]


[Bow: Myriad Beast Bow]


[Trap: none]

[Familiar: none]

[Allocatable attribute points: 0]

[Talent: Divine Extraction (SSS-grade, usage times limit: 9/20 (CD refreshes once every hour)]


[Skills: Strength Enhancing (D-grade), Swiftsteps (B-grade) , Spirit Vision (B-grade), Fog (B-grade), Ultimate Aim (B-grade), Poison Control (B-grade), Beasts Sense of Smell (D-grade), Helter-skelter (D-grade) , Aura Concealment (C-grade) , Poison Immunity (D-grade), Animal Affinity (B-grade)]


[Equipment: Federation Defense Equipment Set (E-grade), Federation Special Dagger (E-grade), Federation Standard Beginners Bow and Arrow (E-grade)]


Hunters mainly used bows and arrows, traps, as well as familiars to fight.


As such, on his stats panel, there were three additional columns: bow, trap, and familiars.

However, Liu Yan had just successfully transitioned, so other than having a bow, the other two columns were filled with “none”.

He noticed that after completing his class transition to be a hunter, his various attributes had also received a certain increase, especially his agility attribute, which now directly exceeded 100 points.

As a level 3 Awakened, for him to have over 100 points in a single attribute made him extremely powerful.

Liu Yan remembered that normally, only level 7 or 8 awakened would have the chance to have over 100 points in a single attribute.

He was quite aware that after completing his job transition to be a hunter, the increase in his attributes was only the beginning.

The real key was the improve himself in the later stages.

This time, he had gained a lot from entering the central nest.

First of all, his attributes had received a great increase.

Using Divine Extraction on the corpses of the Awakened had also greatly improved his skills.

Apart from that, he had also obtained many spirit fruits that would definitely be of great help to him in the future.

Out of the whole trip, the biggest gain was undoubtedly obtaining the class certificate.

After all, it allowed him to complete his class transition at merely level 3 and become a hunter.

He was completely ahead of all the other Awakened.

Liu Yan was very happy after counting all that he had gained, but he was not satisfied.

He saw some hemostatic herbs on the ground beside him.

Although it was not as good as the spirit fruits or the detoxifying purple herb from before, they could still be considered a harvest.

Even the cheapest hemostatic herbs in the central nest were not something that Liu Yan was willing to let go of.

He raised his dagger and began to pick them.


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