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Liu Yan stuffed a pile of rare and precious medicinal herbs into his mouth and ate them.

He didnt care what kind of rare and precious medicinal herbs they were.

He used his Pure Body to do whatever he wanted.

After eating the pile of medicinal herbs, Liu Yan felt that his lower abdomen was boiling hot.

Liu Yan didnt choose to slowly absorb medicinal herbs to increase his long-term strength.

Instead, he directly absorbed it to temporarily increase his strength.

Soon, the medicinal herbs effects were absorbed by Liu Yan in a short period, and his body was instantly filled with strength.

Facing Liu Qingrou once again, Liu Yan was instantly filled with confidence.

He directly used Absolute Unrivaled and charged forward.

Liu Qingrou continued to attack, but Liu Yan had Absolute Unrivaleds powerful defense.

In addition to the increase in strength brought by the medicinal herb, he could now withstand Liu Qingrous continuous powerful attacks.

Not long after, Liu Yan arrived in front of Liu Qingrou.

He used Absolute Unrivaled to reflect all of Liu Qingrous attacks.

Under the powerful explosive force, Liu Qingrou was sent flying dozens of meters away and directly fainted.

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Liu Yan used a healing magic treasure, the Night Healing Pearl, to quickly heal Liu Qingrou and wake her up.

When Liu Qingrou woke up, the red light in her eyes had already disappeared, and she looked exhausted.

“What happened to me just now” Liu Qingrou looked at Liu Yan with a puzzled face.

When Liu Qingrou first came to the Medicinal Ingredient Hall, she was thrilled that there were many rare and precious medicinal herbs.

She knew how to use all kinds of rare and precious medicinal herbs, so she immediately began to use these rare medicinal ingredients.

After that, she was pleasantly surprised to find that the medicinal ingredients here were very diverse.

Many rare medicinal ingredients that were rarely seen in the outside world could be found everywhere in this place, and they even met the conditions for making the stainless.

Then, she spent several days using a crucible and countless rare medicinal ingredients to make Stainless according to a specific method.

With the Stainless, she could absorb these rare medicinal herbs in large quantities without any problem.

Following that, she began to absorb these medicinal herbs to quickly increase her strength.

As Liu Qingrou absorbed them, she gradually became immersed in them.

She gradually became infatuated and even lost her consciousness.

When Liu Yan stopped her just now, she didnt even think about it and directly attacked him.

When Liu Qingrou thought about it, she was extremely scared.

How could she be so terrifying and powerful just now Why did she attack her teammate

Liu Yans expression was also a little serious.

He said, “There should be something here that can make people obsessed over something they desired.

I almost did the same before.

The four of you seem to be like this.

I have already woke up Lu Dajiang and Wei Feng.

Theres not much time now.

I have to hurry in and wake up Ning Shanshan.

I have to wake her up before the time up.

After you recover, hurry up and find Wei Feng and Lu Dajiang.

We will leave this strange object world together.”

Liu Qingrou came back to her senses and realized she had gone mad.

She looked at Liu Yan apologetically.

She had attacked Liu Yan ruthlessly just now.

Fortunately, Liu Yan was strong.

Otherwise, she might have hurt Liu Yan.

“Im really sorry about what happened just now.” Liu Qingrou apologized guiltily.

“Its okay.

I know you were not yourself.

We dont have much time.

I have to go now.”

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Liu Yan waved his hand and said indifferently, then quickly left.

Liu Qingrou looked at Liu Yans back as he left, but her expression was somewhat complicated.

She felt guilty towards Liu Yan, but more than that, she was shocked.

Just now, she had absorbed so many rare medicinal herbs, and the power in her body was so terrifying.

Logically speaking, Liu Yan should not be able to withstand a single blow from her.

After all, no matter how good Liu Yans talent was, his strength had yet to truly grow.

But in the end, Liu Yan could withstand a blow from Liu Qingrou and even came to fight her.

Towards the end of the battle, Liu Yan exaggeratedly ate many rare medicinal herbs.

It temporarily increased his combat strength and was enough to face Liu Qingrou.

In the end, his terrifying explosion defeated Liu Qingrou.

Liu Qingrou was a little puzzled.

Wasnt Liu Yan a new student How could he be so powerful She felt that Liu Yans combat strength might not be inferior to Wei Feng and Lu Dajiang.

Liu Qingrou was a little confused, but she noticed that there wasnt much time left.

She realized she didnt have time to think anymore, so she immediately got up and walked outside, hurriedly meeting up with Wei Feng and Lu Dajiang.

In the tunnel, Liu Yan noticed that there was only one more hour left, and the time was getting tighter and tighter.

Liu Yan worried there wasnt enough time, so he directly used his S-grade skill, 16 times Sonic Speed.

He was as fast as lightning.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Yan had arrived at the Equipment Hall.

At this moment, in the Equipment Hall, Ning Shanshans entire body was shining with golden light, and she was wearing all sorts of high-grade rare equipment.

From the looks of it, she had already worn all kinds of equipment pieces she could wear.

There were seven or eight rings on her hands, which looked extremely strange.

Her back and waist were also filled with all sorts of weapons.

It was obvious that she was wearing all sorts of weapons, defensive equipment, and accessories.

In addition, Ning Shanshan was carrying an ancient-looking bag, which seemed to be a storage bag.

Ning Shanshan was constantly searching for all kinds of weapons, defensive equipment, and accessories.

She put these high-grade rare equipment into her storage bag, looking unsatisfied.

In the huge Equipment Hall, there were so many kinds of weapons, defensive equipment, and accessories, but Ning Shanshan had already found almost all of the equipment.

It seemed that she had put all of them into her storage bag.

At this moment, Ning Shanshans eyes were red, and she had already lost her mind.

In the beginning, Ning Shanshan still immersed herself in training in all kinds of weapons and combat techniques.

But later, as time passed, she came into contact with more and more high-grade equipment and learned many of the combat techniques.

She even revealed a rare talent in mastering many combat techniques.

Now, she learned a new spell, Dominator!

It was a rare spell and also an extremely rare combat technique.

The awakened could at most use one or two weapons to fight at the same time.

No matter how many weapons there were, no matter how high the grade of the weapon was, it was impossible to use them at the same time.

But after mastering the Dominator, she could control many weapons at the same time, and she could also throw weapons and activated their special spells.

Throwing a magic staff would automatically activate the spells contained in the magic staff and burst out a terrifying power.

Throwing a sword would automatically activate the powerful sword techniques contained in the sword, and unleash a terrifying combat strength.

Throwing a war hammer would automatically activate the powerful hammer techniques contained in the war hammer, which had a terrifying power.

The Dominators special throwing attack was no longer purely a physical attack or a magic attack, but a combination of the two.

At the same time, it possessed powerful magic and physical attacks, possessing terrifying explosive power.


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