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Mikoto was in the bathroom crying

"Im an unfaithful bitch" Mikoto lamented

after Belwolf left she woke up and knew everything she had done, if it wasn for the system helping she would have given her pussy in public

Mikoto got dressed and ran to the bathroom where she finally fell into feelings of guilt and cried.

"why are you crying so much? and your luck" Claudia said

Claudia was cleaning her pussy in the sink, she was smiling because she was lucky and Alberto released cum inside her

"Did you see so much cum? if Im lucky Ill get pregnant, can you imagine me becoming the wife and mother of the children of a Tier B warrior? hahahaha" Claudia laughed

Mikoto looked at claudia with disgust, but she didn say anything because she was such a bitch that day

"Do you know Belwolf is tier A, do you know how much wealth he has? only when he comes again sit on his dick and get him pregnant, my advice" Claudia

"I am married!" Mikoto

"Married? Is a crippled husband still a marriage? Tell me by your face today, when was the last time you came?" Claudia mocked

"don open your mouth to talk about my man" Mikoto raged

"Hahaha sorry, if you don want Belwolf then leave it to me, I think Ill feel like sitting on that thick dick" Claudia

Mikoto got angry looking at Claudia

"I already imagine myself all naked while that thick cock destroys my pussy on the table ahhh what a delight it would be" Claudia

Mikoto for some reason felt angry to hear that Claudia wanted to have sex with Belwolf

The truth is that Belwolf left Mikoto very attracted, if she didn love her husband she would have easily fallen in love with Belwolf

Mikoto unintentionally gathered magic in her aura and said to Claudia

"Stay away from Belwolf you bitch" Mikoto

Claudia trembled with fear

Mikoto had a fleeting jealousy attack, soon she returned to normal and left the bathroom leaving Claudia scared.

Damn, I hate this kind of girl, who are bitches but pretend to be virtuous, when I become Albertos wife I will leave this place and become a rich lady Claudia thought to herself


Mikoto went back to work, she was in a bad mood

Her face that used to be kind and cute was now despondent, which reduced her number of customers.

As soon as the end of the hour arrived, Mikoto quickly dressed and left.

Mikoto walked the streets and thought about everything, be it her bitchy actions or her pointless jealous tantrum.

e jealous of Belwolf? if Claudia wins he would be good for me, so why was I angry? Mikoto

Mikoto soon arrived home, but at the door of the house was her husband and another man.

"I want all my vases in 3 days ok? if I don finish you will be guilty" The man said, he was very well dressed

"Yes sir Jaime, you can rest easy" Rubens said

Mikoto came home and saw this, Jaime noticed Mikoto and her eyes didn leave her body

Mikoto just greeted politely and walked in, in the end Jaime left

After asking her husband, Rubens got a job as a ceramist, all material was given and he had 3 days to make 100 vases

Mikoto was happy for her husband and made a dinner to celebrate.

For the first time, Mikoto didn tell the truth of what had happened, she was afraid of losing her husband.


Another place

"Whats the job sir Jaime?" an ugly guy said

"heres an address, 2 days later, break into this house and steal as much of the vase available as possible in the warehouse" Jaime

hehehe when the cripple can pay, so he doesn get arrested his beautiful wife will have to pay in other ways hehehe Jaime thought disgustingly

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