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“Damn, why are they all in an alliance Were alone all of a sudden.”

“Were already quite slow in collecting the Lords token fragments, and now theyve formed alliances.

We dont have a chance.”

“Why does it feel like our team is being targeted”

“Yeah, they formed alliances but didnt contact us at all.”

“Its over, its over, were going to be eliminated.”


Everyone was discussing fervently, feeling rather flustered.

They felt that they were not fated to pass the trial on level 5 of the Tower and were probably going to be unable to head to level 6.

At this moment, Zheng Tainan suggested, “Everyone, dont panic.

Why dont we also ally with the other teams Its not like only two teams can form an alliance.

Three teams can also ally.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard Zheng Tainans words, but they immediately felt that it made sense.

According to the rules, there was indeed no limit that only two teams could ally.

Three teams could also form an alliance together.

They could just look for one of the alliances and joined them.

This way, their situation would instantly improve.

Then, everyone began to discuss.

“Its a good idea.

It seems to be the only way now.”

“Yeah, if we are left alone without an alliance, we are doomed to be eliminated.

We can only wait for failure.”

“Then, the question is, which side should we ally with”

“I feel that the European Federation is not bad.

The European Federation and the New Continent are more advanced in science and technology.

There will be more benefits if we cooperate with them.”

“But the Awakened from Red Star Empire and Pan-ocean Community are generally stronger.

Wouldnt it be better to cooperate with them”

“The European Federation is a federation, so it will be more inclusive.

The Red Star Empire is, after all, an empire, so it should be more difficult to integrate with them.”

“However, the Red Star Empire has always treated its allies well.

Perhaps it is a good choice.”


There were many different opinions and they even started to quarrel in the middle of the discussions.

Everyone had their opinions, and all of them believed that it would be better to ally with the side they chose.

Liu Yan, who had been pondering all this time, said at this moment, “Enough, stop arguing.”

When everyone heard this, they all stopped and looked at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was, after all, their captain.

Moreover, the two principals had clearly stated that they were to listen to Liu Yan, giving him a lot of power.

At this moment, everyone looked at Liu Yan curiously to see if he had any good ideas.

Liu Yan spoke, “For the four teams to form alliances so quickly on the first day, it is obvious that they had already discussed it.

Thinking about it, it makes sense.

The European Federation and New Continent are closer, while the Red Star Empire and Pan-ocean Community are closer and have always had a good relationship.

They should have long agreed on forming alliances in pairs.”

Everyone carefully thought about it and realized that it seemed that this was indeed the case.

Otherwise, the other teams couldnt possibly form alliances so quickly on the first day of entering the Tower.

It was obvious that they had discussed this beforehand.

Only then would they tacitly agree and cooperate straight away.

At this moment, everyones expressions were awkward.

Since that was the case, even if they approached to join the alliances, it was very likely that they would not be accepted by either.

Zheng Tainan spoke at this moment, “But even so, it doesnt mean that they will not accept us.

Perhaps they will still accept us.

We should at least give it a try, right This seems to be the only way at the moment.”

When everyone heard this, they all felt that it made sense and looked at Liu Yan.

Liu Yans expression was still calm as he continued, “You guys have to pay more attention to the rules.

After forming an alliance, all the spoils of war will be automatically divided equally.

They only chose to ally because they have a good relationship with each other.

If we join them now, we will naturally get a share of their spoils of war.

Do you guys think that they will be willing to share with us”

They did not even need to think about it to know the answer, which was obviously negative.

After all, according to the information they had obtained, although the other four teams had some bad luck, the Lords token fragments they had collected were not as few as the fire attribute territory.

Rather, they had even obtained more.

Choosing to accept them into the alliance now would mean that they had to share the spoils, so the other two alliances would naturally be unwilling.

After all, if this happened, it was very likely that the alliance formed from three teams would not be as fast as the other alliance in terms of Lords token fragment collection speed.

The alliance that accepted them would probably be dragged down by the team from the Land of Origin.

Therefore, in general, the two alliances would not choose to form an alliance with the Land of Origin.

“What should we do then Were alone, and they wont accept us.

What should we do”

“If we rely solely on ourselves, based on todays speed, its impossible for us to pass the trial on level 5 of the tower.”

“If we can only get a little over 30 Lords token fragments in a day, based on this speed, it will take us at least 300 days to gather 10,000 Lords token fragments.

Its really too slow.”

“We have to think of a way.

We cant just continue collecting like this.”

“Thats right.

If we continue like this, were simply waiting for our doom.

Were just waiting for death!”


Everyone discussed animatedly, but they couldnt think of a suitable solution.

After all, the rule of the trial on level 5 of the Tower was such that they could only collect the Lords token fragments in their respective territories.

And now, the other four teams had formed alliances in pairs, leaving them all alone.

In addition, their luck wasnt too good either.

The treasure chests that were spawned in their territories werent of high grades.

Clearly, they wouldnt be able to catch up to the other four teams.

According to the rules of level 5 of the tower, putting aside the rewards of being the first two in synthesizing the Lords token, they had to at least gather 10,000 Lords token fragments to be the third team to form the token.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be able to pass the trial on level 5 of the tower and thus wouldnt be able to make it to level 6 of the tower.

To be able to reach this stage, any of them was outstanding.

They possessed decent talents and strength, and during the process, they had put in an unimaginable amount of effort.

In addition, as students from Lighthouse and Gifted Academy, the team from the Land of Origin represented the glory of the two academies and the entire Land of Origin.

Everyone was extremely unwilling to just fail on level 5 of the tower like this.

Luo Qingcheng was pondering and seemed to have thought of a solution.

However, she had a hesitant look on her face as if her thoughts were not easy for her to say out loud.

Xu Han and Allen Smith were also discussing the solution in a low voice.

On the stage, Liu Yan who had been thinking and not saying a word suddenly said, “In the current situation, we have no chance to ally with others.

No party will sacrifice their interests to accept us.

If we stay neutral, we will just be sitting and waiting for our doom.

We will have no chance at all.

Then, the only method left is…”

Everyone thought of something when they heard this.

They looked at Liu Yan in disbelief.

Liu Yans expression was cold as he slowly said, “We can only declare war!”


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