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Still Reids POV

I was running as fast as I could to get away from something. I was being chased? Panic and pain were so thick in the air that you could literally slice through it with a knife. My right leg hurt like hell, and I could tell it was bleeding heavily leaving a bloody trail behind. I was running super fast, trekking on all fours. The wind whipped through my hair with how fast I was going. No, that couldn be right. I hadn transformed in over two decades. I was leading a life that didn require me to be that anymore. How was it possible then that I was now on all fours and running as if my life depended upon it?

This was all wrong.

Behind me, I could hear a branch crackle and the howl of whoever was chasing me. I could tell that they were nearby. The blood dripping from my leg was doing a pretty good job of leading them straight to me. I wish I could rip this stupid leg off. Ugh.

For the first time in a long while, I was genuinely afraid. I didn want whatever was chasing me to catch me.

Too late. I let out a loud howl of agony as whatever that was chasing me grabbed ahold of my injured leg pulling me mercilessly towards them. I could hear their sinister laugh as I desperately dug my front paws, claws, and all, into the dense forest ground. What was I doing? And just like that I remembered who the hell I was. I was the Beta. The second in command to the Alpha. I was not a weak wolf. I needed to act accordingly. I clawed ferociously at whatever held fast to my leg, I used my teeth and that produced a yelp from the monster who immediately released me from its grasp.

That was all I needed to keep going again. I tore through the forest at lightning speed. I knew I needed to make it out of the forest if I planned to get out alive. I could see the clearing in front of me. I estimated that I was about five minutes away from it when the same sinister laugh clouded my brain and with a huge thud a large wolf landed in front of me blocking my path.

I was wounded but I wasn going to give up that easily.

Time, the back-stabbing beast, lashed out at me with its powerful claws tearing my shoulder to shreds. Gritting my teeth, I didn want to give the wolf the satisfaction of seeing me grimace in pain. The odds were against me. I knew that. A torn shoulder, a leg that needed stitches. I was also very tired.

Tired but not defeated.

"Give up yet?" the wolf snared, nastily.

Mustering up my strength I lunged at the wolf snapping with all my might but that only caused him to sink his teeth deep into my already wounded shoulder. The bite was so deep that blood immediately began spraying everywhere. I sunk to my knees, still not admitting defeat.

Time circled me slowly. Suddenly he grabbed my head, tilting it up exposing my bare throat. My Adams apple bobbed as I tried to come up with my next move.

"I want my face to be the last thing you see before you die," he said going in for the kill.

I awoke with a start. I was sweating profusely, and my breathing was short and ragged. I was gripping the sheet so hard that my knuckles had turned white. I tried to find condolence in the thought that it was only a dream, but that did little for me. The wolf, the chase. It all seemed so real. Without knowing it my hand went to my shoulder tracing the permanent teeth mark embedded deep within my skin. It was real.

I padded out of bed with the intention of grabbing a glass of water. It had been some time since I had any nightmares about that dreadful night. What was causing it to resurface? I had spent so much on therapy simply because I wanted to forget my past and like an annoying ex , here it was again. I downed the refreshing liquid down my throat.

I shuddered.

Many years ago, I learned that reading somewhat calmed my mind. I made my way to my studies and the realization of just how lonely I had hit me hard. I could have just about any woman I wanted. Yet the choice to spend my bed empty was solely on me. The thing was I wanted something permanent. I was never the kind of guy who had meaningless flings. I wanted someone to call my own. Someone who chose me above everyone else.

I longed for a mate again. Being complete was all I really cared for. That sense of fulfillment. Knowing someone cared that much about you. I missed it all.

Besides, I had known who my mate was. Closing my eyes, I could picture her now. Tall. Graceful. Hair the color of coal. Raven was a sight for sore eyes. That was another memory imprinted deep in my heart, except this wasn one I was ready to forget about. I was dealt a cruel blow when life decided to snatch her away from me.

There were times when I thought I could feel a samsara of my mate so close to me, like there was some kind of spellbinding force that couldn keep us apart. But I was stupid for believing that, as the years dwindled on, I lost every hope of finding that special someone once again.

Even so, I believed in reincarnation. It was written in stone that whenever two werewolves love was strong and true and one partner passed on, that the other would return to walk the Earth again. It didn matter much now to me anyway. Alina was dead. There was no third chance given on love.

Was I meant to be alone?

Without my mate by my side, I could tell that my inner wolf was weakening simply because I had selfishly chosen to keep him in this cage of my human body. Far away from any predilection. In my defense, there was no need for him. The life I now had required me to be a successful businessman, not an untamed beast.

I entered the cool of my study, my coarse fingers immediately going to one of my regular books as soon as my hands touched my brown oak bookshelf. It was a story about a man who despite all odds woke up truly happy one day. I favored this story so much because it gave me a false hope for my reality. One that I desperately clung to.

I thumbed through the pages until I found my favorite quote. I read it out loud manifesting the words. "When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our minds become still, a deep happiness and contentment will naturally arise from within."

Without knowing it I somehow managed to fall asleep. Truly exhausted.

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