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Wood attribute territory.

In the dense forest.

After He Yang and the others chose to initiate a gambling duel, they waited for Liu Yans side to accept or reject it.

After waiting for a while, there was still no response.

The members of the Pan-ocean Community team were all puzzled.

They started to discuss.

“Why arent they agreeing Are they cowards”

“They were so fierce just now.

Are they scared of us”

“Did they sense our intentions and did not fall for it”

“If they dont agree, we wont have the chance to take the loots all for ourselves.

We can only wait for reinforcements.”

“Sigh, what a pity.”

He Yang frowned slightly and said, “Lets wait a little longer.

If they refuse, we should have gotten the announcement.

There is no announcement yet.

It means that they are still considering it.

We still have a chance.”

Then, the Will of Towers voice suddenly sounded once again.

“The Land of Origin team has accepted the duel.”

“The duel has begun.”

“Both teams can head to the location of the duel and agree on the bet of the duel.”

“Other than the challengers, no one else could initiate a fight until the end of the duel.

Those who disobey will be eliminated!”

As the voice of the Will of Tower sounded out, He Yang and the rest saw a light pillar appear from the sky not far away.

An area was lit up by the light pillar.

This area was also the temporary gambling duel arena.

When the Pan-ocean Community team heard this, they were overjoyed.

The gambling duel arena was built nearby, which confirmed their thoughts.

With that, they could send the guardian beast of the wood attribute territory, Sturdy Back Ape, to fight.

The Land of Origin team did not bring their guardian beast with them this time.

So, they could only fight the mighty Sturdy Back Ape themselves.

In the eyes of the Pan-ocean Community team members, although the Land of Origin team was extremely powerful, they were not a match for Sturdy Back Ape.

They would definitely win.

“Thats great.

They have finally accepted the duel.”

“Captain, we must increase our bet.”

“If they lose, lets make them our prisoners of war.

Having such strong members become our prisoners of war is a great boost to our strength!”

“Yeah, these five people are too strong.

Ive never seen such a strong one among the students of the same year.”

“As long as we win this gambling duel, our previous losses wont matter.

On the contrary, our strength will increase.”

The team members were in high spirits as they headed toward the gambling duel arena.

He Yang frowned slightly.

The members of the Land of Origin team were not stupid.

They had also thought about it for a long time, but in the end, they still agreed.

There was no other way.

They had no other choice.

Or did they have another way

He Yang had an inexplicable bad feeling.

But when he turned his head and thought about it, Sturdy Back Ape would not lose to these human awakened ones in a one-on-one fight.

The result of this gambling duel was set in stone, so He Yang did not worry too much.

On the other side, Liu Yan and the others had just accepted the duel.

At the same time, they heard the announcement of the Will of Tower.

Looking at the light pillar that lit up in the darkness in the distance, it seemed to be a temporary gambling duel arena.

“This gambling duel arena looks quite grand.

Hahaha!” Xu Han said with extreme optimism.

Chu Long still looked at Liu Yan with some worry.

She knew Liu Yan well, and his strength was off the chart.

However, his opponent was the guardian beast of the wood attribute territory, Sturdy Back Ape.

It was terrifying.

Even Alan Smith was instantly crushed by Sturdy Back Ape.

Sturdy Back Ape was ridiculously strong.

Chu Long could not help but feel a little worried.

Meanwhile, Murong Xue did not care much about it.

Her face was filled with anticipation, and she did not seem worried about Liu Yan.

Looking at her excited appearance, it seemed as if she wished she could enter the battle too.

Alan Smith did not say anything, but there was some anticipation in the depths of his eyes.

He was looking forward to the battle between Liu Yan and Sturdy Back Ape.

At the same time, the three teams from the other territories also heard the announcement from the Will of Tower.

They learned that the Land of Origin team was about to have a gambling duel with the Pan-ocean Community team.

The members of the European Federation team and the New World team were a little surprised.

They did not expect the Land of Origin team would go all out and agree on a gambling duel.

However, this was also good news for them.

In any case, no matter which side won, they would not suffer any losses.

It was beneficial to them.

The two teams better fought to the death.

This way, Alliance Number One could reap the harvest in the end.

After the Red Star Empire team learned of this, they were also surprised.

They were a little puzzled as to why the people of the Pan-ocean Community team did not wait for their reinforcement.

Instead, they were taking the risk of initiating a gambling duel.

The Land of Origin team also learned of this news and could not help but feel a little worried.

“Why would Captain Liu agree on it They did not even bring our guardian beast over.

The other party has a guardian beast of the wood attribute territory.”

“Thats right.

This guardian beast is so powerful.

It would be too disadvantageous to engage in a gambling duel over there.”

“Although Captain Liu Yan, Alan Smith, and Xu Han are all geniuses amongst geniuses and possess great combat strength, they are still a little lacking when facing a guardian beast.”

“If the three of them fight together, they might be able to win against the guardian beast.

However, the duel is a one-on-one battle.

They have a chance at all.”

“I dont understand why Captain Liu would accept the bet.

It is too risky.”

“Sigh, we can only wait for the result.

There is nothing we can do to help.”

The members of the Land of Origin team were discussing among themselves.

Luo Qingcheng did not say anything.

At this moment, she was also thinking about why Liu Yan made the choice.

It was indeed a bit risky.

However, Luo Qingcheng also understood that Liu Yan was not the type of person who would decide without confidence.

Since he dared to accept the duel, he must have some confidence.

Luo Qingcheng was suddenly looking forward to this point.

Their previous plan was only to damage the strength of the Pan-ocean Community team so that the balance of power between the two alliances would be destroyed.

Then, the Land of Origin team could survive.

But if they were to carry out the duel and win it, not only would they be able to achieve their previous goal, but they could also greatly enhance the strength of their team.

It was killing two birds with one stone.

Although the choice of the bet was risky, it also had a very high profit.

It was completely worth it.

At the same time, in the public chat interface, many members of different teams were also discussing this matter, and they immediately blew up.

“Is this for real They started the duel the next day.”

“Interesting, interesting.”

“Its a pity that we cant watch the gambling duel.

What a pity.”

“The Land of Origin team did not bring their guardian beast.

Theyre bound to lose the gambling duel.”

“I also feel that they are going to lose.

I dont understand what the captain of the Land of Origin team is thinking.”


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