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In the Gifted Academys plaza.

When Murakami saw Liu Yans arrival, his heart was filled with gratification.

Even Murakami had not expected that Liu Yan would be able to perform so well and steadily in this trial.

He got four sacrificial gemstones in one fell swoop and obtained an unprecedented result.

However, on the surface, Murakami remained calm as he announced, “Next announcement, the highest score for this round of altar of taste is 200 points from Liu Yan.

He has obtained the sacrificial gemstone for the altar of taste.”

Immediately after, Liu Yan came up and received the sacrificial gemstone once again.

When the students below the stage saw this, they all cheered endlessly.

The students of Lighthouse Academy were thrilled.

Liu Yans actions undoubtedly brought glory to Lighthouse Academy.

They were all happy for Liu Yan.

And even the students of the Gifted Academy were gradually beginning to admire Liu Yan.

When Liu Yan obtained the first sacrificial gemstone, they were still doubting Liu Yans strength.

When he obtained the second sacrificial gemstone, they would still think that Liu Yan was just lucky.

When Liu Yan obtained the third sacrificial gemstone, they gradually believed in Liu Yans strength.

But they still recognized Allen Smith and Xu Han, the two genius students of the Gifted Academy.

However, when Liu Yan obtained the fourth gemstone, many students of the Gifted Academy undoubtedly started to admire Liu Yan.

Being able to obtain four sacrificial gemstones was the symbol of absolute strength!

Allen Smith and Xu Han were also watching this scene not far away.

Xu Hans expression was somewhat bitter as he shook her head.

He helplessly said, “I didnt expect that we would lose to Liu Yan in this round.

Looks like Liu Yan has something up his sleeves.”

Allen Smith did not reply.

He just looked at Liu Yan silently.

However, if one observed carefully, one could see the battle intent in Allen Smiths eyes.

He had already regarded Liu Yan as his greatest opponent.

At the same time, the principal awarded the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of taste to Liu Yan.

Then, all of them were dismissed.

After they left, they started to discuss animatedly.

And the topic of discussion was precisely Liu Yan.

“Liu Yan is too exaggerated.

He obtained four sacrificial gemstones.”

“Yeah, Allen Smith and Xu Han are so strong, but they didnt obtain a single sacrificial gemstone.”

“Is Liu Yans strength stronger than Allen Smith and Xu Han”

“Its really possible.

I think Liu Yan will obtain the last sacrificial gemstone”

“No way, this is too exaggerated.”

“If Liu Yan can obtain five sacrificial gemstones, it would be unprecedented.”

On the other side, Liu Yan appeared to be relatively calm.

So far, he got four sacrificial gemstones.

Liu Yan knew the last sacrificial gemstone might be the hardest to obtain.

After all, Liu Yan had already obtained four sacrificial gemstones, and only one was left.

The two genius students of the Gifted Academy would risk their lives to get the last one.

It would undoubtedly be too embarrassing if Gifted Academy were to lose the last sacrificial gemstone.

Whether it was for Allen Smith, Xu Han, or the Gifted Academy, this matter was crucial.

Although they had already lost to Liu Yan, and the Gifted Academy had also lost to Lighthouse Academy, this last sacrificial gemstone was like a fig leaf to them.

If they were to lose it again, it would be too embarrassing.

As such, it would undoubtedly be much more difficult for Liu Yan to obtain the last sacrificial gemstone.

However, Liu Yan was also determined to obtain the last sacrificial gemstone.

He had to gather five sacrificial gemstones.

The next day.

Liu Yan and the students of Gifted Academy once again followed their teacher to the fourth level of the Tower.

Everyone came to the entrance of the last altar.

In front of the huge altar, many students were looking at it curiously.

They were all curious about the contents of todays trial.

The trial on the last day was crucial to all students.

To Liu Yan, it was the trial to see if he could obtain the fifth sacrificial gemstone.

To Allen Smith and Xu Han, it was the key to defending themselves and the glory of Gifted Academy.

It was the same for the ordinary students of Gifted Academy.

It was the final trial, so they had to give their best.

Many students had passed the previous trials, but their overall score was low.

In this final trial, not only did they have to pass the trial, but they also had to obtain a high enough score.

It was their last chance.

The last trial was relatively easier for students with high scores in the previous rounds.

If they could pass the trial successfully, it would be enough.

At this moment, the teacher in charge of Liu Yan and the others, Hong Kewei, walked forward.

Hong Kewei looked at the group of students, and his gaze lingered on Liu Yan for a while.

He had naturally heard of Liu Yans deeds.

Hong Kewei was somewhat envious of the Lighthouse Academy having such a genius student.

Liu Yan had singlehandedly suppressed the students of Gifted Academy.

But Hong Kewei also placed great importance on a genius like Liu Yan.

Hong Kewei was also somewhat looking forward to what kind of performance Liu Yan would have in the final trial.

He was also curious whether Liu Yan would obtain the last sacrificial gemstone.

At this moment, Hong Kewei also began to explain the rules.

“This altar is called the altar of body.

It tests your speed.

In a while, all of you will enter the altar of body together.

Everyone will enter their own independent space.

In that independent space, there will only be one of you.

Everyone will be separated.”

“After that, there will be all sorts of attacks coming at you from all directions.

The strength and speed of the attacks will continue to increase.”

“What you need to do is to keep dodging all sorts of attacks.

You can only rely on your speed to dodge.

Dont think about using any equipment or defensive skill to resist the attacks.

If you are hit by the attacks, you will be eliminated even if you arent injured.

You will be teleported out immediately once you get hit.”

“As for how long you can dodge the attacks, it will determine your final score.

As long as you can duck the attacks for three minutes, you will be able to pass this trial.

The longer you can endure, the higher your score will be.

The person who can last until the end will naturally have the highest score.

You will be able to obtain the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of body.”

“This is the general rule.

It is similar to the altar of sound.

The difference is that the altar of body is not in a vacuum environment.

There is sound.

Your speed will not be affected.

However, the overall attack strength is much stronger than the attacks in the altar of sound.”

“I wish all of you good luck.

I hope all of you can perform well and pass this last trial and successfully go to the fifth level of the Tower!”

As Hong Kewei finished explaining the rules of the last trial, the students discussed the rules animatedly.

They did not expect that the last trial was only a test of speed.

It was much simpler than the previous rounds of the trial.

But at the same time, many students also realized the difficulty of this trial might not be low.

The simpler the rules, the greater the difficulty.


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