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Liu Yan walked out of the cauldron.

The clothes on his body had completely shattered in the process of destroying his body.

Although Liu Yan was still himself, he had some significant changes.

His skin was pure and white, like pearls.

He looked even whiter than a woman.

However, the lines of his muscles were clear.

Even if his body was relaxed, the lines of his muscles were visible, giving him a sense of power.

Refining his bones also caused some changes in Liu Yans bones.

Although the previous Liu Yan was not short, he was not very tall.

He was just an ordinary height.

After rebuilding his body, Liu Yans height increased by a lot, reaching 1.9 meters.

He looked even more slender.

Yet, he felt there was a sense of power and a domineering aura.

Even the bones of his face had undergone some changes.

His facial features looked very similar to the past.

There werent any huge changes, but the subtle changes made him look more handsome now.

Liu Yan was surprised at this moment.

It was a wonderful feeling, a completely different feeling.

First, his strength, agility, flexibility, and other aspects had all improved significantly, and his physical strength had increased quite a bit.

Moreover, Liu Yan felt that his control over his own body was more familiar.

After a month of training in the Eastern Medicine Garden, Liu Yan had already become familiar with his control over his strength, and he could exert his strength more precisely.

Now, Liu Yan had obtained another improvement in this aspect.

Liu Yan could not describe the specific feeling, but he felt it was wonderful.

It was as if his body was much stronger than before despite having the same strength.

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This was his new physical body after the reconstruction.

It was indeed a perfect foundation.

It was truly magical.

Out of curiosity, Liu Yan quickly checked his attributes panel.

Class: Dark Ranger (second transition)

HP: 2,800/2,800

MP: 2,200/2,200

Strength (attack) : 9,345

Vitality (defense) : 9,923

Agility (speed) : 5,656

Spirit (mana) : 4,880

Adaptability (magic resistance) : 3,450

Luck (probability) : 89

Bow and arrow: Flying Cloud Mystic Bow

Trap: None

Familiar: Ice and Fire Two-headed Wolf, Earth Dragon, Treasure Pangolin

Allocatable attribute points: 80


Divine Extraction (SSS): 200/200(restores once every hour)

Extraordinary Five Senses (SS )

Superior Element Affinity (SS )


Skill: Omniscient Insight (A), Fog (B), Ultimate Aim (B), Poison Control (B), Traceless Silence(B), Poison Control (D), Animal Affinity (B), Flame Control (A), Frost Control (A), Wind Control (C), Robbery (B), Split (A), Track (A), Electrification (A), Sonic Speed (S), Shadow Cloak (A), Backstab (C), Dragonification (S), Deception (C), Fire Scythe Dance (S), Treasure Hunting (A), Absolute Unrivaled (S), Pure Body (A), Dominance (S), Earth Power (S)

Items: Soft Blade Boxing Gloves (A), Blade of the Night (S), Flying Cloud Mystic Bow (S), Turin Assassination Set (A), elementary storage ring (B)

Liu Yan carefully looked at his attributes panel and was instantly filled with ecstasy.

His grade and EXP did not increase in the slightest, but his attributes and strength had increased tremendously.

In addition, Liu Yan remembered the principals description of building a perfect foundation.

His physical body was many levels stronger than his previous talent.

The improvement was not much now, but it would get better in the future.

Not to mention other things, the increase in attributes brought by each upgrade would be far greater than before.

It was almost dozens of times greater than before.

In reality, Liu Yans physical talent was very mediocre.

The amount of attribute points that he gained from each level-up was very little.

Liu Yan had once compared himself to Murong Xue and the others.

They were on completely different levels.

Liu Yans physical body was so strong and his various attribute points were extremely high because of his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

Only by obtaining tons of attribute points could he possess powerful physical strength.

Otherwise, Liu Yans attribute points might have been mediocre and would not have reached such a high level.

But now that he had built a perfect foundation and reconstructed his body, it was no longer a problem.

At this moment, Liu Yan could not help but feel some anticipation.

In the future, when he leveled up again, he would obtain more attribute improvement when leveled up.

If Liu Yan remembered correctly, he only received a few dozen points in his attributes when leveling up.

It was mediocre.

For martial arts prodigies like Murong Xue, she would gain a few hundred attribute points every time she leveled up.

It was ten times more than Liu Yan.

Other than the increase in his physical bodys attributes and the improvement in his physical talent, Liu Yan also noticed that he had two additional talents, both of which were SS grades.

Although they were not SSS-grade and incomparable to Divine Extraction, their levels were already very high.

The awakened ones who had an S-grade talent were called geniuses.

It was rare to see a genius with an SS-grade talent among the new students.

However, Liu Yan had obtained two SS grade talent at once.

To his surprise, Liu Yan quickly checked the two powerful new talents he had obtained.

[ Extraordinary Five Senses ]

Grade: SS grade

Effect: obtain extraordinary five senses.

It has a powerful and magical effect and can be gradually awakened during battle.

Currently awakened senses: None

Currently not awakened senses: Vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch.

After reading the first talent, Liu Yan had a rough understanding.

The overall effect was somewhat similar to Liu Yans current A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, but the intensity should be much stronger.

An A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, had helped Liu Yan many times.

It helped him through many trials in the Tower.

Although it could not directly increase ones combat strength, it could help Liu Yan a lot, indirectly increasing Liu Yans various aspects of combat strength.

If all of the Extraordinary Five Senses were unlocked, they would definitely be extremely powerful.

It was far from what an A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, could compare.

However, it was a pity that Liu Yan could not unlock them.

He could only wait for the subsequent battles to grope around and awakened them one by one.

Following this, Liu Yan looked at his newly acquired second SS level talent.

[ Superior Elemental Affinity ]

Grade: SS

Effect: Allows the hosts body to simultaneously master six superior elements (thunder, wood, ice, metal, light, and dark), and increase the fusion ability.

It allows the six superior elements to coexist and even fuse together, producing terrifying power.

The specific details need to be explored with confidence.

After reading the introduction of the Superior Element Affinity, Liu Yan was suddenly a little surprised.

Previously, Liu Yan had considered this aspect.

Superior elements were much stronger than ordinary elements, but it was difficult for ordinary people to grasp.

Let alone six types, regular people couldnt even grasp one type.

Their bodies simply couldnt bear it.

After obtaining this Superior Element Affinity, one could learn to grasp six types of superior elements in the future.

Any of the superior elements was extremely powerful, not to mention being able to master all six of them.

This affinity with superior elements allowed Liu Yan to master six types of superior elements harmoniously, allowing them to coexist.

There was even a chance for them to fuse and unleash a terrifying power.

Liu Yan did not dare to think about it at this moment.

Superior elements were already extremely powerful.

If he could successfully fuse with them, wouldnt he be heaven-defying

For ordinary people, it would be extremely difficult to master a superior element let alone six superior elements.

Even if there were a chance, it would require a certain amount of opportunity and a long time to master it.

However, Liu Yan was not like this.

With his SSS-grade talent, as long as he encountered an opportunity, he could master it effortlessly.

With the help of the Divine Extraction and the Superior Element Affinity, Liu Yans future limit would be ridiculously high!


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