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On the stage.

The fully formed Sturdy Back Ape charged toward Liu Yan once again.

Its buff body gave off an oppressive feeling.

However, Liu Yan did not show any fear as he charged forward.

With the buff from three S-grade skills, Power of Earth, Dragonification, and Absolute Unrivaled, Liu Yans stamina became incomparably terrifying.

In addition, with the SS-grade weapon, Blue Flame Gloves, and the A-grade skill, Flame Controls fire attribute power buffs, Liu Yans close combat ability had already reached its peak.

After another collision, Sturdy Back Ape, which had just been crushed by Liu Yan, had now entered its full form.

Its strength had suddenly increased significantly, and it was not at a disadvantage against Liu Yan.

Liu Yan and the fully formed Sturdy Back Ape had a head-on clash.

The man and the beast were evenly matched.

It was a bit of a stalemate, and it was difficult to determine the victor.

When the crowd below the stage saw this, they were all surprised.

“Who would have thought that the fully formed Sturdy Back Ape would not be enough to suppress Liu Yan They were evenly matched.” Chu Long said with some surprise.

When Xu Han saw this, he said happily, “Looks like we still underestimated Liu Yans strength.

Hes really too strong.”

Allen Smith was also surprised.

He didnt expect Liu Yans strength to be so strong.

Even the fully formed Sturdy Back Ape was still not a match for Liu Yan.

However, Allen Smith also knew how strong Sturdy Back Ape was.

He frowned and said worriedly, “Although the Sturdy Back Ape cant suppress Liu Yan, its not at a disadvantage.

If this continues, itll be disadvantageous to Liu Yan.

After all, its an SS-grade fierce beast.

Its stamina is still extremely exaggerated.”

Hearing this, the few of them could not help but become worried.

Thinking about it carefully, it was indeed so.

Although currently, it seemed that Liu Yan and Sturdy Back Ape were on par.

However, humans still could not compare with fierce beasts in terms of strength.

Especially since this was an SS-grade fierce beast, Sturdy Back Ape.

It would definitely be more and more disadvantageous to Liu Yan if the fight dragged out.

At the same time, the members of the Pan-ocean Community team did not see what they had imagined.

After Sturdy Back Ape entered its full form, it still could not defeat Liu Yan.

On the contrary, Sturdy Back Ape was still evenly matched with Liu Yan, and it was difficult to determine the winner.

When everyone saw this, they were surprised.

“Whats the situation with Liu Yan Why is he so strong”

“Why is the full-form Sturdy Back Ape still not a match for Liu Yan”

“Crazy, crazy.

Sturdy Back Ape wont lose to Liu Yan, right”

“If we lose, well be unlucky and be eliminated.”

“Not only will we be eliminated, but well also become prisoners of war of the Land of Origin team.

Isnt this too shameful and sullen”

“Sturdy Back Ape put in more effort.

We mustnt lose!”

The members of the Pan-ocean Community team were all panicking when they saw this unexpected scene.

They had never expected Liu Yan would be so strong that Sturdy Back Ape would be unable to defeat Liu Yan.

When He Yang, who was standing at the very front, heard the panicking voices of his team members.

His expression darkened.

He immediately reprimanded, “What are you all panicking for What a disgrace! Sturdy Back Ape doesnt have any advantage for the time being.

It is in a stalemate with Liu Yan.

Why are you all in such a hurry Sturdy Back Ape is an SS-grade fierce beast.

If we continue fighting, Sturdy Back Ape will have the upper hand.

Although its dangerous, Sturdy Back Ape can still win in the end!”

When the team members heard Captain He Yangs reprimand, they were stunned.

Only then did they react.

“Thats right.

Sturdy Back Ape is an SS-grade fierce beast.

Its potential is unimaginable.

What are we rushing for”

“Right now, its only a draw.

Liu Yan has done his best.

If we could drag out the battle, it will definitely have the upper hand!”

“Hu, you scared me to death.

It means that Sturdy Back Ape will still be able to win.”

“Although its dangerous, as long as it can win, its fine.”

“Liu Yan is indeed strong.

He can actually fight to a draw with the fully formed Sturdy Back Ape.

Even though Liu Yan lost, its still an honor.”

After the Pan-ocean Community team reacted, they all heaved a sigh of relief and continued to watch.

At this moment, Liu Yan was fiercely clashing with Sturdy Back Ape.

The truth was as He Yang and the others had expected.

Liu Yan could tie with Sturdy Back Ape because he had used many powerful skill buffs.

These few powerful skills had exhausted Liu Yan, so he naturally couldnt keep using them.

Fortunately, after Liu Yan had reconstructed his physical body, his body improved.

Therefore, he could hold on for a longer time.

As time continued to pass, Liu Yan gradually felt he could no longer hold on.

Although he could still fight to a draw with Sturdy Back Ape, he had gradually lost the momentum.

If this continued, it would definitely be more and more disadvantageous to Liu Yan.

In the end, it was very likely that he would lose this bet.

Liu Yan frowned slightly.

At this moment, he was also somewhat worried.

If this continued, it was obviously impossible.

Liu Yan would definitely lose.

Liu Yan could feel Sturdy Back Ape was indeed powerful.

It also absorbed a large amount of wood attribute energy from the surroundings.

Hence, it could last for a very long time.

In this way, he had to think of other methods.

Liu Yan still had many other hidden skills and explosive skills.

Combined with the Blade of the Night and the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow, these two powerful weapons, Liu Yan used all his trump cards.

Liu Yan felt that he could defeat Sturdy Back Ape.

However, there would be a certain level of danger and uncertainty in this process.

After all, up until now, Sturdy Back Ape had not used any other abilities.

A fierce beast with SS-grade potential was strong in close combat and had abilities in other aspects.

In this way, if Liu Yan were to change his moves, there would be a certain level of danger.

Even if Liu Yan were to use all his trump cards in the end, he would still need to spend a lot of time defeating Sturdy Back Ape.

However, the remaining time was not enough.

The sky was about to brighten, and it was very likely that the support of the Red Star Empires representative team would arrive soon.

After the Pan-ocean Community team chose to initiate a gambling duel, they would not be able to engage in a free-for-all fight.

Before the end of the duel, they would not be able to make a move against the Land of Origin team.

However, the Red Star Empires team would not be restricted by this rule.

If they waited for reinforcements to arrive, the situation would be disadvantageous to Liu Yan and the others.

Currently, the only path that Liu Yan had was not only to defeat Sturdy Back Ape but also to defeat it in a short amount of time.

He could not delay it for too long.

However, Liu Yan started to struggle to fight Sturdy Back Ape to a standstill.

How could he defeat the ape in a short amount of time

Liu Yan was deep in thought as he looked at Sturdy Back Ape.

His eyes immediately lit up as he thought of an idea.

How could he forget about this

Liu Yan smiled as he became confident.


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