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Reids POV

I growled under my breath.

I couldn concentrate with her being so damn close to me. She was a big distraction without even knowing it; awakening feelings in me that I had long ago buried and sworn off. "Could you not?" My voice came out in a gruff whisper. Confused she gazed back at me with big puddles for eyes.


Irritated I went on further, "That thing with your tongue. Its annoying." She shot me a look of disdain before returning to her laptop. We were in my office brainstorming over some of the ideas she had. I felt old because I had never heard of TikTok or Flash.

She broke the silence. "Some of the sales strategy you guys have were a bit outdated. I added some fresh, new ideas of my own and my team can set about implementing my ideas right away, given your approval of course."

I was going over her bulletin of ideas on my computer. And wow I was impressed. Her ideas were excellent, but I wasn about to let her know that.

I nodded my head. "Yes, that is fine by me."


She rose out of her seat when the words I said next stopped her dead in her tracks. To be honest, even I was surprised that I had uttered such words. "Have lunch with me." It wasn even a question. To hell with that. I stared at her gorgeously made up face eagerly awaiting her response. Of course, she would say yes. I knew a million girls who would jump at the opportunity to be in my presence.


I watched as she hurriedly walked out of the office before the single word she uttered could even register. I don know why but I felt upset. Maybe it was because no one had ever dared to voice the word no to me before. Guess I should have warned her that I always got what I wanted in the end. And right now I wanted her. There was something compelling about her. Like some sort of magnetic pull, I couldn stay away from her. I had to have her.

I spent about an hour or so doing work when I glanced up at the clock. It was just a little after 1 o clock. Like clock work I went to my big french windows, the ones that overlooked the picturesque view of the city. I was just in time to see Sunn exit our office complex and head out to lunch. People were such habitual creatures.

This was her third day in office and so far she always went to the little diner across the street. I watched mesmerized as she crossed the street swinging her big hips. This time I was in for a shock because she wouldn be having lunch alone as she usually did. No. This time around she was joined by a guy and what with the way she hugged him I could tell they were in an intimate relationship. I frowned at the thought of that. I somehow felt as if she belonged to me.

Jealousy reared his ugly green head when I saw the guy grab her butt and she did nothing but laugh at him. I didn like that. They both disappeared into the diner still laughing. Without thinking, I grabbed my jacket off its peg, slipped it on and made my way to the elevator.

I couldn remember the last time I had been out physically to have lunch. I doted on quiet time alone with myself so it was generally always take-out. My eyes squinted at the sun and it took me a few minutes to adjust.

Briskly, I crossed the road and headed into the poorly lit diner. My office had been across the diner for five years and this was the first time I was setting foot inside it. I hadn the slightest clue what they served here.

My wolf senses heighten and I hadn realized just how hungry I actually was. I was lucky to find an empty seat behind Sunn and her partner. I felt intrusive but I couldn turn back now, if I did she was bound to notice me. The waiter came over and I ordered a rare steak with a serving of scalloped potatoes and of course a glass of Cabernet to wash it all down. I liked my steak cooked rare. It was the closest thing (apart from some sea foods) that I could order almost raw without getting questionable stares from anyone. I still had my craving for raw meat. The wolf inside me might be dormant but it was very much still alive.

The food came and I wolfed it all down while listening to Sunn talk. Over lunch I got to know a little bit more about her. I learnt that she was an only child, she spent most of her free time volunteering at an animal shelter for rescues and that she enjoyed Karaoke nights. I was intrigued. I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to be the reason she smiled, I wanted to be her happiness. I had no idea were those thoughts were coming from but I could tell I meant them.

"Mr. Javernick?"

I looked up into Sunns startled face. Busted. She let go of a nervous laugh. "What are you doing here?" I gestured to my empty plate and the laptop I had pulled out moments ago under the guise of doing some research. Her plump lips formed into a round O and I had to stop myself from having naughty thoughts about that mouth of hers.

I was half hoping she would introduce me to the man who had now exited the restaurant. Dammit. I wanted to know who he was. Not that he mattered. I was acting like I was mindful of relationships. I could care less. As long as she wasn married. Technically, she was still single.

A couple of awkward pauses enveloped us before she excused herself and went outside.

As soon as she stepped out, I realized that my pulse had returned to normal and that my heart no longer quickened. Either I was extremely horny or her playing hard to get was really getting me riled up.

I could always blame it on me being horny, right?

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