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I am happily on my way back home and also informed Lady Jane. I am not really a very charitable person or I would need to carry a lot of people in this place. The reputation behind the eighth is that it is a place of losers. There is essentially no way you would become rich and titled if you are a resident of eighth and it is because you are forbidden to become one. You will only be a worker here with a measly mount of money to support your need. Thats why I understand Klein when he sometimes took on multiple jobs. Though as someone that doesn have a family, there shouldn be a reason to work so hard but Klein is always like that. I sometimes think that he just do it for skills. If there is something that this place is good at, it is that there is bountiful of works. Factories of merchants also are very willing to teach anyone because they have always think that the residents of the eighth needed it. Klein capitalizes on it. He just like to know all kinds of things.

As I say, I am not a very charitable person. Most if not all of the resident in this place has a story to be told which is why the rumors that this place is a place of losers is something I have always debunked. I cannot just adapt everyone because I pity them. No, that would be a lot of people. The reason I chose Lady Jane because she is already close to me back in the capital. I have known the reason why she is here and I am totally against with what was decided against her. I followed her here to keep her safe as none of her family wanted to. I always wanted Lady Jane to at least considered this part but she always believe on her family. At least, they still supported her financially and she didn need to grovel like others.

Klein. When I first entered this place, the first thing I have seen brutally is a bunch of soldiers ganging up to one of the resident. I have stopped them only to be told if I wanted to be held up for treason as well, I have shown them my badge and only then, did they leave him. That resident thank me but also said to me to stay away from his business. He said thats the way to survive this place. He showed no emotion saying this as well so I got curious and knew of the rumors behind him. That resident is Klein.

The rumors made me think that he is a cowardly kind of person but I saw the opposite. Not to mention, I have known of his secret side. I have no idea why he hide it, but that I guess, along with all skills he now hold made him the best attendant for Lady Jane. Of course, I have found four others but as I have said, everyone has a story to be told in this place. I cannot even question their not having any motivation to go to the capital. The same goes with Klein.

"Sir Thomas", someone called at me. I look around and saw Moore, one of the five I choose to be Lady Janes attendant. He works as a baker here. What I know of him is that he used to be a soldier but was expelled. He caused an embarrassment and he had pleaded himself to live to eighth as his punishment.

"Moore, did you change your mind? I am afraid someone already took the offer", I said.

"Is it Klein?" he asked

"Yes. Why do you ask?" I questioned. I am also bit guarded. He once was a soldier after all and Klein was once bullied by soldiers.

"Can I come?" he asked.

"I am sorry but I am only allowed to bring one resident of the eighth", I told him sincerely, also curiously, "Why do you want to come now that Klein accepted it?"

"Sir Thomas, I cannot accept your proposal as I am not really a resident of the eighth. I was a soldier back in capital. That is true, but I am still a resident of there. I am no longer connected to the soldiers and I assure you I am not an enemy of Klein. Can I tag along? I might offer you my protection, if need be. Kleins case back in capital is very big. He may be considered as he would be introduced back as an attendant but things may not be as simple as they appeared to be. It is the royalty we are talking about", he said.

"What protection can you give? Kleins case back in capital could be seen as nothing. He was a servant after all. He can only do what was ordered of him. That is the reason he is allowed to live", I said. I have considered this as well.

"It is because I belong to the high ranking nobles. The possibility is still not zero percent. I know of the family he once served. I know nothing of what happened back at that time but there should be no wrong to be more cautious". he had replied to me.

"I understand your intent but I do not know why you would risk being entangled with this case. If ever things will go awry, I can always plead innocence along with Lady Jane, as we only brought him to be an attendant. However your position might hinder you in doing so. I sincerely hope that this may not be. Klein is a very good man. I assure you of that", I said sighing. This is probably the reason, Klein said no to me in the first place. But what Moore said next to me made me trust him.

"Living should be something that one can choose how to live. For me, not doing so is not living. That is how I give importance to my life. If somehow, I got involved, I will just do my best to hold on to my life while not abandon what I stand for. If things will go awry at least Klein will have someone to run to. The capital may be glamorous but it is also deadly. You said that he is a very good man", Moore said meaningfully to me.

I sigh, "May I at least know why do you think of it this way?"

"I am so sorry but I myself is still puzzled. I don think, telling you bits of it will help at all and knowing nothing is better than knowing in this case. If Klein agreed, then he is willing to take the risk. I am just one to see how things may become and it may be smooth sailing. So, I just want to tag along", he said.

"I guess there is no wrong letting you tag along with us. I have convinced Klein to come with us and I may unwittingly put him in danger. The very least I could do is to help him survive. I guess, I have also become selfish. In order to assure the success of the lady, I have risk Kleins life", I said questioning myself about my decision.

"Klein is someone who have survived through a lot. He have made a decision. There should be no one to blamed for that and things may not be as bad. I have to go. I need to inform them that I may not be working for a bit and prepare for the journey. Be well Sir", Moore said. He then turned back, presumably to do as what he have said.

What Moore said to me made a lot of sense. I went back to my home thinking about this ultimately forgetting informing Lady Jane of who her attendant will be.



Today, I will leave alongside Sir Thomas for the selection. I am now inside the carriage. I have all the curtains down which is why I can see what exactly is happening outside. What I know, is there are still a lot of men wanting to become my attendant, each yelling their capabilities to be one. I also know that whoever Sir Thomas wanted to become attendant is not yet here which is why my carriage is still stuck. I wish to hate whoever that person is but I held it, it would affect my relationship to him which would completely ruin my chances. I am in the midst of thinking this when I noticed that there are no longer noises.

I heard a knock on my carriage and I heard Sir Thomas wanting to talk to me, so I opened a bit of the curtains. I could see that a lot of people have gathered apart from the men contending to be my attendant, there are also a lot of people who came for curiosity. However, there is silence now and they are all looking at someone, which unfortunately I cannot see in my position but the women, ladies and girls have a look of awe in their faces, and the men held a bewildering faces which made me very curious.

"Lady Jane, we will now go, they are already here", said Sir Thomas, happiness evident in his face.

"They?, I asked, "but Sir Thomas I am only allowed to bring one resident of the eighth to be my attendant. You are an exception as you are not a resident in here."

"I know Lady Jane, one of them is not a resident who decided to tag along with us." Sir Thomas said.

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