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“Hey, big sister Murong Xue!” Seeing this, Chu Long hurriedly tried to pull Murong Xue back, but the latter had already walked into the distance in just a few steps.

She could not catch up at all.

Turning around, she saw that Liu Yan was standing on the spot and was doing nothing to stop Murong Xue.

Chu Long was a little puzzled, “Wont she be in danger by herself like this”

Liu Yan didnt care too much.

He said lightly, “She choose to do so alone.

Besides, shes quite strong, so she should be able to escape from danger.

Dont worry about her.”

Hearing this, Chu Long thought about it and found it indeed such.

Murong Xue was so powerful, so even if she encountered a fierce beast that she couldnt beat, it should be easy for her to escape.

The other teams around started to move out.

Liu Yan was not in a hurry.

He released the ice and fire two-headed wolf and arranged for it to scout the map.

Then, he brought Chu Long and set off in the opposite direction, moving forward carefully.

Along the way, they encountered some fierce beasts.

They did not make a move but took detours.

Relying on Spirit Vision and Beasts Sense of Smell, Liu Yan could easily discover the fierce beasts and the other Awakened in advance.

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Before the other parties could discover them, Liu Yan had already led Chu Long on a detour around them.

Along the way, Chu Longs pretty face was filled with surprise.

Following Liu Yan and making many turns, they had actually cleverly avoided all the fierce beasts and Awakened.

The sounds of battles between the Awakened and fierce beasts could often be heard.

Yet, Liu Yan could lead her to a distance that was just right that the other parties would not discover them at all.

Although Chu Long hadnt experienced many things and was quite naive, she wasnt stupid.

On the contrary, she was extremely smart.

With this, she immediately guessed that Liu Yan had some kind of investigation method, which was why he was able to dodge the others so skillfully.

After roughly investigating the place for a while, Liu Yan then brought Chu Long back to their original spot.

The ice and fire two-headed wolf who had been faster than them were back after following Liu Yans instructions to scout the place.

When Chu Long saw the ice and fire two-headed wolf, she instinctively retreated in fear because the ice and fire two-headed wolf simply looked too powerful.

It was at least three to four meters tall, and it was incomparably huge.

It had two heads, one ice-blue and one fiery-red, which made it look extremely strange.

Seeing this, Liu Yan smiled as he consoled, “Chu Long, its fine.

This ice and fire two-headed wolf is a fierce beast that I subdued.

Ive signed a contract with it, so not only will it not harm you, but it will even protect you.”

“A fierce beast you subdued Signed a contract” Hearing this, Chu Long was extremely surprised.

According to the previous information she had learned, Chu Long knew that the Awakened could subdue fierce beasts.

By signing contracts, fierce beasts would fight for the Awakened and become the pet of the Awakened.

However, the information had also clearly stated that the required level for one to do so was very high, and one could only perform this after completing the class transition.

If ones level was low, only a very small portion of Awakened with specific talents could do it.

Chu Long did not expect that Liu Yan had already subdued a fierce beast in the first two levels and even signed a contract with it.

Moreover, this ice and fire two-headed wolf looked extremely powerful.

It seemed to be much stronger than the bosses that she had encountered in the first two levels.

At this moment, Liu Yan was not in the mood to care about Chu Long.

He took out a pen and paper from his interspatial ring and drew a map based on the information that he and the wolf had found.

Level three was called the Taiji Basin, and the terrain was just as expected.

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The surroundings were mountains that formed a vague circle.

At the center of the basin were two huge lakes that were distributed symmetrically.

There was also a huge mountain range in the middle that was somewhat S-shaped.

The terrain of the entire basin looked like a Taiji diagram, which was why it was named the Taiji Basin.

In both the yin and yang regions, there were tunnels where many fierce beasts were.

Seeing Liu Yan drawing a map, Chu Long asked, full of surprise, “Liu Yan, is this the map of the Taisin Basin How did you know”

“I found out from the investigation with it today,” Liu Yan pointed at the ice and fire two-headed wolf that was not far away.

Chu Long looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

She had been wondering why he had led her around to investigate today but had avoided all the fierce beasts and Awakened.

Now, she finally understood that he was scouting.

Liu Yan continued, “Now that we know the map, we can plan our next move.

Sit down and Ill tell you.”

“Okay!” Chu Long had an obedient look on her face.

She quickly sat to the side and looked at the map seriously.

Liu Yan drew a route on the map while explaining it to Chu Long.

“Well walk along this waterway during the day.

This way, on one hand, we can maintain our physical strength, on the other hand, we can avoid meeting other teams.”

“In the Taiji Basin, not only are the fierce beast extremely dangerous, but the Awakened are also extremely dangerous.

There is a time limit, after all.

In the end, only the Awakened who have both the yin and yang cards would be considered to have succeeded in clearing the level.

Only then can they leave level three of the Tower and enter level four.”

“As for at night, we will have to leave the lake.

The fierce beasts will likely come out to search for water then.

It is fine if we encounter any beasts during the day because we can fight them, and if we cant beat them, we can just run.

But at night, we need to rest too, so the further the better.”

“Look, according to this route, our movement path will spread across both the yin and yang regions.

Well only need about three days to collect the yin and yang cards, and then we will be able to safely pass level three of the Tower.”


Chu Long looked at Liu Yan with admiration.

She did not expect that in such a short time, in less than half a day, not only had he finished exploring the map, but he had also drawn up such a perfect plan of action.

She could not find any problems with the overall route of action.

Not only could they collect the yin and yang cards as soon as possible, but they could also leave level three of the Tower with this.

Moreover, during this process, their safety was ensured to the maximum, and the possible occurrence of danger was minimized.

Liu Yan was powerful but not self-righteous, modest and cautious, and his thinking was incomparably meticulous.

At this time, Chu long finally understood why Liu Yan could become the number one in the reputation ranking and break the historical record.

In addition to his good luck and powerful strength, there was also his meticulous thinking as well as his humble and hard-working mentality.

Seeing that Chu Long did not speak but was instead staring at him with a face full of infatuation, Liu Yan immediately found it strange.

He patted Chu Longs head and said unhappily, “Im asking you a question.

What are you thinking about Why arent you saying anything”

Chu Long came back to her senses and her pretty face blushed.

She hurriedly said, “Um, I think the route youve drawn is perfect.

Theres no problem at all.

Lets just follow this route!”

“Theres no such thing as a perfect route.

As long as its enough, we should be fine.

If we encounter any problems along the way, we can just make adjustments,” Liu Yan smiled and said.

At this moment, there was a commotion not far away.

Liu Yan frowned slightly and looked over.

What he saw was Murong Xue who was soaked in blood.

She was dragging a huge lizard-like fierce beast over.

Murong Xues snow-white skin was stained with blood.

Under the contrast of the red blood and her fair skin, she looked extremely domineering.


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