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Sunns POV

My thoughts jumbled around in my brain. I tried desperately to form a coherent sentence. I opened up my mouth. I was shocked when nothing came out of it. How embarrassing! I was late and now this? Why was this happening to me now? A small part of me wanted to curl up and cry or worse wish for the ground to swallow me up as every single pair of eyes in the room were glued to me. Pretty sure they were judging me. This was not the most convenient moment; how could I forget who I was? Gosh. I hated interviews.

I cleared my throat, deciding to try again. The words poured out of my mouth as water would from a jug. I must have said the right things because I could note the impressed look on Mr. Javernicks face. The obtuse look long gone. I breathed a sigh of relief. So far, so good. I cheered myself on a little. I badly needed this job.

Okay, maybe badly was a bit over the top dramatic, I still lived at home with mom but I felt guilty whenever she had to foot another expensive hospital bill for me. It wasn her fault. She did all she could from one overpriced physician to another. Hospitals. Psychiatrists. No one knew why I woke up with harsh scratches all over my body. And it certainly wasn moms fault for the nightmares. I shuddered.

As I got older the ephialtes grew worse. Sometimes I blacked out during the day, not aware of who I was. Those days were the worst. Mom didn want to tell me this, but I could tell she was terrified of me whenever I went through my phases. She never admitted to me what happened when I blacked out, but I knew it wasn good. Each time I did she added an extra bolt to her room door and the smell of white sage increased throughout the house. There was even a Kyanite crystal on her window sill. It was as if we were living in Halloween Town whenever I wasn myself.

That was another reason for wanting this job, too. I had to save up and move away. Mom shouldn be scared. Yet alone of me, her child. Her only living relative.

My mind snapped back to reality when I heard my name being called. I nodded my head and looked in the direction of where I heard my name. Lyndnn was about to say something when Mr. Javernick cut her off. Mentally, I thanked him for throwing me a life saver. Even Stevie Wonder could see that she and I wouldn be getting along if I were hired. I didn need Faith, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to predict my future for me either.

Mr. Javernick clasped his hands, he looked at his partners, Keenan and Lyndnn, before addressing everyone in the room. "Everyone leave. Miss Carter, stay." One couldn ignore the fact that he was rude and condescending. How typical of a boss to act. The chairs scraped the tiled ground as the other interviewees left the room clearly disappointed. I bit my lip. Why did I feel guilty that I was selected? Wasn this what I wanted?


e hired," he told me in a crisp tone, "you

e commencement date will be the following Monday. My secretary will email the relevant documents to you." He rose to leave. That was.. it? The man had the personality of a brick wall. I felt sorry for poor Tasha. I knew working in close proximity to this man had to feel like one of my nightmares. He tried his hardest to come across as cold and emotionless. Again, I didn need Faith to tell me that he was anything but.

"Thank you," I replied in what I had hoped to be a strong, assertive voice. Instead it came out feebly, barely above a whisper. He nodded his head once, departing from the room. I gathered my belongings and followed right after him. As soon as I left the room, I felt the rush of euphoria that I should have felt earlier. I got the job! I squealed. A job that paid six figures and one that I was passionate about, I might add.

The elevator doors dinged shut and I scurried off basking in the glow of the warm afternoon sun. My Uber was yet to arrive so I pulled out my phone meaning to give Jayson a call. He would be just as happy as I was. I beamed, bringing his number up on my dial pad. He answered on the first ring.

"Sunn?" he answered sleepily. I rolled my eyes. Jayson was the only person I knew who slept three times a day and still complained that he was tired. He was as lethargic as they came. Anyway.. "I got the job!" I screamed. He chuckled. "Congrats, baby girl. I told you, you would. You owe me lunch with your first paycheck." I grinned from ear to ear. "Sure. Anything for you," I added in a low voice. He laughed at my attempt of being sexy.

My Uber came so I ended the call with Jay. Once inside, I decided to call my mom. I knew she would be just as excited as I was. If not more. Her phone rang straight to voice-mail. Weird. Mom never missed a call from me. I tried three more times and got the same result. I frowned. Hmm. Maybe she was in the garden. I settled on that thought to put my mind at ease.

My Uber driver took a sharp turn. Unfamiliar streets with names I couldn pronounce flashed across my face. The driver met my panicked eyes in the rear view mirror. "Avoiding the traffic, Miss," he consoled in a voice that hinted of a hidden accent. I relaxed a notch but something told me that he wasn being quite honest.

"Stop the car!" I yelled. My suspicion heightened when he ignored my request. The car now going faster than ever. The speeding warped my mind. There wasn a stoplight in sight. Great. This could end a million and one ways. I held my breath, fearing the worst. I could feel myself slipping into a dark abyss. My eyes closing shut to accommodate what had been my norm for the past twelve years. Oh, gee. Just what I needed. I couldn afford a black out. Not now. Not ever.

I fished around in my Yves Saint Laurent black bag, hoping that my slender fingers would curl around my pill bottle. I was wrestling with the demon that would suck me into the darkness with him. I had to show him that I was stronger. Fighting a battle I was bound to lose in the end. For heavens sake, why couldn I just have a normal life?

Darkness clouded my vision. This wasn good. Why couldn I find the damn pills? I closed my eyes, truly dreading what would happen next. The Uber driver kept his eyes ahead of him. Completely oblivious to what was going on in the back seat of his car.

He pulled out his cell after a short ring. He spoke in short sentences, "Yes. I have her. We

e 15 minutes away. Yes. Okay." Nothing made sense. But welcome to my life where anything rarely did.

The last thing I remembered before I was sucked wholly into the blinding darkness was my canine teeth elongating at an alarming rate. I was used to it by now, the pain numb by the years of experience. Claws protruded from my fingers while a low purr rumbled from my throat. Whiskers sprung from my cheeks seemingly out of nowhere; a golden light illuminated my entire body.

Oh, dear. This could end badly for the driver.

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