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The team members listened to Liu Yans explanation.

At first, everyone felt that it was a little crazy.

Facing the two alliances, the four representative teams were ganging up on them.

Instead of evading, Liu Yan suggested they take the initiative to declare war and launch an attack.

However, after listening to Liu Yans explanation, everyone felt the plan was feasible.

Although the plan was risky, it seemed like there was a chance.

The two alliances chose to cooperate because they were evenly matched in strength and did not dare to act rashly.

However, if their plan worked, the balance of strength between the two alliances would be disrupted, and the situation would become chaotic.

Then, each side would have its own agenda.

Once the situation became chaotic, the other teams would have their own measure and plan.

Then, they would no longer cooperate to eliminate the Land of Origin team.

Everyone looked at each other and began to discuss.

“Although this method is risky, it does have a certain degree of feasibility.”

“I also think that we can take a risk.

Its the only way at the moment.”


If we dont act, well sit and await our doom.

Rather than waiting for death, we might as well take a risk.”

“I agree to this operation.

If theres anything that needs me, Ill cooperate!”

“Im willing to cooperate as well!”

Gradually, everyone approved of Liu Yans method.

Initially, Liu Yans team lacked cohesion.

However, under this desperate situation of the joint efforts of the four representative teams, they became united.

At this moment, Xu Han could not help but say, “The method is good.

I also agree with it.

However, the key is that we must succeed in tonights operation.

If we cant eliminate one team, we have to injure one team heavily.

Only then can we break the balance and realize our plan.

However, each team is an elite from their continent, and their strength is not weak.

It wont be so easy to ambush them successfully.”

Hearing this, everyone came to their senses and looked at Liu Yan.

“Yes, we must succeed in the attack, or it will be completely useless.”

“Although we can seize the opportunity when their alertness becomes sloppy, it wont be that easy.”

“Among the four teams, there isnt a single weakling.

It wont be easy to injure one of them heavily in one night.”

“I wonder if Captain Liu Yan has a detailed plan”

Liu Yan faced everyones expectant gazes.

He nodded slightly and said, “Its indeed difficult, but its not impossible.

Ive thought about it.

I plan to form a small squad.

We should keep the squad small, but the members will be the strongest among us.

They will become the sharpest spears and carry out a surprise attack.

Although the opposing team is quite strong, they are not a match for our elites in a one-on-one fight.

With the darkness of the night, if we do not fall into the encirclement, our team will be able to move freely in their territory.

It will be very convenient for us to move around.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded in agreement.

Liu Yans method was indeed not bad.

Although the strength of any team was not weak, if their side sent out the most elite few people, it would not be a problem for them to fight one-on-one.

Although the other team was strong, they had to work together to win.

The other teams had to surround Liu Yans team to defeat them.

On the other hand, Liu Yans team could move at night to hide.

In addition, Liu Yan and his teammate were all top-notch strength.

They would be able to move freely.

As long as they were not surrounded, there would be no problem.

Liu Yan continued, “The purpose of our surprise attack is to injure or eliminate a team.

We do not want to fight their entire team.

The rules are clear.

After the declaration of war, the victory will be judged according to the final state of the guardian beast.

If we can eliminate the guardian beast of one of the opposing teams, we will win this competition and eliminate them.

We do not need to eliminate the entire opposing team.

Even if we cant get rid of their guardian beast, we can still heavily injure their team members at night.

It will greatly affect their entire teams combat strength.

With that, we will achieve our goal.

The balance of power between the two alliances will also lose its balance, and the situation will naturally become chaotic.

We will also have the opportunity to continue the competition.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately felt that it made sense.

None of the team members had expected that Liu Yans plan would be so meticulous.

“Captain Liu Yan is right.

In that case, we do have a good chance.”

“Thats right.

Although the overall strength of the opposing team was strong, we dont need to bring down their whole team.

Well use our sharpest knives to attack them.

We have a chance.”

“In that case, although this operation is risky, our chances of success are quite high.”

“Captain Liu Yans thoughts are so meticulous.

His plan is perfect.”

“I was questioning Captain Liu Yans decision earlier.

I feel ashamed.”

“Thats right.

We were too stupid.

We should have trusted Captain Liu Yans decision earlier.”

Everyone was somewhat impressed by Liu Yan.

They felt sorry for their doubts about Liu Yan.

Alan Smith, who had been silent all this while, also spoke up at this moment, “If you need me, I can cooperate.

In addition, we have to choose which team to attack.”

When the Gifted Academy students heard this, they were excited.

They had already witnessed Liu Yans strength.

It was incomparably powerful.

Alan Smith and Xu Han were also influential figures in Gifted Academy.

Their strength was incredibly strong, especially Alan Smith, who was also known as a war machine.

His combat strength was extremely exaggerated.

Just thinking about such a few people forming a sharp knife squad made them feel terrified.

Even if the opposing teams from other continents were powerful, they would probably have a headache facing such a squad formed by geniuses among geniuses.

Naturally, they would have a great chance of succeeding in this operation.

At the same time, everyone looked at Liu Yan expectantly.

They were curious about which team Liu Yan would choose to attack tonight.

Liu Yan faced everyone and said directly, “Ive already thought about this matter.

Well deal with the Pan-ocean Communitys wood element territory.”

“The reason is simple.

After all, the Pan-ocean Community is relatively small in size and has a smaller number of awakened ones.

Although their overall strength is strong with the help of the Red Star Empire, their top-tier strength is slightly weaker.

Their top geniuses combat strength is relatively average.”

“On the other hand, the terrain of the wood element territory is one of the reasons.

The wood element territory is filled with all kinds of flowers, plants, and trees.

The terrain is more complicated, so its easier for us to move around.

Our sharp knife squad will have a lot of space to deal with the enemies when we enter the complicated terrain.

It will be more convenient for us to move.”


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