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“So fast.

Its already over 9,000 pieces.”

“If we collect a few hundred more pieces, we can advance!”

“Thats really fast.

A few days ago, I never thought that we would be able to advance so quickly.”

“We still have three more territories.

It should be no problem for us to collect a few hundred Lords token fragments”

“Looks like well advance to first place.”

“I thought advancing was already good, but now we can easily advance to first place.

I dont dare to think about it.”

The team members were thrilled.

They were happy about their good harvest.

Liu Yan felt a little helpless at this moment.

Liu Yan was not very happy because of the annoying Will of Tower.

It kept reporting the latest situation.

Initially, Liu Yan wanted his team members to rest after the big battle before fighting the remaining two factions.

However, the Will of Tower had reported the situation.

The Red Star Empire team and the European Federation team were aware of the situation here.

They would be on high alert.

As such, there was naturally not much time left for Liu Yan and the others.

Liu Yan shook his head helplessly.

It looked like he could only continue to fight.

However, he had these few S-grade cultivation materials in front of him now.

They were enough for Liu Yan to recover most of his stamina and raise his strength.

It would not be a big problem for him to continue fighting.

As for the other members, they also had a large number of medicinal ingredients and consumables that they had obtained from the treasure chest.

After a short rest, they could recover most of their combat strength.

Liu Yan was a little happy when he saw his team members.

He could not help but reprimand them, “Dont forget our plan.

The battle is not over yet.

The trial on the fifth level of the Tower is not over yet.

Everyone, gather your spirits and quickly recover.

Get ready for the upcoming battle!”

After being reprimanded by Liu Yan, the team members immediately quieted down.

They timidly used these high-grade cultivation materials and consumables to recover their stamina and increase their strength.

They were usually experts and were proud existence.

However, when facing Liu Yan, they were incomparably respectful and fearful at the same time.

Facing Liu Yans reprimand, they did not dare to resist in the slightest and obediently listened to his orders.

When Liu Yan saw that the team members were resting to recover and increase their strength, he also relaxed.

Following that, Liu Yan summoned the A-grade fierce beast, Purple Wind Falcon.

After writing two letters, he sent Purple Wind Falcon off to deliver the letters.

The battle between Liu Yan and the others against the final boss, Moonshine Qilin, had ended smoothly.

It was probably about time.

The battles in the metal attribute territory and the wood attribute territory on the other side were also about to end.

They could naturally start planning the next battle plan.

After sending out the wind chasing Purple Wind Falcon to convey the order, Liu Yan picked up the few materials in front of him and began to use them.

The awakened ones could only absorb a small portion of energy after using them.

They needed to absorb the rest of it slowly, which required a long time.

However, Liu Yan did not have this problem.

With his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, everything was much easier for him.

Liu Yan immediately used divine extraction.

Rays of white light descended, and notifications appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of Tiger Tail Spirit Leather (S-grade) successful.

Congratulations: Strength 789, Vitality 982! ]

[ Divine Extraction of Pill Heart Secret Spring (S-grade) successful.

Congratulations: Spirit 1,290, Adaptability 578! ]

[ Divine Extraction of Inferno Spirit Fruit (S-grade) successful.

Congratulations: Fire Attribute Talent 10%! ]

After a round of Divine Extraction, Liu Yans various attributes and strengths received some improvements.

Liu Yan had consumed a lot of stamina in the battle, especially after using Attribute Fusion.

Now, his stamina had recovered more than half.

Although he had not recovered all of his combat strength, he had recovered most of his combat strength.

It was enough to deal with the upcoming battle.

Although the battle with the final boss, Moonshine Qilin, was full of perils, Liu Yan managed to overcome all of them.

During this process, Liu Yan also used all his strength, so he was extremely exhausted.

Especially the Attribute Fusion.

Although Liu Yan had the help of Flying Cloud Mystic Bow, he still had to complete the first step himself.

Naturally, Liu Yan had to bear a lot of pressure and risk.

If there were even the slightest mistake, it would fail.

The consequences of failing the Attribute Fusion were severe.

If Liu Yan were lucky, he would be heavily injured.

If he were unlucky, he would explode and die.

Fortunately, even though Liu Yan was covered in injuries, he still succeeded in the end.

And for Liu Yan, this was undoubtedly a huge gain.

Everything was difficult at the beginning.

The first time was the most difficult.

This first time, Liu Yan had already used Attribute Fusion.

He already had a rough understanding of it.

If Liu Yan continued to use it, it would become less dangerous.

It would be much safer, and there would be no risk of failure.

After this battle, Liu Yans gains were fruitful.

He obtained the powerful divine skill, Attribute Fusion.

It was Liu Yans most powerful trump card skill.

According to Liu Yans estimation, this Attribute Fusion was too powerful.

It was an invincible existence on the fifth level of the Tower.

Even if it was on the sixth or even seventh floor of the Tower, it was already a top-tier battle strength.

With this trump card, Liu Yans heart was undoubtedly much more at ease.

With such a godly skill, why would he need to fear anyone or any fierce beast

Of course, Liu Yan had other gains in this battle.

The first to bear the brunt was the newly obtained SSS-grade special equipment, Wings of Wind God.

Not only did it greatly enhance his flying ability, but it could also significantly enhance his combat strength.

Other than these, the high-grade medicinal ingredients and consumable items also brought Liu Yan quite a bit of improvement.

At the same time, what Liu Yan was looking forward to the most was undoubtedly the corpse of Moonshine Qilin.

Previously, Liu Yan had gained quite a lot after using Divine Extraction on Moonshine Qilins Extreme Fire Blood.

He obtained Fire Talent!

Using Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could sense that Moonshine Qilins body contained an even more powerful fire attribute treasure.

If he continued to extract it, he could gain even more.

He might even be able to grasp Fire Secret Art!

Of course, it was still not convenient for him to extract it now.

Liu Yan did not want others to see it, so he could only do it privately.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan placed Moonshine Qilins corpse into the intermediate storage ring.

After the storage ring had been upgraded to the intermediate level, the space became much larger.

Only now could Moonshine Qilins corpse, which was the size of a small mountain, be placed in the storage ring.

Otherwise, it would not be able to be placed in the storage ring.

As for Moonshine Qilins corpse, it had other uses than using Divine Extraction on it.

After all, this was a branch of the divine beast qilin.

Although it was only a collateral bloodline, it was still related to the divine beast qilin.

Moonshine Qilins body was full of treasures and was extremely useful.

Liu Yan naturally had to make good use of it.

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