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Wei Feng quickly said, “Sir, dont bother with him.

His words have nothing to do with us!”

Saying this, Wei Feng pulled Lu Dajiang to the back and stopped him from saying anything rude.

If they offended the spatial array master, their rare experience this time might be ruined.

Liu Qingrou also stepped forward and said respectfully, “Sir, Im really sorry.

I apologize for what he said just now.”

Seeing this, the old man finally gave up and didnt fuss about it.

He looked at the few of them and said, “Alright.

I wont fight with you guys anymore.

Everyone is here.

Let me tell you about the special requirements to enter Bizarre Plane.

You must listen carefully and make sure to do it.

Its not only related to your cultivation but also your life!”

Liu Yan and the others immediately listened carefully.

Even the arrogant Ning Shanshan immediately became serious and listened to the old man.

When Lu Dajiang heard the old man, he was a little surprised.

He didnt expect this ordinary-looking old man to be a spatial array master of the Bizarre Plane.

Liu Yan also frowned slightly and looked at the old man in front of him curiously.

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On the way here, Liu Yan had specially looked up some information.

However, he could not find any information about the Southern Warehouse and the spatial array master of the Bizarre Plane.

As for the spatial array masters, rumor said they were very mysterious and powerful.

There was no other information at all.

And even though Liu Yan could not detect the slightest bit of cultivation from the old man in front of him, he knew very clearly that this seemingly ordinary or even mediocre old man must be very powerful.

At this moment, the old man explained sternly, “First of all, you cant bring anything out of the Bizarre Plane.

If you bring it out, it will become an ordinary item, and it wont have any effect.

Moreover, it might bring disaster to you and make you unable to leave the Bizarre Plane!”

Hearing this, Liu Yan and the others nodded slightly.

Principal Zhong had already explained to them.

Although there were many treasures in the Bizarre Plane, they could not bring those treasures out.

Even if they brought them out, they would become ordinary items and would not have any effect.

Therefore, Liu Yan and the others could only use the treasures in the world of strange things in time to raise their cultivation and increase their strength.

From the spatial array master, Liu Yan and the others also learned that the treasures brought out of the Bizarre Plane would not only have any effect but would also have side effects.

It would actually bring them danger, and they would even be unable to leave the Bizarre Plane.

Liu Yan and the others immediately remembered this point.

The old man continued to explain, “The second point is that this Bizarre Plane only opens once every five years.

Every time the Bizarre Plane opens, you can only stay there for seven days.

During these seven days, you can complete what you want to do as soon as possible, and only the treasures within these seven days will be useful.

After seven days, the Bizarre Plane will turn into nothingness.

Dont think of staying inside to continue using treasures to raise your cultivation.

You have to come out and wait another five years.

If you keep staying, you would only die in despair! Remember, you have to leave after seven days.

If there is even the slightest delay, you will die in there! When you enter, I will give you an accurate timer for seven days.

You will be safe if you leave before the timer reset.

Just pay attention to this when the time comes.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan and the others could not help but look a little serious.

They did not expect the time limit to be so strict.

They could not be late for a second.

It seemed that when they entered the Bizarre Plane, they had to pay attention to the time.

They could not stay longer than seven days in the Bizarre Plane.

Fortunately, they got a timer, so Liu Yan and the others were a little relieved.

After all, in the Bizarre Plane, the timing might not be accurate.

Liu Yan and the others might find it difficult to clear the exact time by themselves.

At this moment, the old man continued, “Lastly, the world of rare items is quite special.

We have spent a lot of resources and special methods to send all of you in.

Therefore, all of you must enter and exit at the same time.

If one of you doesnt come out, the rest cant come out either.

If one of you is missing, you wont be able to form the five elements and complete the formation.

Is that clear”

When Liu Yan and the others heard this, they were a little surprised.

They didnt expect there to be such a condition.

Liu Yan and the others looked at each other.

None of the five people who entered this trip could have any accidents.

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As long as one of them had an accident and could not come out, the other four people would suffer as well.

If they were unable to leave the Bizarre Plane, they would definitely die in there.

Wei Feng looked at a few of them and said, “When the time comes, we will work together and advance and retreat together.

We will help each other to ensure everyone can leave the Bizarre Plane on time.”

Liu Qingrou nodded slightly and said, “Yes, we must fight as a team.

We must help each other.”

When Ning Shanshan heard this, she looked at Liu Yan in a bad mood and said, “We cant bring a deadweight with us.

When the time comes, we will have to spend a lot of effort to help him.”

When Liu Yan heard Ning Shanshans words, he immediately felt a little displeased.

However, Liu Yan also knew that these four people were the strongest students of the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

Their strength was indeed stronger than Liu Yans.

Liu Yans current strength was completely inferior to the four of them.

Even though Liu Yan had the legendary SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, his strength in other aspects was also formidable.

But in the end, Liu Yans current level was only level 19.

The four of them were all at least level 40.

Lu Dajiang had already reached level 50.

The gap between Liu Yan and them was huge.

The current Liu Yan was indeed still quite a distance away from them.

He needed some time to grow and surpass them.

Although they were all top geniuses of the academy, Liu Yan also believed that he would surpass them in a short amount of time.

However, from the looks of it, Liu Yans strength was indeed inferior to theirs.

In this small team, Liu Yan could be considered a deadweight.

Facing Ning Shanshans ridicule, although Liu Yan was displeased, it wasnt good for him to refute.

He could only say indifferently, “Although my strength isnt as strong as yours, I will do my best.

I definitely wont drag you guys down.”

His indifferent words were filled with firmness in his heart.

Wei Feng saw that a genius like Liu Yan was being ridiculed like this, but he could endure it and did not quarrel with Ning Shanshan.

He could not help but admire Liu Yan.

He had seen many geniuses, but a genius with such a calm temperament and humility was really rare.

Wei Feng had a good impression of Liu Yan.

The monstrous genius that Principal Zhong spoke of might indeed be very powerful.


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