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Liu Yan clenched his teeth so hard that he was bleeding.

Under the pain, Liu Yan barely managed to raise his spirit and barely supported himself.

The process of destroying ones body was extremely painful.

The most torturous thing was the pain came from every part of the body.

In normal battles, one would be injured, but it was only in one part of the body.

However, the destruction of his body was severe.

Liu Yan could feel pain in every single part of his body.

The excruciating pain made Liu Yan want to give up at one point, and he was in extreme despair.

However, Liu Yan recalled the scenes of entering the Tower.

He recalled the effort and process of overcoming all kinds of difficulties to build a perfect foundation with the help of the principal.

He also recalled his determination to go to the higher levels of the Tower.

Thinking of all these, Liu Yan continued to persevere.

The pain in his body pushed him to the verge of collapse.

Many times, Liu Yan did not even know if he was awake or was already unconscious and dreaming.

Time passed bit by bit.

After a few hours, Liu Yans body was finally destroyed and started to reconstruct.

The pain finally disappeared and was replaced by an itchy feeling.

The first thing that started was the most crucial reconstruction of the internal organs.

It was a strange feeling, and the itchy feeling was somewhat comfortable.

At this time, Liu Yan had a trace of consciousness.

He finally understood that he had not fainted just now.

His willpower was on the verge of collapse, and he could not think clearly.

At this moment, he had finally held on until his physical body was destroyed.

Liu Yan finally heaved a sigh of relief and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

At the same time, outside the cauldron.

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Principal Zhong Yuntian and Wu Hua saw that the cauldron had gradually recovered its calmness.

The two of them also heaved a sigh of relief.

If Liu Yan had not held on, the cauldron would have directly exploded at this moment.

Now, Liu Yan had recovered his calmness.

It meant that everything had gone smoothly.

Liu Yan had held on until his physical body was reconstructed.

Zhong Yuntian could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, he has persevered.

It seems that everything has gone relatively smoothly.”

Wu Hua smiled and said, “I have already said that this young man has great potential.

You should trust him.

Alright, everything is going smoothly now.

Leave the rest to me.

You can rest now.”

Zhong Yuntian nodded and took a rest at the side.

However, he had no intention of leaving.

There werent many things to do during the rebuilding of the body.

The process went relatively smoothly.

However, it was still a matter of great importance.

Zhong Yuntian didnt intend to leave.

Instead, he stayed here to prevent any accidents from happening.

In the past few days, Zhong Yuntian had handled most of the matters in the upper house of Lighthouse Academy.

Zhong Yuntian put his focus on Liu Yan for the past few days.

The cauldron would carry out the process automatically.

Wu Hua was watching closely from the side.

From time to time, Wu Hua would come and check on Liu Yan.

If everything went smoothly, Liu Yan would be able to complete the reconstruction of his physical body in three days.

It also meant that Liu Yans plan to build a perfect foundation had come to a successful end.

Liu Yan had three days to prepare, one day to destroy his body, and three days to rebuild his body.

Of the three days to rebuild his body, the first day was the most critical in rebuilding Liu Yans internal organs.

After the first day, the cauldron was peaceful, and everything went smoothly.

The second day was to rebuild his bones and flesh.

Although it was not as critical as the first day, this day was also the day that consumed the most energy.

After all, the reconstruction of the bones and flesh consumed the most energy.

In the afternoon of the second day, the cauldron that had been calm all this time began to tremble slightly.

Although the trembling was not that intense, it also meant something was wrong.

Zhong Yuntian, who was resting at the side, immediately sensed something was wrong and quickly walked over.

“Whats going on The destruction of the body and the reconstruction of the internal organs have been completed.

Why is there a problem here” Zhong Yuntian asked nervously.

Although the reconstruction of the bones and flesh was not as crucial as the previous steps, it was still important.

If there was a problem, it was very likely that all the previous efforts would be wasted.

Wu Huas expression was a little serious at this moment.

He carefully examined the cauldron, and his expression immediately changed slightly.

He said, “We have underestimated Liu Yans physical strength.

His original physical strength was incredibly strong, which exceeded our expectations.

Therefore, he will absorb more power from treasures and reconstruct a better body.

Naturally, he will need an even greater amount of energy.”

“Previously, the reconstruction of his internal organs was still fine.

Later, the reconstruction of his blood and skin was also fine.

The core origin stone could provide enough energy.”

“But today, it is the reconstruction of his bones and flesh.

It requires an extremely large amount of energy.

Even the core origin stones energy is insufficient.”

“We have to think of a way quickly.

Otherwise, all our previous efforts will be wasted.”

After listening to Wu Huas explanation, Zhong Yuntians expression changed slightly.

They already knew that Liu Yans physical strength was very good, so the process of reconstructing his body would require a huge amount of energy.

For this reason, Zhong Yuntian did not hesitate to mobilize the entire core origin stone to help Liu.

The entire third-and-a-half level central resting platform of the Tower would be without power for seven days.

In fact, the core origin stone produced extra energy.

Just in case, Zhong Yuntian and Wu Hua had stored some energy so that Liu Yan could rebuild his body without any accidents.

However, Zhong Yuntian and Wu Hua did not expect that Liu Yans physical strength far exceeded their expectations.

Liu Yans physical strength was ridiculously strong.

It also caused Liu Tian to require much more energy to rebuild the bones and flesh.

Even if the core origin stone had a lot of energy reserved, there was still not enough energy.


If the energy was insufficient, the process of reconstructing the bones and flesh could not continue.

If they could not solve this problem, the reconstruction this time would fail, and all the previous efforts would be wasted.

Not only would the four top-tier treasures that Liu Yan had painstakingly searched for would be wasted, the treasure that Zhong Yuntian obtained on the ninth level of the Tower, Giant Whales Fragrance, would be wasted.

Besides, the cauldron would also be damaged, and even a once-in-a-century genius like Liu Yan would be damaged.

“Should we hurry up and get more treasures to extract the energy from them and supply it to the cauldron” Wu Hua suggested at this moment.

Both of them had collected quite many treasures.

The grade of these treasures was not low, and any one of them would bring a huge increase in the strength of the students.

However, at this critical period, they could not care too much.

As long as Zhong Yuntian and Wu Hua could protect Liu Yan, they were willing to use all of them for Liu Yan.

Zhong Yuntian thought about it briefly.

Then, he shook his head slightly and said, “No.

If thats the case, we could only save Liu Yans life and his original talent.

However, it is impossible to create a perfect foundation to reconstruct the body.

There is simply no time.”

“Then what should we do Is there a better way” Wu Hua, who had always been calm, became anxious at this moment.

At this moment, Zhong Yuntian looked at the cauldron with a determined look in his eyes.

He said faintly, “Anyway, my old bones wont be able to return to the peak of the past.

Ill sacrifice some of my cultivation to help Liu Yan Cheng.

I will help Liu Yan and contribute myself to the human race!”


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