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Hearing this, Chu Long hurriedly agreed.

The others also followed curiously.

They came to the front of Sturdy Back Ape.

At this moment, it was still lying on the ground.

There were many wounds on its body, and its injuries were quite serious.

The punch of the golden-armored blue ape was tremendously strong.

“Good heavens, this golden-armored blue ape is powerful.

Is this the strength of the eighth level of the Tower” Xu Han could not help but exclaim.

Allen Smith nodded and said, “There is a huge difference in strength between each level of the Tower.

The difference in strength between the fifth and eighth levels of the Tower is like day and night.

They are not on the same level at all.”

Chu Long went up and carefully examined Sturdy Back Ape.

Then, she turned to look at Liu Yan and said, “Its alright.

Its just the superficial injuries are quite serious.

There arent too many serious injuries to the internal organs.

It will heal completely in the next two days.”

Hearing the good news, Liu Yan was relieved.

If Sturdy Back Ape was healed earlier, it could be a great help in battles.

If the injuries were too serious and could not be healed, it would be too great of a loss for Liu Yan.

In addition, Liu Yan did not want anything to happen to Sturdy Back Ape.

After all, these guardian beasts were the fierce beasts in the human force.

They could help the awakened ones.

Previously, if it were not for the fact that they were on different sides of different teams, there would not have been any conflict.

“Alright, lets hurry up and heal it.” Liu Yan nodded.

Chu Long took out her B-grade weapon, Emerald Staff, and began to chant an incantation.

Usually, Chu Long did not need to use equipment or chant an incantation to cast a simple healing spell.

However, the healing spell this time was more powerful.

Chu Long needed a magic staff and an incantation.

After the complicated incantation, rays of golden light appeared in the sky and enveloped Sturdy Back Ape.

Members of the Pan-ocean Community team were attracted by this scene and watched curiously.

“Whats going on”

“They are healing Sturdy Back Ape.

It is one of their spoils of war.”

“This spell looks so powerful.”

“Ive never seen such a powerful spell.

What kind of spell is this”

“Sturdy Back Ape is seriously injured.

Even with a healing spell, it would take at least ten days to half a month to heal it, right”

Members of the Pan-ocean Community team discussed animatedly.

At this moment, rays of golden light descended from the sky and enveloped the injured Sturdy Back Ape.

Liu Yan was also watching from the side.

He was curious how much Chu Longs healing skills had improved.

Although Chu Long said it was simple, Liu Yan could still tell.

The organs of Sturdy Back Ape were not injured severely, but the exterior injuries were severe.

The wounds were so deep that one could see the bones.

The worst injury was severe muscle damage.

Sturdy Back Ape was in a terrible state.

The golden-armored blue apes strength was too strong.

Even if it did not use its full strength, that punch just now had severely injured Sturdy Back Ape.

If Sturdy Back Ape were to recover from such a severe injury, it would take at least half a year to fully recover.

Even if it took half a year, it could not fully recover.

Under the cover of the golden light, the wounds on Sturdy Back Ape began to heal slowly.

The severe wounds were able to recover so quickly.

In less than two to three minutes, the wounds on Sturdy Back Apes body had completely recovered.

Looking from the outside, Sturdy Back Ape seemed to be as good as new as if it had never been injured at all.

Sturdy Back Ape was surprised as it slowly got up.

Although it was still a little weak, it was fine.

Sturdy Back Ape looked at Liu Yan and slightly lowered its head, showing its submission.

Sturdy Back Ape knew the outcome of the battle just now.

It would listen to Liu Yans orders from now on.

Xu Han saw the wounds of Sturdy Back Ape were completely healed in such a short period.

He was immediately shocked and said, “This healing speed is too fast!”

Allen Smith did not say anything, but he looked at Chu Long in shock.

He was a little surprised.

He had seen many experts, but it was the first time he had seen a priest with such impressive healing abilities.

Hearing this, Murong Xue immediately put her arm around Chu Longs shoulder and said proudly, “Of course, our Chu Long is very capable!”

Murong Xue smiled as if she was the person with such powerful healing abilities was herself.

Chu Long was also a little embarrassed to be praised like this.

She lowered her head slightly and said, “Its only the initial healing of the superficial injuries.

The internal injuries still need two days to recover.”

“Thats enough.

This speed is already fast.” Liu Yan smiled and spoke.

At the same time, Liu Yan looked at Sturdy Back Ape in surprise.

Its intelligence was not low.

Liu Yan saw gratitude towards Chu Long in its eyes as if it was thanking Chu Long for healing it.

However, a high-grade fierce beast indeed had a certain level of intelligence.

Liu Yan was not surprised.

Liu Yan then let them rest here for a while.

After last nights ambushes and the occasional battles, they were already a little tired.

Liu Yan directly released his B-grade fierce beast, Purple Wind Falcon.

Although Purple Wind Falcon did not have much combat strength, its speed was fast and extremely agile.

It was suitable for maintaining communication.

Before this, it might not be useful.

But now, in this world where communication was impossible on the fifth level of the Tower, its usefulness suddenly increased.

Especially on the fifth level of the Tower, there were no fierce beasts other than the guardian beast.

No fierce beast could pose a threat to Purple Wind Falcon.

It was even more convenient to use Purple Wind Falcon for communication here.

Even if there were fierce beasts, Purple Wind Falcon had a fast speed.

A powerful fierce beast would not hurt Purple Wind Falcon.

Liu Yan took out the paper and pen from his spatial ring and wrote his order in a letter.

Liu Yan gave it to Purple Wind Falcon.

He asked it to deliver it to Luo Qingcheng, who was in the fire attribute territory, the temporary camp of the Land of Origin.

Seeing this scene, Xu Han said with some gratification, “Liu Yan, you have a communication pet.

Now its convenient.

It saves us the trouble of running around to deliver messages.”

“Thats right.

Its quite useful here.” Liu Yan nodded.

While they were chatting, He Yang, the captain of the Pan-ocean Community team, walked over.

He Yang was holding a notebook in his hand.

He had finished the summary.

Liu Yan was surprised that He Yang was so fast.

“Its done There wont be any omissions, right” Liu Yan smiled and spoke.

When He Yang heard that, he said sternly, “I lost the duel and will honor the bet.

There wont be any omissions.

With the supervision of the Will of Tower, I dont dare to miss anything.

Our team has a clear division of labor, and each division finished the summaries and handed them to me.

That is why we are fast.

Please rest assured about the accuracy!”


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