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After the battle, Liu Yan and the others briefly cleaned the battlefield and counted their gains.

A pile of treasure chests was placed in front of Liu Yan and the others.

There were 54 black iron treasure chests, 24 bronze treasure chests, eight silver treasure chests, three golden treasure chests, and a precious platinum treasure chest.

It could be said to be a huge harvest.

Liu Yan looked at the treasure chests in front of him and said, “We can bring the other treasure chests back to the territory first.

We can open them after the battle is over.

Now, lets open this most precious platinum treasure chest.

Lets see if there is anything inside that can increase our strength and help us in the upcoming battles.”

Liu Yan and the others had just killed the fourth wave of elite monsters.

Behind them, there was still the fifth wave.

Liu Yan and others also planned to declare war on the Red Star Empire team and the European Federation team.

According to Liu Yans prediction, after the Land of Origin had successfully defeated the fifth wave of bosses, the other two teams would probably still be facing the third and fourth waves of monsters.

It was also the best time for Liu Yan and the others to declare war on them.

The Red Star Empire team and the European Federation team would have to face the powerful monsters.

They would also have to face the invasion of the Land of Origin team at the same time.

Naturally, it would be difficult for them to withstand it.


I wonder what kind of treasure is in this platinum treasure chest.” Xu Han could not help but say with anticipation.

Liu Yan and the others were also somewhat curious and expectant.

After all, the previous golden treasure chest had S-grade equipment or even S-grade treasures, and a bunch of other precious items.

Wouldnt this even rarer platinum treasure chest contain even better items

Following that, Liu Yan walked forward and opened the platinum treasure chest.

The platinum light was extremely dazzling.

As the light flickered, Liu Yan and the others could see the items within.

The item within the platinum treasure chest was simple.

There was only one gemstone that emitted a platinum light.

It was extremely dazzling and precious.

Other than that, there was a pile of Lords token fragments.

There was nothing else.

There were not even cultivation resources and consumable items.

When Liu Yan opened the golden treasure chest, there were many other things.

The only rare thing was the S-grade treasure, the Mysterious Fog Bead.

Only extremely rare items like treasures would be like that.

Perhaps they were too precious, so there would not be anything else in the treasure chest.

Liu Yan looked at the information on the gemstone in front of him.

[ Legendary Gemstone ]

Grade: SS-grade

Description: Contains a terrifying power.

When attached to equipment, it can have a tremendous strengthening effect.

Other than that, there are also some mysterious effects.

When Liu Yan and the others saw the information on the Legendary Gemstone, they were instantly shocked.

It was an SS-grade treasure!

Liu Yan had also come into contact with SS-grade equipment before, so he was not surprised.

Of course, Liu Yan obtained his SS-grade equipment after using Divine Extraction.

In addition, treasures of the same grade were much more precious than weapons and equipment of the same grade.

The one SS-grade weapon and one SS-grade equipment that Liu Yan had could not be compared to the SS-grade treasure in front of him.

Liu Yan had at least seen an SS-grade weapon and equipment, but Murong Xue and the others had never seen an SS-grade treasure before.

They had only seen an S-grade treasure before.

The S-grade treasure, equipment, and weapon were already extremely precious, let alone an SS-grade treasure.

“Its an SS-grade treasure.

It is too precious.” Murong Xue said in surprise.

Xu Han nodded and said, “Look at this effect.

The effect of this SS-grade Legendary Gemstone is to strengthen equipment.

Other than that, there should be other effects.

After all, it is an SS-grade treasure.

Its just that the other effects arent written in the introduction.

We have to find it out.”

Allen Smith also had a look of admiration on his face as he said, “After all, its an SS-grade treasure.

I believe it will be strong.”

At this time, the four of them were undoubtedly facing a problem.

What should they do with this newly obtained SS-grade treasure

They did not know the other uses of the SS-grade Legendary Gemstone.

Still, it could strengthen the equipment, which was good.

It could give even better strengthening effects to already powerful equipment.

It could increase their combat power.

The four of them were all top-tier members of the Land of Origin team.

One of them would get this SS-grade treasure.

The other team members would not have a chance.

Still, they did not know to who they should give this SS-grade Legendary Gemstone.

Murong Xue took the lead and said, “Im the least useful in this battle.

In addition, I am a tank.

This SS-grade Legendary Gemstone can only be used to its maximum effect when used for offense.

Therefore, I dont need it.

Ill take the good items in the golden treasure chests.”

Murong Xue took the lead to express her stance.

It also meant that she had withdrawn from the competition.

She did not need this SS-grade Legendary Gemstone at all.

Murong Xue knew clearly in her heart that it would be a waste to give this SS-grade Legendary Gemstone to her.

She might as well give it to the others, especially Liu Yan.

Only then would it be of the greatest use.

Seeing this, Xu Han smiled and said, “My weapon is a staff, so I dont need this kind of strengthening gemstone.

It would be a waste to give it to me.

I dont need this SS-grade Legendary Gemstone.

If there are any good items in the golden treasure chest, give them to me.”

However, Allen Smith also continued, “I dont need this SS-grade Legendary Gemstone.

Give it to Liu Yan.”

His simple words made his attitude clear.

Immediately, the three of them withdrew from the competition.

They did not need this Legendary Gemstone.

Only Liu Yan was left.

Liu Yan was surprised when he saw this scene.

He did not expect the three of them would be willing to give up such a precious SS-grade treasure, Legendary Gemstone, and withdraw from the competition.

Xu Han saw that Liu Yan was a little surprised.

He smiled and said, “Liu Yan, why are you still hesitating Among the four of us, you are the strongest.

Only you could utilize the maximum use of this Legendary Gemstone.

In addition, you are also the team leader.

You have played a crucial role during this battle against the fourth wave of elite monsters.

You deserve to receive this Legendary Gemstone!”

Allen Smith nodded and said, “Liu Yan, it is indeed most suitable for you to use this Legendary Gemstone.”

Murong Xue also urged him, “Do you want it You dont have to give it to me.

I dont even want it!”

Liu Yan saw that the three of them sincerely wanted to give this Legendary Gemstone to him, so he no longer hesitated.

In fact, Liu Yan knew that only if he used Legendary Gemstone could it be of the greatest use.

Liu Yan understood this was a rare and precious SS-grade treasure, so he did not immediately express his desire.

And now that the three of them had agreed to give him Legendary Gemstone, Liu Yan no longer refused.

“Alright, then Ill take it.

You guys will get the equipment and treasures in the golden treasure chests first.” Liu Yan said as he put away Legendary Gemstone.

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