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In a dormitory of Gifted Academy.

Liu Yans expression was calm as he sat quietly, concentrating on his cultivation.

After a period of cultivation, Liu Yans strength had increased quite a bit.

These few days, he had been busy with all sorts of trials.

During the process, it could be considered a form of cultivation.

It could bring about quite a bit of improvement in all aspects of his strength.

At this moment, Liu Yan carefully cultivated and sorted it out, and it immediately improved a lot.

Besides the increase in strength, Liu Yan felt that the best improvement in this period was his five senses.

After all, this trial on the fourth level of the Tower emphasized the five senses.

The five trials tested the five different senses.

Liu Yan felt that his five senses had improved a lot, and he even had a faint feeling that he was about to break through.

However, when Liu Yan wanted to break through, he always felt that he was a little lacking.

It made Liu Yan very confused.

He did not understand what he was lacking.

After many attempts, Liu Yan always felt that something was off.

This last step was like an insurmountable gap.

No matter how hard Liu Yan tried, he could not cross it and successfully break through.

Liu Yan cultivated all the way until late into the night.

His forehead was covered in sweat, but he still could not succeed.

Liu Yan shook his head and could only helplessly give up temporarily.

He would find an opportunity to seek advice from an expert later.

After all, Liu Yan did not have much experience in this aspect.

He did not even know that his five senses could raise his level, so he could only seek advice from a senior later.

The next day.

Liu Yan headed to the Gifted Academys office building early in the morning.

After finding the principals office, Liu Yan gently knocked on the door, but there was no response.

Just as he was about to knock on the door again, a voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“You came quite early.”

Liu Yan turned his head and saw that Principal Murakami had unknowingly appeared behind him.

Liu Yan was stunned.

Although he had not activated his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, his five senses were still extremely powerful.

After rebuilding his physical body, Liu Yans five senses had been greatly enhanced.

Now, his five senses had also enhanced even further after the trial on the fourth level of the Tower.

However, when Principal Murakami came to such a close distance behind him, Liu Yan did not notice it at all.

Liu Yan did not even know when Principal Murakami came to his side.

He did not notice it at all.

If Principal Murakami wanted to make a move against Liu Yan, Liu Yan would not figure out who ambushed him before he died.

After a short moment of daze, Liu Yan quickly regained his composure and said respectfully, “Hello, Principal Murakami.”

Murakami smiled meaningfully but did not say anything.

He walked forward and opened the door.

He said calmly, “Follow me in.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan hurriedly followed him in.

In the office, after Murakami sat down, he observed Liu Yan from head to toe.

Liu Yan felt like his entire body had been seen through when Murakami was sizing him up.

At this moment, Murakami was also slightly surprised.

He had not carefully observed Liu Yan before and did not know about it.

After careful observation, he realized that Liu Yan had a perfect body.

A regular persons body could not be so perfect, but Liu Yans body had no flaws.

It was obvious that Liu Yan had reconstructed his body.

Murakami thought of Zhong Yuntian and immediately understood.

He smiled and said, “Looks like Zhong Yuntian has succeeded this time.

He has also chosen to reconstruct your body.

The process must have cost a lot, right”

When Liu Yan heard this, he was a little surprised.

He did not expect Murakami could tell that he had reconstructed his physical body after just a few glances.

One had to know that those teachers from Lighthouse Academy and Gifted Academy were experts, but they could not tell at all.

It was really hard for ordinary people to discover that Liu Yan had reconstructed his physical body.

Only extremely powerful experts could do this.

However, Liu Yan did not deny it at this moment and directly admitted it.

“Thats right.

Principal Zhong Yuntian helped me reconstruct my body.” Liu Yan admitted.

Murakami always looked a little strange.

However, Liu Yan could tell Murakami was a good person after interacting with him during this period.

Moreover, Murakami had seen through Liu Yans strength now.

Therefore, Liu Yan could not hide his secret any longer.

He might as well admit it.

Murakami heard Liu Yan and nodded slightly.

“It seems that that fellow Zhong Yuntian really thinks highly of you.

From the looks of it, you are indeed worthy enough.

Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Lets talk about the reward now.

You have obtained five sacrificial gemstones.

You can ask for whatever reward you want.

You can mention it to me.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he was suddenly a little hesitant.

He did not expect that Murakami had not prepared any rewards at all.

Instead, Murakami wanted to think about it himself.

When Murakami saw that Liu Yan was hesitating, he smiled and explained, “Normally, there would be rewards prepared.

But this time, youve obtained five sacrificial gemstones.

This is something unprecedented.

So, I dont know what rewards I can give you to match it.

You can pick a reward yourself.

Cultivation resources, weapons, equipment, skill book, or all sorts of spirit herbs and precious artifacts.

I can give you anything you want as long as I have access to them.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he could not help but think about it.

Cultivation resources Liu Yan did not lack cultivation resources.

Liu Yan had quite a few precious origin stones.

Later on, he could exchange those stones for cultivation resources to cultivate.

There was no lack of cultivation resources at all.

Moreover, during this cultivation period, Liu Yan also learned many ways to raise his strength.

Raising his level was only one of them.

So, cultivation resource was not a concern to him.

For example, during his time at the Lighthouse Academy, Liu Yan did not raise his cultivation level at all.

Instead, Liu Yan reconstructed his physical body and learned many new and powerful skills.

He had also obtained many powerful pieces of equipment.

Hence, his strength had increased tremendously.

It had increased by several times.

Liu Yan could slowly raise his level later on.

As long as he could keep up, it was fine.

It was not a concern at all.

As for weapons, equipment, and skill book, Liu Yan had a heaven-defying talent like Divine Extraction, so he did not have much of a need for them.

The Gifted Academy and the Lighthouse Academy were of the same level.

If Lighthouse Academy did not have the item that Liu Yan liked, Gifted Academy would not have one either.

The highest grade of Liu Yans weapons was SS-grade, and his highest skill grade was also S-grade.

It was almost impossible for him to obtain higher-grade weapons, equipment, and skill book from Gifted Academy.

Thus, Liu Yan did not want any reward for weapons, equipment, and skill book.

He did not need them.

The spirit herbs and artifacts would be helpful to Liu Yan, but it was only so-so.

After all, they were all external forces, and their effects were only temporary.

They might not be of much help.

Liu Yan hesitated for a moment before he asked, “Mr.

Murakami, do you have any other rewards”

Murakami heard Liu Yans words and immediately laughed.

“I didnt expect you to be so smart.

You know how to ask for other rewards.

Indeed, these rewards are not attractive for a genius like you.

Ill give you other rewards then.”


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