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Outside of the fire attribute territory.

Xu Han and the others were fighting a fierce battle with the elite monsters.

At this moment, these elite monsters had lost their command and were in a mess.

Murong Xue, Allen Smith, and Xu Han intentionally attracted these elite monsters in three directions.

When the elite monsters moved in one direction, Murong Xue and the others would attack from the other two directions to attract the aggro of the elite monsters.

This way, they could change the elite monsters direction to delay time and deal more damage.

During the process, the three of them constantly found opportunities to fight the elite monsters that were alone.

However, as the battle continued, Murong Xue and Xu Hans condition was not very good.

After all, they had experienced a head-on battle with these elite monsters and had lost a lot of stamina.

If they had fought like this from the start, Murong Xue might have been able to hold on for a long time.

However, the head-on battle was too dangerous.

Murong Xue had used up a lot of stamina.

At this moment, she could not hold on any longer.

On the other side, Xu Han was also not in a good condition.

In the previous head-on battle, the situation was more critical.

Xu Han continuously released many crowd control skills to help Murong Xue and Allen Smith.

Because of this, Xu Han used up a lot of energy.

Now, his energy was insufficient.

He needed to recover for some time before he could continue fighting.

If they had Chu Longs Mysterious Fog Pearl, Xu Han would not have this problem.

He would have an inexhaustible amount of energy, enough to continue fighting for a long time.

It could support Xu Hans continuous bombardment of spell attacks.

However, a rare treasure like the Mysterious Fog Pearl was not something everyone could have.

However, Xu Han was not in a hurry at the moment.

These elite monsters had lost their commander.

It meant Liu Yans operation on the other side must have succeeded.

Xu Han believed that Liu Yan would come back soon.

He just had to hold on until Liu Yans reinforcements came back.

At this moment, Allen Smith was different from Murong Xue and Xu Han.

Allen had used up a lot of stamina just now in a head-on battle with this group of elite monsters.

However, he had an S-grade weapon, the Blood Flame Sword.

It could continuously absorb the opponents blood essence during the battle.

When the sword buffed itself, it could also replenish the users stamina.

It could help the user recover their stamina continuously.

At this moment, under the continuous replenishment of the Blood Flame Sword, Allen Smith had already absorbed the power of many elite monsters blood essence.

Because of this, Allen Smith still had a lot of stamina.

He was even at his peak, so it was naturally easy for him to deal with these elite monsters.

These elite monsters were already injured in the previous battles.

Every time Allen Smith found an opportunity to face the elite monsters alone, he would be able to deal with them easier.

One by one, the elite monsters fell under Allen Smiths Blood Flame Sword.

At the same time, the Blood Flame Sword was e constantly absorbing elite monsters blood essence to increase its power.

At the same time, it was replenishing Allen Smith.

Allen Smith also noticed Xu Han and Murong Xue on the other side.

One of them did not have enough energy, the other did not have enough stamina.

Overall, their combat strength had decreased.

Allen Smith could only bear more pressure and attract more elite monsters to help Murong Xue and Xu Han share the pressure.

Allen Smith also knew if he did not have Blood Flame Sword, he probably would not be much better despite his strength being slightly better than the other two.

With Blood Flame Sword, Allen Smith could continue to absorb blood essence.

He could recover stamina and maintain his peak combat strength.

Allen Smith liked Blood Flame Sword in his hand even more.

With such a treasure, his stamina increased, and his combat strength was also ridiculously strong.

Especially when he was facing a large number of powerful elite monsters.

It was undoubtedly crucial to maintain combat strength.

However, the pressure on Allen Smith at this moment was a little too much.

There were too many elite monsters, and Murong Xue and Xu Hans combat strength had decreased.

Allen Smith was unable to hold on by himself.

However, Allen Smith continued to fight with a cold expression.

He kept attacking elite monsters.

Every time he found a lone elite monster, he would immediately go up and kill it.

When the three of them were struggling to hold on, they did not notice some elite monsters on the other side were fighting among themselves.

On the other side of the battlefield, Liu Yan had already arrived.

Liu Yan did not make a move.

Instead, he directly used his A-grade skill, Perfect Trickery.

Under Liu Yans hallucination, this dozen or so elite monsters had their minds changed by Liu Yan.

They treated each of them as the enemy and started a bloody battle.

Perfect Trickery did not have limited usage.

Liu Yan could continuously hallucinate multiple targets through the hallucination.

However, Liu Yan did not dare to use it on too many elite monsters.

The higher the number of targets, the higher the requirement for Liu Yans spirit energy.

At the same time, the pressure on Liu Yans spirit energy was also greater.

Previously, Liu Yan had already used Perfect Trickery on more than a dozen elite monsters.

They were fighting among themselves.

It was the same for the new dozen or so elite monsters here.

In total, Liu Yan used Perfect Trickery on more than 30 elite monsters.

It required a lot of his spirit energy.

These elite monsters had low spirit energy.

So, Liu Yan knew how effective it was to use Perfect Trickery on them.

But if Liu Yan used it on a few more elite monsters, it would put a lot of pressure on him.

More than a dozen elite monsters were fighting among themselves.

Liu Yan stood aside and waited.

Liu Yan waited until these elite monsters were almost done fighting before he started to harvest them.

After he finished off these elite monsters that were fighting among themselves, he could use Perfect Trickery on other elite monsters.

At this moment, these elite monsters saw each other as their enemies and attacked each other fiercely.

It was because these elite monsters had been hypnotized by Liu Yan.

They mistook their partners as their enemies.

As a result, all kinds of wounds appeared on the bodies of these elite monsters.

Not long after, these elite monsters were dying under the attack of each other.

But even so, they were still attacking each other.

Liu Yan felt it was almost time, so he took out his Flying Cloud Mystic Bow.

He activated his A-grade skill, Flame Control.

Multiple fire attribute arrows appeared on the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow.

Liu Yan shot out arrows continuously.

The elite monsters that were on the verge of death were easily killed by Liu Yan.

At the same time, notifications kept popping up in front of Liu Yans eyes.

[ Green Demon successfully killed (potential A-grade, level 48).

Obtained: 3000 combat EXP! ]

[ Soft Mud Monster successfully killed (potential B-grade, level 56).

Obtained: 2800 combat EXP! ]

[ EXP full.

You have successfully leveled up to level 38! ]

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