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Chapter 1335: Chapter 1334 anesthetized dogsTranslator: 549690339 

During the days when Ling ran did not perform surgeries, the workload of Yun Hua Hospitals emergency medical center would drop by an order of magnitude.

Anesthetists like dog anesthetists could also relax and rest.

Of course, they still had to go to work when it was time for them to go to work, and they still had to work overtime when it was time for them to work overtime.

Even though the usual patient density was low, what was supposed to happen would still happen.

It was impossible for ordinary doctors to be like Ling ran, who would take a vacation if he did not want to perform surgery.

When the dog anesthetist received Ling rans call, he was stunned at first, but then, he was ecstatic.

It was well-known that doing personal things for a leader was better than doing a hundred official things, especially when a leader like Ling ran was generous and had a wide range of channels.

A few freelance surgeries were equivalent to a months worth of achievement for an ordinary doctor.

For doctors in the Department of anesthesiology, Su Jiafu had always taken advantage of the benefits that came from Ling ran.

Although dog anesthesiologist often cooperated with Ling ran in surgeries, he even felt that his professional title and rank were higher than Su Jiafus, however, there was too little cooperation outside the hospital.


Dog anesthesiologist suppressed his ecstatic mood and put down his phone.

He looked at Su Jiafu, who was also on duty today, and pretended to be calm as he said, “Doctor Su, Ill be out for a while.

Help me cover for a while.”


You can go.

Ill help you take care of it.

However, I have a surgery in just over an hour.”Su Jiafu and Ling ran used to be known as Little Su.

They had only gradually become doctor Su in the past two years.

However, he was still relatively alert.

After all, his rank was still there.

If he was a little more obedient, he would be at a disadvantage.

The dog anesthetist nodded.

“I havent arranged any surgeries on my side.

You can take care of the emergency surgery for now.

If you cant come back in two hours, Ill tell the leader.”

“Okay,”Su Jiafu agreed.

The department of anesthesiology was always understaffed.

It was not a big deal for the anesthetists to fill in the time with each other.

Most of the time, the anesthetists even had to run back and forth between two or three surgeries.

There was no need to talk about standard operations anymore.

The dog anesthetist quickly packed his things.

Before he left, he wanted to show off, but he stopped and did not say anything.

He was afraid that the opportunity would be snatched away.

He just looked at Su Jiafu with pity and thought to himself,young people dont know the immensity of Heaven and earth.

Your Luck is going to be taken away by this old man..

He took the key out of the door and ran all the way to the lower ditch.

After searching for a while, he found the clinic with a flashing light sign.

He excitedly asked a few more people and went straight to the garage.

Doctor Xiong, who was asked, looked at the back of the dog anesthetist and sighed, he said, “Doctors nowadays, in order to lick their superiors, not only do they anesthetize dogs, but they are also so excited.

I really cant figure it out.

Back when we were in the hospital, it didnt work no matter who came…”

A medical representative who was familiar with Yun hua hospital laughed on the spot and said in a low voice, “You dont know that this persons nickname in Yun Hua Hospital is called dog anesthesia.”

“What do you mean”

“Rumor has it that he has given anesthetics to dogs before.

However, looking at it now, it seems that he is quite excited about giving anesthetics to dogs.”The pharmaceutical sales representative was puzzled.

“Could it be that he likes to give anesthetics to dogs” “I dont know.

It cant be that bad.”

“Maybe he licks dogs.”Some of the mean ones had already made up a story.

There were many bored pharmaceutical sales representatives present, and they immediately began to aggravate the situation.

“Maybe he liked to give anesthetics to dogs at the beginning, but later on, he realized that it was actually dog licking.

So, dog anesthesia is indeed worthy of its name.”

“If you put it that way, it means that this person really likes to anesthetize dogs.”


“Because all doctors lick dogs.

Theres no need to specify.”

The group of pharmaceutical sales representatives chuckled, and the atmosphere was happy and relaxed.


In the garage.

Dog anesthetist looked at the old yellow dog and Ling Jiezhou in front of him, and he struggled for the last time.

“Is it really not uncle who wants to do the surgery”

“No,”ling Jiezhou said unhappily, “Why dont I go to the hospital if I want to perform the surgery”

“Dogs should also go to the hospital if they want to perform surgery!”The dog anesthetist was so angry that he wanted to cry.

What was wrong with a good anesthetist being called over to anesthetize a dog Even if I had anesthetized a dog, even if it was the leader, even if it was Ling ran..

The dog anesthetist suddenly came to a realization.

‘thats right.

The leader wants me to do this kind of thing.

He thinks highly of me!!

‘Why didnt the leader call Su Jiafu With Su Jiafus dog appearance, he might even dare to agree if Ling ran asked the dog to anesthetize him, let alone ask him to anesthetize the dog!

‘however, Ling ran did not call the familiar Su Jiafu.

Instead, he called me dog anesthetist.

Isnt it because Ive anesthetized dogs before Do I have any experience

‘this is my comparative advantage!!

As a person, as a doctor, what were subordinates most afraid of What they were most afraid of was being lost in the crowd.

What they were most afraid of was that their leaders would not remember their names or their specialties!

An exclamation mark hung on the forehead of the dog anesthetist.

He was full of emotions, and then, he spoke in a tone that said he had thought things through, he smiled at Ling ran and Ling Jiezhou and said, “Actually, its also right not to go to the hospital.

Its not our dogs turn for the veterinarian to perform the surgery.

The veterinarian will be the anesthetist.”

The two pharmaceutical sales representatives who came over to help looked at each other.

They felt like they had learned something.

“Take a look at whether the equipment and medicine are complete.

If theres anything you need to add, tell them.”Ling ran then hung up the X-ray film that he had just taken and fell silent.

The X-ray film was taken by Ling Jiezhou just now while he carried the dog.

Lower Groove Clinic had its own X-ray machine, and it took a very clear picture.

And from the images, the Yellow Dog in front of him only had a simple fracture of its tibia and fibula.

For dogs, this was a very common external injury.

Many rural dogs or stray dogs would not receive treatment at all, and they could grow to almost the same size.

Later on, it might affect the ability to exercise, or bring pain, but a dogs long bones were still faster than a humans.

Ling ran thought from this angle and judged that internal fixation was more suitable based on the video.

He thought about the surgical plan and recalled the video he saw dozens of minutes ago.

After he made sure that he remembered everything, he quickly washed his hands and changed his clothes.

Then, he returned to the second half of the empty garage, the yellow dog had already been carried to the old operating bed in the clinic and was knocked over by inhalation anesthesia.

“Open surgery.

The medial approach of the tibia and internal fixation of the bone plate.

If necessary, you can cooperate with the steel wire ring technique.”Ling ran explained the contents of the surgery in just two sentences, even though the people around him were in a daze.

Ling ran did not say much.

For a dog, this kind of surgical lineup was already powerful enough.


“Take it and pull it.”

“Pull the lamp over a little.

Now, separate the bone fragments…”

Unlike in a hospital, the assistants who cooperated with Ling ran had basic medical skills no matter how weak they were.

The pharmaceutical sales representatives who cooperated with Ling ran today, Ling Jiezhou, or the dog anesthetized them were all amateurs, it was impossible to expect them to cooperate consciously.

Ling ran gave more orders, and they were also more detailed.

Ling ran carefully separated the muscles and fascia, and he removed all the fragments from the fracture.

He did not slack off even a little just because he was performing surgery on a dog.

At the same time.

A row of four cars stopped in front of lower grooves Alley.

More than ten black-shirted men in suits quickly got out of the cars and spread out in the surroundings in tacit understanding.

Tian Qi walked out of the Bentley in the middle with her aunt.

Her aunt was well-maintained and had an elegant figure.

She looked at the shabby lower alley with some disdain before turning back to smile at Tian Qi and said, “I was wondering why we still had to take it easy.

Its indeed not suitable to make a big fuss over here.”

Tian Qi helped her aunt tidy up her clothes and said with a smile, “We had an agreement.

You only look and listen, not speak.”

Her aunt was a little taken in by Tian Qis small service, she said, “Dont worry, Ill just bring an eye and an ear.

However, when I go home, Ill have to repeat everything I hear and see to your parents.

At most, Ill help you modify it a little.”

“Theres no need to modify it.

Youll know when you meet Ling ran.”Tian Qi smiled and narrowed her eyes.

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