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On the desert in the northern suburbs.

Liu Yan drove in a sports car, heading towards the Northern Hunting Ground.

It was almost noon when Liu Yan and the others arrived at the Northern Hunting Ground.

Just as they got off from the car, Liu Yan heard a burst of exclamations.

“Is this the Northern Hunting Ground It looks so epic!” Chu Long exclaimed.

Luo Qingcheng also agreed, “The Northern Hunting Ground is known as one of the four core areas of the academy.

I wonder how the other three are doing.”

“Not everyone can go to the other three.

Only those who are qualified can go.” Murong Xue explained.

Hearing this, Liu Yan secretly laughed in his heart.

If the three girls knew that he had already been to the other three core areas, they would be dumbfounded.

Liu Yan looked towards Northern Hunting Ground and was also a little surprised.

The buildings at the entrance of Northern Hunting Ground were extremely imposing.


The towering buildings were more than a hundred meters tall.

Unlike the Eastern Medicine Garden and the Southern Warehouse, the Northern Hunting Ground occupied a vast area.

There were many people too.

At a glance, there were tons of students who came here.

“There are quite a lot of people.” Liu Yan smiled and said.

Murong Xue had done her homework in advance, so she had a better understanding of the Northern Hunting Ground.

She explained, “Usually, there will be quite a lot of people in Northern Hunting Ground on weekends, especially on Sundays.

After all, the top hunting grounds are only open to the public on Sunday.

Although most of the students are unable to enter, they can still observe the situation inside through the technology projector outside.

They can watch the battle between the powerful students and the powerful fierce beasts.

Its extremely lively.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he immediately understood.

In the top-grade hunting grounds, there were A-grade or even S-grade fierce beasts, which was extremely rare.

Most of the students who were able to enter were not weak.

Even if they did not have the combat strength to deal with an S-grade fierce beast, they were still able to fight an A-grade fierce beast.

The students did not have many chances to watch an intense battle, so they came over here to watch and learn.

Northern Hunting Ground was naturally extremely lively today.

“Lets go, lets go in now!” Murong Xue called out.

Immediately, a few people entered and used the smart wristband to authenticate the students.

Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long were both here to play.

Their qualifications could only allow them to enter the top hunting ground.

They were unable to enter the advanced hunting ground.

However, they could only watch from the hall.

Liu Yan and Murong Xue were qualified to enter the top hunting ground.

After completing their verification, Liu Yan and the others entered the Northern Hunting Ground.

Although Northern Hunting Ground was said to be a hunting ground, it was actually a huge building.

Each hunting ground area was an independent space that could be accessed through a special teleportation array.

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This building was mostly used for the office of the staff.

There was also a leisure hall for the spectators.

All kinds of supporting facilities were available here.

Liu Yan and Murong Xue were not in a hurry to enter.

They wanted to understand the situation first.

It was also time for lunch, so they had to eat before entering.

They went to order some food and then walked through the hall for a tour.

In the hall, there were many large screens, which were the projections of each hunting ground area.

These projections were using the technology of origin power to project each hunting ground area, so people could conveniently watch what was happening in the hunting grounds.

Liu Yan and the others first walked through the basic hunting ground area, the intermediate hunting ground area, and the advanced hunting ground areas projection viewing hall.

The lower the grade of the hunting ground area, the fewer people there were in the viewing hall.

There were basically no people watching the basic hunting ground.

After all, all of them could enter and hunt the low-grade fierce beasts.

The basic hunting ground area was mainly used for the freshmen to gain actual combat experience, or for support personnel to gain experience.

After all, their combat strength was relatively average.

However, there were more students in the lower grade hunting grounds.

On the other hand, there were not many students in the higher grade hunting ground.

Instead, many students were watching in the viewing hall.

Right at this moment, there was a commotion in the crowd.

“Its the Soul Splitting Squads Explosive Mage, Ning Shanshan!”

“Is she Ning Shanshan Shes too good-looking!”

“Goddess, can you look at me!”

“Stop dreaming, you guys.

Ning Shanshan has always been arrogant and powerful.

No one dares to provoke her!”

“The last time I saw her fight, it was too terrifying.

The nickname Explosive Mage isnt just for show!”

“Shes a member of the Soul Splitting Squad.

The Soul Splitting Squad is the strongest squad in our academy.”


Liu Yan and the others also heard the discussions around them.

Not far away, Liu Yan also saw a familiar figure.

It was Ning Shansha.

She had gone through the trial with him in the Southern Warehouse.

At this moment, Ning Shanshan walked past the crowd with an arrogant look on her face.

She did not pay attention to the crowd exclaiming about her and directly ignored them.

Luo Qingcheng looked at Ning Shanshan, who was not far away.

She could not help but say in surprise, “It is said that Ning Shanshan is the number one mage in our academy.

She is known as the Explosive Mage.

She is different from other mages who hide behind and cast spells to deal damage.

Ning Shanshan always charges to the front and uses violent spells to attack.

Her fighting style is extremely impulsive and radical.

Thats why she has the nickname of Explosive Mage!”

“Is that so No wonder she looks so cold and aloof.

She has such strong strength.” Chu Long nodded slightly.

However, Murong Xue curled her lips and said disdainfully, “Just you wait.

I will train harder and become strong enough to defeat her!”

Luo Qingcheng heard Murong Xue.

She smiled and said, “Murong Xue, you are really too aggressive.

Ning Shanshan is a member of the Soul Splitting Squad, and Soul Splitting Squad is the legendary squad in our academy.

If you want to defeat her, you need to cultivate for a long time.”

At this moment, Ning Shanshan ignored everyone and walked toward the top hunting ground.

The surrounding people were all curious and followed from afar to watch.

When Ning Shanshan passed by Liu Yan and the others, she caught a glimpse of Liu Yan.

She immediately stopped and walked toward Liu Yan.

“Liu Yan Are you also here to cultivate” Ning Shanshan took the initiative to ask.

When the surrounding people saw this, they were instantly shocked.

Ning Shanshan, who had always been extremely arrogant, actually greeted a man

Even Ning Shanshan, who had always been expressionless and extremely cold, had a rare smile on her face at this moment.

When the boys noticed the three ladies beside Liu Yan, each with different types of beauty, they instantly became envious, jealous, and hateful.

Every one of them looked at Liu Yan with eyes filled with hatred.

If stares could kill, Liu Yan felt that he had already died countless times.

Feeling the enmity of the people around him, Liu Yan did not care much.

He smiled faintly to Ning Shanshan and nodded, “Yes, Im also here for a trial.

The top hunting ground only opens for today.”

Murong Xue, Luo Qingcheng, and Chu Long, who were beside Liu Yan, were surprised when they saw that Ning Shanshan actually knew Liu Yan.

They looked at Liu Yan and Ning Shanshan curiously.


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