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Inside the altar of fragrance.

Everyone was looking at the empty swamp in shock.

Although they did not see anyone there, everyone knew that Liu Yan was nearby.

Liu Yan had used an invisibility skill to hide himself.

Luo Qingcheng could not help but feel worried when she saw that there was still no movement.

After all, it did not take long for Liu Yan to catch a fierce beast.

He only needed to use the stealth skill to get close to it and capture it.

However, things did not go smoothly this time.

Not only did Liu Yan use another stealth skill, but there was still no movement after that.

Liu Yan had encountered a difficulty.

Luo Qingcheng could not help but feel a little anxious because there was not much time left.

If Liu Yan could not capture the fierce beast, he would not get the highest score and obtain the sacrificial gemstone.

Moreover, he would fail this trial if he did not catch a fierce beast.

Luo Qingcheng looked at the three fierce beasts in Chu Longs hands.

She hesitated for a moment, but she secretly made up her mind.

If Liu Yan could not capture the fierce beast before the trial ended, Luo Qingcheng would give her fierce beast to Liu Yan.

Luo Qingchen was willing to get eliminated and let Liu Yan pass the trial.

Although Luo Qingcheng wanted to go to the higher level of the Tower to find her sister, Luo Qingcheng also knew that without Liu Yan, it would be difficult for her to pass the trial.

Without Liu Yans help, she might not have had the strength to find her sister even if she could go to the higher level of the Tower.

Hence, she might as well let Liu Yan go to the higher level and wait for the next opportunity.

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At this moment, Murong Xue and Chu Long did not realize the seriousness of the matter and continued to wait with a face full of anticipation.

“Why isnt Liu Yan come back yet We dont have much time left.” Murong Xue said with a slight frown.

“It shouldnt be a problem, right I believe in Brother Liu Yan.” Chu Long did not look very worried.

At the same time, Liu Yan, who was in stealth, was having a hard time.

Then, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Since he could not get close to this fierce beast, he would attack from a distance.

According to his experience, Liu Yan could get close to ten meters away from the fierce beast using two stealth skills.

If he got closer, the fierce beast would sense him and run away.

Liu Yan might as well capture the fierce beast from ten meters away.

It was challenging to catch the fierce beast from this distance, but it was the only way.

Liu Yan also thought the rules only said that the fierce beast caught must have no wounds when he submitted this fierce beast.

There was no rule prohibiting the students to not hurting the fierce beast during the capture process.

Liu Yan could slightly hurt the fierce beast.

In any case, he could ask Chu Long to heal this fierce beasts wound in a short time.

After that, this fierce beast would become unscathed.

Liu Yan only needed to be careful with his attack strength.

He needed to guarantee that he would succeed in capturing the fierce beast, and he must not kill it accidentally.

As long as he did not kill it, no matter how severe the wound was, Chu Long could heal it quickly with her powerful healing skill.

After figuring out a way, Liu Yan immediately took action because he did not have much time left.

Liu Yan once again used his A-grade skill, Shadow Cloak, and B-grade skill Traceless Silence to turn invisible.

He approached the fierce beast.

When he was almost ten meters away, Liu Yan stopped.

If he went any further, the fierce beast might discover him and escape immediately.

With such a fast speed, it wouldnt be easy to chase it in the mud.

Moreover, Liu Yan had already alerted the fierce beast.

If he let it sense danger again, it might escape very far away immediately.

If that happened, Liu Yan would have almost no chance of successfully capturing this fierce beast.

Liu Yan did not know how much time he got, so he needed to act fast.

After standing still, Liu Yan directly used his S-grade skill, Sonic Speed.

Liu Yans speed increased tremendously, directly reaching sixteen times sonic speed.

Liu Yan hadnt used Sonic Speed for a long time because he did not have many chances to use it.

It was an incredible skill.

Under sixteen times Sonic Speed, Liu Yans speed was terrifying.

Liu Yan rushed forward.

In the blink of an eye, he had arrived directly above the fierce beast.

The fierce beast immediately sensed danger and wanted to escape quickly.

However, it was already too late because Liu Yan was faster than it.

Liu Yan pounced into the mud and accurately caught the fierce beast with a grab.

At the same time, Liu Yan removed his S-grade skill Sonic Speed and two stealth skills, revealing his figure.

Liu Yan stood up from the mud with his dirty clothes.

He was holding a fierce beast.

It was super tiny, only half the size of a palm.

It was a skunk, and Liu Yan was holding it in his hand.

Even though Liu Yan didnt use any attack skills, the Soft Blade Boxing Gloves didnt open a crack.

However, under such swift and violent speed, it still had a terrifying impact.

The skunk was already injured.

Its blood kept flowing out, and many of its bones were broken.

Liu Yan had tried his best to control his strength.

If Liu Yan used his full strength, just the impact of his speed could kill this skunk.

Liu Yan looked at the attributes of the skunk in front of him.

[ Mutated green skunk ]

Potential: A grade

Level: 30

Description: A mutated green skunk.

It has amazing stealth and sensory abilities.

Its sense of smell is extraordinary, and it can distinguish the situation around it.

Its combat strength is average, and its stealth ability is top-notch.

In addition, its poison ability is also not bad.

After reading the information about the mutated green skunk, Liu Yan finally understood.

Just as Liu Yan had guessed, this green skunk still had a terrifying sense of smell even in the stinky swamp.

It was why it could discover Liu Yan again and again.

Fortunately, Liu Yan had a terrifying skill like Sonic Speed.

If it were anyone else, they would not be able to capture this mutated green skunk.

With such a terrifying sense of perception and speed, it was tricky to catch it in this swamp.

At this time, Liu Yan returned to the three girls side and handed the mutated green skunk over to Chu Long.

“Please heal it, then use the cage to lock it up.

Dont let it escape.” Liu Yan said.

As he said this, Liu Yan also used his A-grade skill, Frost Control.

The water element condensed into liquid water.

Liu Yan used the water to wash himself.

His body was covered in the stench of mud.

Even Liu Yan could not stand it.

Chu Long took the mutated green skunk curiously and said in surprise, “It stinks, but it is really tiny.

It will definitely get the highest score!”

She took out her staff and used her healing skills.

The milky white light landed on the mutated green skunks body, and its wounds healed quickly.

In less than a minute, the heavily injured mutated green skunk was completely healed and was as good as new.

Chu Long immediately took the specially prepared small cage and locked the mutated green skunk.

At this point, there were still five minutes left before the trial ended.

Liu Yan finally managed to capture this tiny mutated green skunk at the last moment.

It was risky, but Liu Yan managed to pull it off.

Liu Yan saw that the mutated green skunk was also full of vigor.

It no longer had wounds on its body.

Liu Yan immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

The trial of the altar of fragrance was a thrilling one without any fatal danger.

It was finally completed successfully.


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