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Hans Smith and Jin Cheng looked at each other.

They could tell they were moved from each others expressions.

At the same time, they were also somewhat hesitant.

They were not stupid.

It was impossible for Xu Han to help them with his ideas just for their own good.

Xu Han must have his own calculations and also prioritize the interest of the Land of Origin team.

As for the specific decision, they would naturally need to discuss it properly.

“We will consider your suggestion.

We will talk about the rest later.” Hans Smith said with a smile.

Xu Han nodded slightly.

He could see that they were tempted.

He also knew that he had achieved his goal for this trip.

Liu Yan had told Xu Han to not over-push Hans Smith and Jin Cheng.

Once the two team captains had an idea, it would be enough.

There was no need for him to say too much.

If Xu Han said too much and kept persuading them to make a move against the Red Star Empire team, it might instead arouse suspicion.

If they found something was wrong, it would screw up Liu Yans plan.

Thinking of this, Xu Han also said, “Captains, Im only suggesting.

As for the specifics, you guys do as you see fit.

I still have some matters to attend to, so Ill take my leave first.”

Following that, Xu Han left directly.

Hans Smith and Jin Cheng were surprised to see Xu Han leave quickly.

They had thought that Xu Han would try to persuade them more, but they did not expect him to leave directly.

The two of them were a little caught off guard.

After Xu Han left, Jin Cheng could not help but look at Hans Smith and asked in puzzlement, “Hans, are we really going to declare war on the Red Star Empire team Is this a plot by the Land of Origin team”

“It shouldnt be that bad.

Yes, the Land of Origin team has just defeated the Pan-ocean Community team.

According to the information we received, the Pan-ocean Community team has suffered heavy losses.

The Land of Origin team is probably not much better.

Their strength is not that strong.” Hans Smith said disapprovingly.

As far as Hans Smith was concerned, Alliance Number One was the strongest force out of the three.

The remaining Red Star Empire team and the Land of Origin team were about the same strength.

Alliance Number 1 would have to attack one of them eventually.

Otherwise, Alliance Number 1 would be in trouble if these two teams joined forces.

Since they had to attack, they would choose the Red Star Empire team, who had always been their mortal enemy.

Moreover, the Land of Origin team had just experienced a battle, so their injuries were more serious.

It would not be a threat to them for a while.

Hearing this, Jin Cheng nodded slightly and agreed.

However, at the same time, he was inexplicably worried.

“Why do I feel that something is not right The Land of Origin team cant be thinking so much for us.

They must have their own motives.” Jin Cheng said with a slight frown.

Compared to Jin Cheng, who was more worried, Hans Smith had a confident look.

He said nonchalantly, “What other motives could they have They want us to take down the Red Star Empire team so they can preserve their strength and advance smoothly.

Even if we eliminate the Red Star Empire team, we can still defend against them even if our combat strength has suffered some losses.

When the time comes, we can make a move after recovering properly.

Wouldnt we still be able to advance to the top two”

Hans Smith was confident.

The strength of the European Federation had always been strong.

Hans Smith himself was also a genius among geniuses.

With absolute strength, he naturally had confidence.

Although Jin Cheng was still a little worried, he was somewhat convinced after hearing Hans Smiths words.

“Thats true.

Then, are we going to make a move against the Red Star Empire team” Jin Cheng asked.

Hans Wilson nodded slightly.

“Since were going to make a move, we must be quick.

We cant give the Red Star Empire team time to prepare.

If we give them time to prepare for defense, it will be more troublesome for us.

We must catch them off guard.

Go back and get ready immediately.

Well make a move on time tomorrow morning!”

“Alright, Ill go back and prepare now.” Jin Cheng immediately agreed.

At the same time, in the temporary camp of the Red Star Empire team, He Yang had also arrived as a persuader.

The Pan-ocean Community team was close with the Red Star Empire team.

After He Yang arrived, he quickly met the captain of the Red Star Empire team, Ye Yifan.

Ye Yifan looked at He Yang and immediately sighed.

Yesterday, the two of them joined hands to form Alliance Number 2.

They were prepared to defeat the Land of Origin team and compete with Alliance Number 1.

It could be said that they had a good chance of obtaining the top two rewards and advancing to the sixth level of the Tower.

However, they had not expected that things would happen so suddenly.

The Land of Origin team had launched a surprise attack on the Pan-ocean Community team.

They had even successfully won the gambling duel and obtained the victory.

Not only had the Pan-ocean Community team been directly eliminated, but they had also all become prisoners of war of the Land of Origin team.

It was truly tragic.

“Brother He, I did not expect these things to happen.

If I had known earlier, I would have brought people to support you immediately.” Ye Yifan said with some guilt.

However, He Yang waved his hand and said, “This is not your fault.

Our strength is inferior to theirs.

In addition, I had rashly initiated the gambling duel and ended up in this situation.”

As for losing the gambling duel and being directly eliminated, He Yang had let it go at this moment.

He gradually accepted this result in his heart.

Everything was because they were not as strong as others and rashly started the gambling match.

They could not blame anyone else.

He Yang also knew that the matter had already happened and could no longer be remedied.

The only thing he could do now was to properly become Liu Yans prisoner of war and end the training on the fifth level of the Tower.

After He Yang returned safely, he would cultivate his strength and come to the fifth level of the Tower the next time, striving to advance next time.

As the persuaded, He Yang could not help but hesitate.

He had heard Liu Yans plan.

He wanted Alliance Number 1 and the Red Star Empire team to fight to the death.

Then, the Land of Origin team could reap the benefits.

He Yang did not expect Liu Yan to trust him so much.

Not only did he let him hear the entire story, but he also directly sent him as the persuader.

He Yang could have revealed some information to Ye Yifan, directly sabotaging Liu Yans plan.

On the way here, He Yang was also a little conflicted.

Should he help his former ally and good friend Ye Yifan, or should he help Liu Yan with his scheme since he had become Liu Yans prisoner of war

After some hesitation, He Yang came to a decision.

Since he had lost the bet and became Liu Yans prisoner of war, he had to do what a prisoner of war should do.

In addition, Liu Yan trusted him very much.

Liu Yan let him hear everything and trusted him.

Liu Yan even handed the management of wood attribute territory and the original team members back to him.

Liu Yan trusted him so much that he could not let Liu Yan down.

Moreover, He Yang knew that his action this time was to make Ye Yifan pay attention to defending Alliance Number 1.

He did not have any other tricks.

He did not want to harm Ye Yifan and the Red Star Empire team.

Thinking of this, He Yang felt a little better.


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