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Fire attribute territory.

In the temporary camp of the Land of Origin team.

Liu Yan walked out of the tent where he was resting when he saw that the team members were all extremely excited.

When the team members saw Liu Yan coming out, they surrounded him.

“Captain, how did you do it”

“Captain, youre too amazing!”

“If theyre busy fighting each other, well be more relaxed.”

“Captain Liu Yan, your plan is too good.”

The team members were all extremely excited when they saw Liu Yan.

They understood how hard it was to come by such a good situation.

Two days ago, they faced the joint attack of four teams from the two alliances.

They could be eliminated at any time.

However, facing such a desperate situation, Liu Yan was calm and collected.

First, he led the sharp knife squad to launch a surprise attack on the Pan-ocean Community team at the wood attribute territory.

The attack was successful with their powerful strength and unexpected strategy, and they won the gambling duel.

They eliminated the Pan-ocean Community team and made all their members prisoners of war.

The Land of Origin team had suddenly escaped from its predicament, forming a situation of three forces restraining each other.

However, Liu Yan did not stop there.

Instead, he used strategy to make Alliance Number 1 declare war on the Red Star Empire team.

The biggest beneficiary of the battle between the two forces was undoubtedly the Land of Origin team.

No matter which side won, one or two teams would be eliminated.

At the same time, it meant the Land of Origin team would advance steadily.

Although the Land of Origin team had lost some strength, they still had a chance to obtain first place and receive generous rewards to advance.

Nobody saw it coming.

But now, there was a high chance that it would happen.

Seeing the excited team members, Liu Yan smiled.

Liu Yan had expected Alliance Number 1 could not sit still and choose to make a move against the Red Star Empire team.

However, Liu Yan had not expected that the people from Alliance Number 1 would be so decisive and choose to declare war so quickly.

Liu Yan wanted to see this happen.

It was beneficial to Liu Yan and the others.

Facing the excited team members, Liu Yan calmly replied, “You guys dont need to bother with this.

Hurry up and use this precious period to recuperate and increase your strength.”

Seeing that Liu Yan did not want to say anything more, the team members did not ask any further.

They knew that the plan was confidential.

However, Liu Yans attitude also proved their guess.

The reason why Alliance Number 1 was able to declare war on the Red Star Empire team so quickly was because of Liu Yan.

Liu Yans plan had succeeded.

The team members watched as Liu Yan left, and they were full of respect for him.

At this moment, Liu Yan was undoubtedly incomparably mighty in their hearts.

He was powerful, and his abilities in all aspects were as terrifying as a monster.

Now that Liu Yan still had such outstanding leadership abilities, he instantly won the trust of all the team members.

Even some team members who did not believe in Liu Yan completely trusted and worshipped Liu Yan after this incident.

“I actually doubted Captain Liu Yans decision.

Theres something wrong with my brain.”

“Yeah, I didnt say my thoughts, but I did have some doubts.”

“Were so lucky to have a captain like Liu Yan.”

“Yeah, we havent really fought until now, but I think we will advance.”

“Following a captain like Liu Yan is too comfortable.”

“Liu Yan is not only an absolute genius but also a natural leader.

Hes really too amazing!”

The team members discussed this amongst themselves.

And at this moment, all of them completely believed in the captain, Liu Yan.

Even the students from the Gifted Academy had abandoned the differences between the academies and started to worship Liu Yan.

After all, they were from the Land of Origin.

They were all on the same side.

While members of the Land of Origin team of the fire attribute territory were excited, the elite team from Alliance Number 1 had already started fighting with the Red Star Empire team in the earth attribute territory.

After the announcement from the Will of Tower, Hans Wilson led the elite team from Alliance Number 1 and quickly entered the earth attribute territory and went deep into it.

However, after going deep into the territory, they did not find any traces of the Red Star Empire team.

After going deeper into the territory, they encountered the Red Star Empire team members.

However, there were only a small number of members.

They were all teams of three or four people.

They did not see any big team at all.

The earth attribute territory was mostly occupied by mountains.

Although it did not have grass and trees in the wood attribute territory, it had many high and low mountains and slopes.

It would hinder the movement of a big team to launch an attack.

Faced with sporadic attacks, the elite team led by Hans Wilson was not afraid of the opponent.

They fought back and forced the other party to retreat.

However, it was not easy to chase after them.

After all, they were a large group.

It was hard to move in the mountainous terrain in a large formation.

They were not agile and unfamiliar with the surrounding terrain.

It was more difficult for them to chase after the opponents.

The other party was small groups with few people.

They could move agilely.

In addition, they were familiar with the terrain, which made it even easier for them to maneuver around.

The elite team led by Hans Wilson had wasted a lot of time after being attacked.

At this moment, Hans Wilson also realized their opponents intention.

It was not a real battle but harassment.

Every time they attacked, the other party would immediately run away.

There was no battle at all.

The other party was wasting their time harassing them and delaying their attack rhythm.

After realizing this, Hans Wilson immediately ordered his team to ignore these scattered opponents.

Unless their opponents came close to counterattack, they had to move forward and find the opponents temporary camp.

They had to find most of the opponents and their guardian beast.

If they could get rid of their opponents guardian beast, they could win this battle.

There was no need to waste time dealing with these insignificant scattered members.

Hans Wilson knew very well that the elite team he was leading this time would have no problem getting rid of the Red Star Empire team.

After all, his elite team was made up of all the experts of the European Federation team and the New Continent team.

It was generally stronger than the Red Star Empire team in terms of strength and number.

The crux of this operation was undoubtedly to defeat the opponent as soon as possible, reducing the battle time and losses.

If they lost too much, even if they won the Red Star Empire team in the end, they would not be able to face the Land of Origin team.

They would be at a disadvantage.

It was not what Hans Wilson wanted to see.

At the same time, Hans Wilson could not help but feel a little worried.

Initially, he had wanted to launch a surprise attack.

However, it seemed the Red Star Empire team had already sensed it and was prepared for defense.

As a result, their operation this time might not be very smooth.

However, since they had already declared war, they had no choice but to launch the attack.

Hans Wilson could only give the order to continue moving forward and quickly find the opponents temporary camp and guardian beast.


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